A week in the life: week 38-2011

Weekend recap:
Saturday I didn’t do much. When I do these long runs on Saturday I usually don’t do much else that day. I spend the afternoon reading, watching some TV shows and took a nap.

Sunday again beautiful weather. I was supposed to run but my legs were stiff and sore from Saturday’s run and I skipped it. I took the car and drove to the village where I grew up (a 30 minute drive). There Bella and I took a walk in the forest first. It’s so beautiful where I come from, more beautiful than where I live now. After the walk we drove to my Mom where I drank coffee with her.

Maybe you wonder why I didn’t bring my Mom to the forest but her legs are very painful at the moment and she can’t walk long. When we got home I spend the afternoon relaxing at home.

Weekly workout review
I skipped 1 run but am nevertheless very pleased with my results this week. My mileage hasn’t been this high since June and I’m happy about that.

Book I’m reading
Tess Gerritsen – Vanish

Still reading this one, haven’t read much this week because I had a lot of magazines to read.

TV shows I watched last week
Two and a half men (last season with Charlie Sheen), Rookie Blue, The Voice of Holland, Desperate housewives, Covert Affairs, Rizzoli & Isles.


The Voice of Holland is a talent show by the idea of a Dutch producer. It was the most successful show last Winter but I didn’t watch it then because I don’t like reality or talent shows. But this was different as I have been told by everyone who watched it. So this year I thought I would give it a try and I do like it. The show has been sold to the US and a lot of other countries. Has anyone in the US seen this show last season? If so, did you like it?

365 days photo challenge 2011

Day 267 – Saturday September 24
Met a new friend during my run: Mr. Donkey and a view of my run.

Day 268 – Sunday September 25
Pics of the forest where Bella and I took a walk.


Highlights of the week
Long run of 11 miles on Saturday, beautiful Autumn weather, great walk with Bella on Sunday in the forest.


19 responses to “A week in the life: week 38-2011

  1. Hi Fran. Looks like a GREAT weekend!! YAY!!! I LOVE seeing the photos of your neck of the woods. Looks so beautiful and makes me want to get on a plane to Europe TODAY!! Hope your week ahead is a great one!!

  2. Nice to meet you mr. Donkey!
    You run in a very beautiful and, let me say, relaxing place. The 11 miler is a very good workout, now you are ready for the race with Ami.

  3. I am always so jealous of your beautiful forests there. Just gorgeous. Must be such a pleasant place to take a walk.

  4. Interesting that you say you don’t do much after a long run. I once read an article in Runner’s World about how that is why so many people gain weight while marathon training. .. they do these awesome long runs, burn a lot of calories but then proceed to out-eat their burn because they spend so much time sitting around after the run due to their legs being tired! It’s a Catch-22!

    I’m all for walking the day after a long run. I think it helps move the lactic acid in the legs plus it just gives your legs a break!

  5. Great running week!

    I love the forest pics! Beautiful!

    Have a great week!

  6. That donkey’s legs are so short! He’s just my size, lol. 🙂

    You live in such a beautiful area. I am continually amazed and jealous of your surroundings!

  7. Yay for a picture of Eeyore! So cute 😀

    You should consider putting Breaking Bad and Mad Men on your list of shows to watch. We are in the middle of those and they are very good!

  8. I love the picture of Bella looking down the road. Your afternoons after a long run sound perfect!

  9. Yeah for good long runs! I’ll see you on Sunday in my home turf! Do you want to meet up briefly at your start?

  10. The forest which you showed looks a beautiful place to run and it’s easy to see that Bella was enjoying it 🙂 Mr. Donkey is pleasant too 🙂
    On Saturday, 24th, you really did a great long run, Fran! That training will be useful for your 15 km race that you are going to run with Amy.
    I look forward to reading about your training!

  11. Love your photos – everything looks so peaceful and green! Only 5 more days in our countdown…:-)

  12. What gorgeous photos! Love it. It looks beautiful there. Hope the nice weather we’re having is coming to Holland as well – keep taking photos. And congrats on the miles as well!

  13. beautiful photos as usual. 11 miles!! You’ll be ready!!!

  14. Gorgeous forest! I hope the doc figures out what is giving your mother pain in her legs.

    Love your new friend Mr. Donkey!

    Great job on the long run!

  15. Beautiful run. I love those trees, and Bella is one cute dog. Nice run too. I’ve never done over 10miles in one run so all i can say is kudos, and good luck. Glad i found your site. – Krystal

  16. I promise to get into blogs tomorrow and catch up……have so much photo work to do I cant focus on reading at the moment….but want u to know I saw you ran that run even with feeling sick…

  17. Your country is so beautiful. I would love to run there!
    Looks like Bella had a nice time on her forest walk.

  18. I love the photo of Mr. Donkey!! 🙂

  19. What injury did the person have to not run for a year? How awful.
    I didn’t like touch phones either – the last time I had one I purposely switched to one without.
    THis is the first time I have had Internet with any phone. It’s quite fun. I also had no desire to have an Iphone – until – well I did.

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