A day in my life: Wednesday September 14, 2011

Yesterday morning I tried to run. My legs were great but my lung capacity wasn’t a 100%. At work my boss asked me if I ran and how it went. He said that based on how I looked and how my voice sounded, he would advice me not to run on Sunday. That’s when the insecurity started: should I run or cancel it.

I talked to K., to the hub at home and to some of my blogger friends (thanks sweeties, you know who you are) and with their advice and some thinking of my own I decided to do the following:

Take as much rest as possible and take care of myself. Skip all my workouts this week. I will try another run on Friday to see how it goes and on Saturday I make my final decision.

I’m feeling better and better every day and at this moment I think I will be able to run on Sunday.

Please keep your fingers crossed for me for a speedy recovery so that I’m able to run Sunday’s race.

Easy short run on Monday, details see above.


Weather: dry, windy (speed 25K (15 miles)/hour, 14C (57 degrees)
Distance: 3 K / 1.9 miles
Time: 00:21:46
Average time: 7:15 /km
Average speed: 8.3 km/hour
Last song on Ipod before finish: Black Eyed Peas – Shut up.

Daily Dinner:

Meat, rice and mixed vegetables.

Noodles with ham and vegetables.

Chili con carne out of the oven with tortilla chips on top of it.

365 days photo challenge 2011

Day 255 – Monday September 12
Someone can bake a lot of apple pies.

Day 256 – Tuesday September 13
Stole idea from Lori and Roz: shadow selfportrait.

Day 257 – Wednesday September 14
Love this outfit and asked my friend K. to take my picture.


16 responses to “A day in my life: Wednesday September 14, 2011

  1. I hope you have a quick recovery, and you can run your race on Sunday.

  2. I’m glad you are feeling better and hope you’ll be able to race on Sunday! Just listen to your body…

    Very cute outfit!

  3. Heal very fast1 Be sure to see my newest post.
    That is a cute outfit.

  4. OOOOOooo, I love the picture of you in the dress and leggings, super cute! You must be feeling better and I hope you’re resting a lot!
    The apple trees made me smile, I just bought 10 apples at the local farmer’s market. They taste so good when they are right off the tree! Yumm!
    I hope you can run on Sunday!

  5. Fingers crossed for you Fran!
    You look adorable in that outfit, so happy and so confident!
    Thinking of you and wishing you a speedy recovery!

  6. We also have lots of Apples at the moment, trees are filled and so many lying wasted on the group…most have worms inside, so never pick and eat…I get the whillies….

  7. I love that picture of you in your outfit – very cute!
    Hang in there for Sunday…I know you’ll be able to make the right decision when the time comes. Don’t worry!

  8. I hope you are continuing your rest fest even as I type! There is not doubt whatsoever that you will be able to finish that race… but keep it in mind that this is a fun race for you and not your ultimate goal!

  9. Hoping you feel better, Fran! Which race do you have this Sunday?
    I love that photo of you in that dress – love it!
    All your dinners look delicious.

  10. I know you can finish the race. Maybe it won’t be as good a finish as it would be if you were 100%, but the race is still several days away.

    I love the shadow picture – those are so fun! 😀

  11. Oh, somehow I missed that outfit when I read this the first time. CUTE! You look fantastic. Now why is it that I LOVE that look on everyone else but me. Maybe I need to just suck it up and go for it.

    So, I have a special challenge for you. Because I know you haven’t been feeling well I’m giving you an alternate option.

    Option A – I challenge you to complete your 10 mile race to the best of your ability and to be absolutely pleased with whatever result you get – no matter what. Included in this is that you MUST stay within your ability. So if you are not feeling 100%, you will not push yourself to go faster or further than your body is capable. You will do this and you will “own it”, meaning you will be proud of yourself for getting through this despite the obstacles you are facing. You may not be disappointed in yourself in ANY way. 😉 I give you this challenge because you do so well in so many other areas of healthy living, but sometimes you put too much pressure on yourself for not sticking to a plan, or not accomplishing certain goals, even when it’s beyond your control to do so.

    Option B – If you are just not feeling well enough to do the run (which I don’t think you should do if you are still very sick), then I challenge you to at least two cross training sessions. I’m assuming you will be well enough to do this later in the week … or at least I darn well hope so. If you’re not let me know and I’ll give you some slack.

  12. Hope you feel better and are able to race. You will be happy that you did and it doesn’t have to be a PR.

  13. Do I have a challenge for you…

    If you feel well enough to run on Sunday I would like you to give it all you can. I would like you to take a moment out before the run and realize how far you have come, I want you to run that race like I know you can and then I would like you to reward yourself with a nice glass of wine, a good book, a nice dinner with R or some cuddles with Bella.

    If you are not able to run on Sunday I would like you to right a blog post about all that you have accomplished, I would like you to dig deep and tell us all how proud you are of yourself and all the great things that have happened to you…almost a recap of your journey. I ask this of you because I don’t want you to fall down if you are not able to run on Sunday. I want you to embrace your successes and believe that you didn’t run not because you couldn’t but because there was a valid reason why you couldn’t.

    This is my challenge to you…you can thank HEIDI 😉

  14. Oh I so hope you’ll feel better by Sunday but I think your call is the right one. Rest will allow you to feel better either way. I love what Syl and Heidi said – sounds like the right strategy.

    And ooooh – apple pie. THAT makes me miss Holland…

  15. For some reason my reader lost your blog! I’ve added you again – I’m excited to follow your journey.

    For the September Challenge I’m going to challenge you (if you are up for it) to take on one new form of exercise the rest of this week. Doesn’t have to be totally new – just something out of the norm for you. If you never bike ride – try that. Always run – go for a hike. Like videos – take your strength training outside. Interested to see if you take the challenge on and what you come up with!! Good luck!

  16. Fran, I hope you are feeling better! I say do the race if you at all can and just make completing it your only goal. Good luck!

    I love that outfit you are wearing in the last picture! The dress is adorable!

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