A day in my life: Saturday August 20, 2011

My blogger friends who read all my posts might have missed Wednesday’s post. I wasn’t in the mood for blogging this week. I have been thinking a lot this week, about running, about cross training, about weight loss. If I look back at my posts these past weeks I read a lot of complaining. And I don’t like to complain a lot, I try to look positive at things. But lately I have seemed to lost that mojo. That was all the thinking about: turning negative thoughts into positive thoughts.

When I figured that all out (that was Thursday) it got better. I decided to make a fresh start on my weight loss (Roz you will know what I’m talking about, stole your idea for this). I decided to approach my runs positive and push myself if I have too during a run (something I didn’t do much lately). And I decided to stick to my new cross training plan.

So it’s back to being positive. Even though a run (for example) is hard there is always something positive to get out of it. Like going when you didn’t want to go, watch a beautiful sunrise etcetera.

Focus on the positive and don’t let negativity get to me.

1 lousy mile on Tuesday, that was all I had to give. Not sure why it wasn’t my day. I was rested but somehow it didn’t workout.

Wednesday same as Tuesday, running just wasn’t working, haven’t been feeling well either on Tuesday and Wednesday. I end up doing 4.8K (3 miles) in 34 minutes.

After 2 lousy runs and lots of thinking as said, this morning I had a positive mindset before I started my run. I didn’t think about the distance (which still can be overwhelming for me) but thought in minutes. I already decided before starting to stick to a 15:1 run/walk ratio and I divided my run in pieces of 15 minutes. This worked very well and it turned out to be a long run that felt very good and that has been a while. I am very happy with today’s run.

These past weeks it feels I’m so much slower than when I was training for the half marathon in April and that’s correct for the shorter runs but I looked up my time for this same distance that I ran in February and today I was 3 minutes faster. Conclusion: I’m not as slow as I think, at least not on the long runs. For the shorter ones: I’m working on that.

Weather: dry, first cloudy, then sunshine, a little bit of wind, 17C (62 degrees)
Distance: 12.8 K / 8 miles
Time: 01:32:53
Average time: 7:15 /km
Average speed: 8.3 km/hour
Last song on Ipod before finish: Rod Stewart – Young turks

365 days photo challenge 2011

Day 226 – Monday August 15
Kandi asked if the baby swans first are grey before turning white: yes they do.

Day 227 – Tuesday August 16
Random house in my village.

Day 228 – Wednesday August 17
Random view in my village.

Day 229 – Thursday August 18
Bella playing with R.

Day 230 – Friday August 19
During my walk I almost stepped on this caterpillar. I have never seen one with colors like this and I found it beautiful.


14 responses to “A day in my life: Saturday August 20, 2011

  1. Good job with the positive attitude! Glad your run today went well. And I’m glad you did some investigating and realized that you are faster than you thought!

    Have a good weekend!

  2. Great job on turning around the negative to positive!!!

    I love the pictures you take in the village. It looks so nice.

    Thanks for lovely comment on my blog…it is sad that I can’t say goodbye to my cousin, but I will light a candle for him on Wednesday, which is the day of his funeral. Thanks again. Hugs Fran.

  3. Your village is so gosh darn charming! It looks like a vacation spot.

    I am glad you are working on positive talk. And look at your last long run how good it was from start to finish 😀

  4. My husband asked me recently what I’m struggling most with during my runs. I had to think about it, but then I realized that I’m struggling most with the mental aspect of it. My mind is shutting down long befoe my body. I’m so disappointed with myself for gaining back so much weight. I’m so disappointed with myself for back sliding with my running. It’s just so frustrating to feel like I’m back at square one – which makes my runs not enjoyable anymore, they feel like work. I’m just starting to get through the point where you are right now …. turning those negative thoughts to positive ones. It’s hard, but if we keep at it we will improve and it will be more enjoyable again. Right now it is work, hard work, but we’ll get through it if we tough it out. Sounds like you had a great strategy on your last run. Keep up the great work!

  5. That long run you did was awesome! I am glad you are getting things turned around – it’s hard when you get in that negative mind set and I think the first step is just realizing you’re in it, which you did. I think a lot of us have been having these kind of issues lately – Thankfully, blogging helps us by letting us know we are not alone, right?
    As for the caterpillar, I’ve never seen one like that either. I bet he will turn out to be a beautiful butterfly…

  6. I think the secret lies with positive talk….I find I have to talk to myself during all my runs….its challenging always.

    Great photo’s, no 3 is amazing.

  7. I like your attitude about turning things to the positive. I’ve made changesin my running and weight training, like you I want to feel good about it and not so negative. Keep up the good work.

  8. I need to get a positive attitude about my running. Not there lately. I love the outside pics you took. That random house, the caterpillar, the swans. And of course it was nice for Bella and R to get in too.

  9. I love how you write Fran!! Seriously, your blog look is great too, so dainty and your writing so clear! I like how you break it down into sections, Exercise and Thoughts 🙂 What’s your secret? hehe

    And, I know what you mean with as far as changing your thought pattern from negative to positive. I too struggle with this. And exercise/weightloss starts with our minds, I believe! 😛 So it’s crucial with keep our thoughts always going in the right direction right?! Love your picture prospectives. good eye!

  10. A positive attitude goes a long way! I always tell myself before a run that I CAN do it and I just keep those thoughts in my head the whole time and it seems to be working so far.
    Thanks for answering my question about the swans. I don’t think I’ve ever seen baby swans before. I love the cow picture. Your village is gorgeous! Also love your tile floors, and of course, Bella.

  11. I’m glad you realized that you needed to start thinking positive. I too need to do this from time to time.

  12. Sometimes it is hard to stay focused, and positive. It is so easy, to get down, especially when we have high expectations of ourselves in our running and weight loss. I have had a tough time in this arena too. I’m so impatient with weight loss, but I need to think, it didn’t go on all overnight either.
    I like your approach to the run, in intervals. That is good, will have have to try this myself for my exercise routines too.
    I enjoy your picures, especially of your village. A very beautiful place. I like your blog very much. Have a great week.

  13. I like your positive attitude, we have always to find something of positive to follow our scheduled programs. Your village is wonderful and looks very relaxing.
    The usual beautiful pictures.

  14. Keep up the positive mojo Fran! It really does help. 🙂 And as per usual, I love your pictures! Your village is so darn cute!

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