A day in my life: Saturday September 10, 2011

I haven’t told you yet but I recently bought Chalean Extreme (a Beachbody program). I was able to buy a brand new set on Amazon UK for about 30 Euro’s (less than 30 USD). Chalean Extreme is actually a 90 day program and it has 15 different workouts on DVD. I have no intention to follow the program but going to mix the workouts with my Jillian DVD’s and the Turbo Fire program I also bought but haven’t received yet.

Thursday evening we had a little earthquake in Holland of 4.5 at Richter’s scale. It wasn’t close to where I lived but I did feel it. I was sitting behind my desk upstairs and everything was quiet. Suddenly the desk and chair started moving. It was a weird feeling and over in a few seconds. At first I thought that a heavy loaded truck had passed through my street but I didn’t hear it driving. Then I thought it might have been my imagionation as I was a little tired. But then I checked the news at 10 pm and read there had been an earthquake and I knew that was what I felt. There was no damage and no people hurt. There are little earthquakes in my country but they can hardly be felt. The biggest one we had was in 1992 where there was a lot of damage. This one happened in the middle of the night and I remember that I woke up because of it (was living with my parents at that time).

I can’t believe it’s happening again: a week before a race and it looks like I’m getting sick. I’ve catched a cold, got a sore throat, muscle pain and a splitting headache. I didn’t sleep much last night. When I woke up this morning I knew a 10 miler that I had scheduled today wasn’t going to happen. I went to the drugstore to get some medication and take it very slow today, drink lots of water and tea with honey, take a nap in the afternoon and hopefully will feel better tomorrow and will be able to do a run.
This happened to me a week prior to my first 10K ever back in 2009 and the race itself was worse because on race day I still wasn’t fit. Taking precautions now will hopefully get me better before next Sunday.

My meeting on Thursday was very long from 9 am till 5.45 pm. I was tired of course after it and almost skipped my planned workout. But when I got home I decided to still do it, after all it wasn’t that long and I’m glad I did. I did my first Chalean workout (Burn Circuit 1) and I liked it very much. Like Jillian she combines two body parts in 1 exercise. I bought some heavier weights earlier this week that arrived on Wednesday (see below). I’m starting with light weights till I get familiar with the program. The workout was 36 minutes.

September/7 weeks challenge:

Update September 3-September 9
Saturday didn’t go as planned. I baked brownies, those were planned as my weekend snack. But it was such lovely weather and R. and I had a drink before dinner in the garden, had a glass of wine. In the evening I had another one and snacked some chips. From Monday till Wednesday I did great, followed the plan I set up for myself. On Thursday I snacked too much during the meeting and had a glass of wine in the evening because I totally deserved that (in my opinion). Friday was a good day again.

Weight loss? Yes, I lost 0.5 kg (1.1 lbs) this week.

Workout plan September 11 till September 17:
Sunday am: Pace run 6.4K (4 miles) (if I feel better)
Monday pm: Yoga.
Tuesday am: Easy run 7.2K (4.5 miles).
Tuesday pm: Workout DVD (Jillian or Chalean)
Wednesday am: Tempo run 40 minutes.
Thursday pm: Workout DVD (Jillian or Chalean)
Friday: Easy run 4.8K (3 miles)
Saturday: Rest because Sunday is race day.

Daily Dinner:

I snacked too much during the day and wasn’t hungry and ate a cracker with cheese.

Pasta with ham, green peas, onion, garlic and cream.

365 days photo challenge 2011

Day 251 – Thursday September 8
My new weights.

Day 252 – Friday September 9
One of the elementary schools in my village. Sometimes when I see a school I wish I was a little girl again with no worries, my parents who took care of me and all I had to do was to learn things at school and play. Do you ever long back to those days?


18 responses to “A day in my life: Saturday September 10, 2011

  1. I’m sorry you’re not feeling well, but you have a whole week to get better and I am sending positive, healing vibes all the way from Texas to Holland just for you, so take care of yourself, don’t stress over that 10 miler, and get better soon, my friend!

