A day in my life: Wednesday August 24, 2011

It’s almost September and Summer is coming to an end, well a Summer we didn’t really have here in Holland, it’s always good to reflect a bit and look forward to the rest of the year. September for me is always like a new start, just like January 1st is and when I come back from my Summer vacation.

Let’s see how I’m doing and where I need improvement:

  • Running: I’m still not back at the level I had in Spring but slowly getting there, every week it’s going better and am confident I will get it back.
    As said in my previous post I’ve already run more than I did last year which is good.
  • Cross training: this is going in the right direction too. Making the decision to end my gym membership was a good one. I do need to have a mindset switch because I can’t swim in the gym after work anymore due to swimming lessons in the pool that last till 7 pm. It’s going to take motivation to go swimming after 7 pm. So far I did 2 workouts from DVD’s at home and I really like doing that, this was a good decision.
  • Weight: isn’t going down nor is it going up. It’s the same for weeks now. Need to think more about what I eat. Some days it’s going great where other days are not so good that’s why it stays the same all the time. There aren’t many days where I eat overeat, in fact I can’t remember the last time that happened.
    One thing that definitely needs to change is my alcohol intake (mostly wine). Need to cut down on this, not only because alcohol is empty calories, it’s also not good for my exercise results.
  • Sleep: easy one. I need to sleep more, especially if I want to get up early the next morning to run. I am doing better on this but it can be improved. My goal is to be in bed by 10.30 pm if I have to run the next morning. I don’t want to go earlier than that because otherwise I’ve got nothing left of my evening after work and because I like to do so many things my free time is already limited it feels.

So what’s the plan Stan? Well pretty easy: keep on doing what I do with running and cross training. Watch food intake and alcohol consumption and get enough sleep. Bring on September and Autumn, I’m ready.

Yesterday morning I had to do an easy run. It wasn’t extremely hot but it was so humid, there was nothing more to do than take it really slow. It was also the first time I had to use light to make myself more visible. The sun wasn’t completely up when I got home. Just a few more weeks and my morning run will be completely in the dark. Can’t say I really look forward to that.

Weather: dry, very humid, no wind, 17C (62 degrees)
Distance: 5.1 K / 3.1 miles
Time: 00:37:07
Average time: 7:17 /km
Average speed: 8.2 km/hour
Last song on Ipod before finish: Pink! – Raise your glass.

This morning I had a run planned but when the alarm went off I hit the snooze button, and again, and again. By that time it was no use to go out running because I wanted to be at work early today.

During the day I decided to take a break from exercise till Saturday. After this week it’s 7 weeks till my half marathon and I want to work hard these 7 weeks. Also have 2 races planned before the half. A 10 miler with colleagues on September 18th and a 15K with Amy on October 2nd.

Daily Dinner:

Chicken (recipe by Jamie Oliver, Jamie’s Ministry of Food), rösti and a salad.

Beef stroganoff with rice.

Spaghetti with meatballs. Recipe from Jamie’s Ministry of Food

365 days photo challenge 2011

Day 233 – Monday August 22
A pergola in someone’s garden which I liked.

Day 234 – Tuesday August 23
Received bib and race information for my 10 miler on September 18th.

Day 235 – Wednesday August 24
Some flowers I spotted when I was walking with Bella.


15 responses to “A day in my life: Wednesday August 24, 2011

  1. I can’t wait for September Fran because that’s gonna be my new start ;-). Maintaining I find is just as hard as loosing. You are doing something right if the scale isn’t moving up, don’t forget that 😉
    Love all the photos but where’s Bella??? ;-).
    So excited about your race Fran!!

  2. Perhaps hitting the snooze is because you really did need more sleep! Sometimes the body forces us to take a break even when our brain has other plans.

    I changed my route this morning because I realized that if I went the way I had orginally planned I would be in an area that would be way too dark and I did not have my headlamp on. It’s a little bittersweet, isn’t it?

  3. What?!? Your name is not on your bib?!? I’m disappointed. 😉

    Oh – I have that Pink song as my cell phone ringer…love it!

    Enjoy your rest days – you will be refreshed and ready to zip your way through the next seven weeks to the big race – how fun!!!

  4. Yes Fran, I believe you, me & Syl are all in a similar place right now. But I know we’re all on the upswing right now. It’s coming back.

    You could have pretty much written this post for me. I’m really lacking in sleep lately, for me. I seem to require more sleep than the average person, so if I only get 7 hrs sleep, it affects me.

    I think I forgot to say congrats yesterday for surpassing your running distance from last year – woohoooo!!!

  5. You are getting back on track and I say not gaining is always a win. You will get back to where you were in the spring, I feel the same way miles behind where I was. I just keep telling myself baby steps….it doesn’t happen overnight.

  6. You are doing great Fran. Your workouts seem really good, and if you not losing or gaining weight, that is okay. Also, I do think of the fall as a new start too. Kids started back to school last week, so I feel like fall is just around the corner. I love fall, my favorite season.

  7. Fran – maintaining while training for a half marathon is a great thing! Many people gain weight doing that.

    Once that is done, then maybe you can focus on losing and doing the little tweaks you know need to be done. (Easier said than done LOL).

    The summer coming to a close means that my evening rides have to be done earlier and earlier now. Soon no more evening bike rides.

  8. I am nervous with September being around the corner as my first official half marathon is on Sunday 4th, I think having run a half marathon unofficial race makes me left wondering if I have it within me to do it again. I found the half a mental challenge more than a physical one.

    I do think our goals remain the same always, lose weight, run more often at a faster pace, a official run, cross training, tone up sagging muscles. Nothing really changes, these remain our goals from month to month, year to year,

    I noticed Tuesday evening when I went to teach for the first time this season that at 7.30pm it was getting darker compared to a few weeks ago, not looking forward to the cold weather, thankfully have holiday in south Africa to look forward to and its full on summer that time of year 🙂

  9. I am also looking forward to September and getting back into a normal routine – it’s been a tough summer with the bad weather we have had, we all feel like we’ve been stuck at home for weeks.
    And I agree, keeping your weight stable is by itself a positive accomplishment!

  10. i am with you….i am really working on my diet and exercise. i love september!

  11. Woo Hoo. Bring on September and fresh new starts. HAve a good day today Fran!

  12. The same here, september is always the month of the new start for everything. Is the pool closed in early morning? I succeed in swimming at 07.00 a.m. (near house there are 3 pools).
    You love wine and I love coca-cola ….. impossible to resist.
    I love that stroganoff with rice.
    Beautiful pictures as usual.

  13. I’ve cut back on drinking alcohol a bit recently too. Since Joey got injured a week and a half ago, he can’t have alcohol with his medication so I’ve pretty much stopped as well. I did have 2 glasses of wine on Saturday evening but I ran 14 miles that morning so I felt I deserved it. 😉
    Getting enough sleep can be a challenge sometimes. I try to be in bed by 10 during the week and let myself stay up a bit later on the weekends but sometimes when I plan early weekend runs (like tomorrow) I know I need to get enough sleep to sustain myself.
    That spaghetti and meatballs look delicious. That’s one of my favorite meals! Since Joey is stuck at home for now, he and a friend made me rigatoni with homemade meatballs and red sauce yesterday. It was ready when I got home from work!

  14. You are right about Semptember as a new start. In this perspective I’m painting my daughters’ room 🙂
    Glad your training for the half marathon is slightly improving!
    Have a nice weekend!

  15. Excited about your upcoming race!! I wish we had more 10 miler races – or any for that matter. I think that is a fun distance. Not quite a half, but more than a 10k. You are going to do great!! 🙂

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