A day in my life: Wednesday September 21, 2011

What’s next….

My half marathon is still 3.5 weeks away but you know I’m a planner and I always plan my workouts 4 weeks ahead. That meant I had to think about what I wanted to do after my half.

If I will do another half marathon, will be decided after running my first in October. If I do, I won’t do it earlier than Spring 2012. If I keep running this distance, I won’t run more than 2 a year. I don’t want to run longer distances the whole year round. It will be nice to get up on Saturday morning knowing that 6 miles is your long run of that day instead of 12 miles.

What’s the plan ….

Watching the video of my run last Sunday I really need to work on and pay attention to my pose. I often run (especially when I’m getting tired) looking like I’m searching for money on the ground. Have to run with my head up and straight back.

And I want to work on my speed. I don’t need to be Speedy Gonzales, I’m 43 years old, I will always be passed by younger girls and that’s perfectly fine. But I do run SLOW. After over 2 years of running I haven’t made much improvement in my speed.

That’s why I’m using the last 2.5 months of this year for working on speed. I’m using a 10K training plan by Hal Higdon for this with some personal adjustments. The first week after my half marathon I’m taking a break of an entire week from running. The next week I will start running again with short easy runs and the week after that I’m starting my new training schedule.

I already signed up for 3 races during that period:

  • Maple Leaf Cross, 6K (almost 4 miles) on November 6th.
    This will be the 2nd time I’m running this, it’s in a forest close to home and it’s a trail run.
  • Koude Polderloop, 5K on December 10th.
    This is the first time I’m running this, it’s in the next town, 10 minutes driving by car.
    I hope to improve my time on the 5K at this run.
  • 1/4 marathon Egmond, 10.5K on January 8th (2012).
    The half marathon of Egmond is the toughest half in Holland and I do want to run it someday but after I’ve run a few other halfs. I choose the shorter distance because I want to experience how this run will be: it’s on the beach and in the dunes and because it’s in the middle of Winter it’s usually cold too.

Somewhere in November I’m going to plan my races for 2012. Maybe I’ll do a half in Spring but it can also be I will keep working on speed and do another half in Autumn next year.

Tuesday morning my legs were still sore from Sunday’s run and I did an easy short run. It was rather tough because of my legs. I can’t remember ever being this sore from running, guess it’s because of the tunnel and bridges we had to cross.

Weather: dry, little bit of wind, 15C (59 degrees)
Distance: 4.8 K / 3 miles
Time: 00:34:09
Average time: 7:07 /km
Average speed: 8.4 km/hour
Last song on Ipod before finish: REM – Losing my religion

After work I did yogalates for dynamic weight loss, the upper body workout. A nice and easy workout which took me 27 minutes to complete it.

This morning I actually had to do a tempo run but my legs were still a bit sore from Sunday and I did another easy run.

Weather: dry, little bit of wind, 15C (59 degrees)
Distance: 4.8 K / 3 miles
Time: 00:35:03
Average time: 7:18 /km
Average speed: 8.2 km/hour
Last song on Ipod before finish: Duran Duran – Hungry like the wolf

I gave Heidi and Syl a challenge this week to do a Jillian Michaels workout. And being the good blogger friend I am, I decided to be supportive with them. Tonight after dinner I did a Jillian workout: Ripped in 30, level 1. Great workout, built up the same as the Shred: 3 minutes of strength, 2 minutes of cardio and 1 minute of abs and do that 3 times. A short but intense workout of 34 minutes.

Daily Dinner:

Meat, baked potatoes and grilled zucchini

A complete dish with minced meat, Chinese cabbage, potatoes, sundried tomatoes and onion.

Stir-fried rice with green peas, ham and cashew nuts.

365 days photo challenge 2011


Day 262 – Monday September 19
My reward for running 10 miles: a new winter running outfit.

Day 263 – Tuesday September 20
My personal photos of the race weren’t that good, I look tired on every one of them. Nevertheless I will post one of them, not going to buy this one.

Day 264 – Wednesday September 21
Today the team photo was available for download and I love this one!



17 responses to “A day in my life: Wednesday September 21, 2011

  1. I am such a planner also, I am already trying to fill up my 2012 calendar. So many options to consider.

  2. I think you are very wise to look forward and start thinking about what will come after you complete your first half. Many people get there and then think afterwards … now what? Looks like you have some good ideas that are very suitable to you.

  3. Love your 10 mile reward outfit!! And I love your reasoning for only running a few long races per year…I am starting to hate saturday mornings just for the pure fact that I can’t sleep in and that I have to run for several hours and that I have to go to bed early on friday nights. Ha ha! And congrats for having so many races to look forward too. I have no idea what my race sched for the rest of the year brings.

  4. I laughed and laughed this morning when you commented to me that you’d rewarded yourself with the winter running outfit – LOVE THAT!!! 🙂 We are alike. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    What a great group picture. I’m so glad you ended up doing this race. As for the personal picture, you need to take clown lessons from me – I am the person who hams it up for the professional cameras, lol.

  5. Great work on the future planning! Love the new winter outfit.

    The group shot is wonderful!!! Everyone looks ready to run!

    Nice food pictures…a nice variety of different things.

  6. Again, congratulations!!! Great reward! And as I said on FB, the team photo is great!

    Your plan sounds good! I never plan far ahead, but I think I should probably think of some long-term goals to change things up a bit…

  7. On the dunes and on the beach sounds great!! What fun to buy a new winter outfit. You speak my language! I will enjoy my race this weekend. I am beginning to get excited. I can’t wait to see Darlene.

  8. Love, love the group photo! And I love how you rock the pink among all that testosterone!

    I say keep looking around for money because you never know when you just might find some 😀

  9. I like the new winter running outfit. I need to get something new soon too because it is getting quite chilly out here.

  10. Running could get profitable if you actually found the money you were looking for all the time – LOL!! 🙂
    I am thinking of doing the 20 KM de Bruxelles for charity again next spring – if you are interested in doing it, just let me know, we could do it together!
    Looking forward to seeing you soon 🙂

  11. You’ve planned to run a race a month. That’s good!
    Beautiful new winter outfit!

  12. I love that you are keeping the hot pink theme going for your winter running gear! I think the hardest thing about training for a winter or spring distance race is training in the real cold. But you might like it since you don’t like training in the heat!

    I always look for those photographers and try to straighten up and look like I’m really running LOL!

  13. The team photo is great!!!!!!

    I take horrible pictures at events. My hubby finally got a “decent” one of me, but it was from the back and side. (giggle)

    The new winter outfit looks very comfortable, what a wonderful way to treat yourself!!!

  14. Hi Fran. OOH….LOVE the new running outfit. And the photos!!! Congrats on ALL of your races, both past and future! You are a running maven! Love the group photo. You look VERY deep in thought in the individual shot.

  15. I love your new running outfit! I am going to have to buy some winter gear so that I don’t just run on the treadmill all winter again this year.

  16. Ha Ha! There is NO chance that I can ride my bike all winter long without extreme changes – snow tires, boot covers and who knows what else. I am not that core. Even our mild winters are nowhere near that mild. But I am hoping I can go longer this year.

  17. Sounds like you have a lot of goals for the rest of this year! Look forward to watching you accomplish them all.
    I love your new winter running outfit.
    I think you look pretty good in your race photo. LOVE the team photo at the end. 🙂

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