    And hey, how nice that you can go off plan and still lose weight! Now that’s my kind of “diet” lol!

    Your new weights look so bright and cheery. Just the thing to make you want to pick them up, right? 😉

    What a cute school. Sometimes it would be fun to go back to fourth grade – that was such a great year for me, with a wonderful teacher that I adored.

    Have a good weekend, and rest, rest, rest!

  2. Great workouts! Feel better and have a great weekend!

  3. Feel better soon! It’s so frustrating when sickness gets in the way of your training plans. But take it easy until you are better!

    Glad you are enjoying the new DVDs. Love the weights!

    Get plenty of rest!

  4. I hope you feel better soon. Plenty of rest.
    I didn’t realize Holland had earthquakes. We have them in California, and they are scary.
    Those weights are really nice, love those colors.
    Yes, I wish I was a kid again sometimes. I played softball for many years, so I wish I could go back to play ball again. It was so much fun.

  5. Take the week easy because you need to recover all your strength before the race.
    A couple fo days of rest will not waste all the work you have already done. Good luck.

  6. I hope you feel better soon, Fran! I have a half marathon tomorrow and it’s rained nonstop all week. The race is still on but the course is going to be muddy and full of puddles. Not sure I’ll PR but at least it should be fun to stomp through puddles, right? I hope I don’t get blisters from running in wet shoes.

  7. Congrats on the loss! Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. Hopefully some rest this weekend will help you recharge. I’ve been fighting off a sore throat this week too. And hey, we had an earthquake here yesterday too. Also not close (I think about 200km away), but lots of people here felt it. It was a 6.4 . I didn’t feel a thing. Get better soon Fran! 😦

  8. I hope you feel better quickly Fran! Healing vibes sent your way!!!

    Cute weight set…love the bright colours!

    I felt an earthquake last year, this year I missed the one a lot of people felt around here. Can you believe we can feel it all the way from Virginia? Over 800 km away…crazy!!!

    I hope you are in perfect health for the race!

  9. I won’t let you get sick Fran. It’s not going to happen!

    Earthquakes are strange for us, too. We have had 2 big enough to feel in upstate NY. I thought I was having a dizzy spell at first, but then realized it was the ground and not my head.

  10. I love your new weights! Don’t beat yourself up over the too much snacking. Sounds like you got right back at it.

  11. Fran, even if you don’t do another workout this week, you have enough base mileage that your race will be fabulous! It’s more important that you rest and take good care of yourself. Anyway, hope you are already starting to feel better!

  12. so sorry you don’t feel so hot now but good job on the weight loss! looks like we are both doing well with eats and workouts. once you figure it out it is nice-huh?

  13. Wow that is scary about the earthquake glad no one was injured. I love the new weight set…wherer did you get? Congrats on weight loss and SUPER congrats on listening to your body….I am learning slow but sure how to listen to mine and it is hard!!!

  14. Fran you are gonna get better and you are gonna run the race of a life time I know It I can feel it ;-).
    Feel better, praying for you!

  15. Roz@weightingfor50

    Hi Fran. NOOOOOO….not a cold!!! That is just NOT ok! Take care, I’m sending good healthy wishes your way for a speedy recovery and a great race. Glad the shaking wasn’t too bad. Hope the week ahead is a great one. Take care!!! Healing hugs!

  16. My running partner ran the 21km with me with flu…so you can do it…shame she has been off work and training for the whole of last week….

    My friend who lives on the Dutch border ( South African ) told me all about the earth quake and how everyone ran out to see what had happened, they thought a house had blown up in the area at first. Horrible sensation….Glad it was nothing serious for you all…we had nothing here.

    I hope u don’t workout with the 1kg hand weights ….LOL ~ I make all my girls start with the 4kg….I do remember when I taught the step and weights how so many women ran for the 1kg weights…and others for the heavier….makes me smile remembering now.

  17. I felth the earthquake too! We live right long the same fault line that runs up there to where the center of the quake was – it’s not the first time we’ve felt one. Creepy!

  18. Hope you feel better. We had an earthquake here recently.

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