A day in my life: Saturday October 1, 2011

An extra day off has done me well.  I did some cleaning in the mornings and after the cleaning a cardio workout on Thursday and a short run on Friday and enjoyed the afternoons by doing things I like to do.

Last night we went to see friends of ours. They have a lovely patio in the back of their garden with a fireplace, the patio has a roof so you can sit outside the entire year. We had a great evening, we haven’t seen them in 3 months due to busy schedules.

Tomorrow I’m running the Singelloop in Breda with Amy. We’re doing 15K. The weather is supposed to be warm but I think not as hot as it was on Wednesday and Friday. Forecast is about 21C (69 degrees), no wind and sunny.

Since this is a run for fun, two blogger friends running together, I have no time goal in mind. Because of the weather it’s all about finishing for me. I do hope my legs will be less tired tomorrow, 3 workouts in a row that involved leg work: I feel it. I’m not worried about the distance, I can do that, it’s the heat that bothers me a bit. But I’m looking forward to running with Amy, it will be nice to not to have to run alone.

Thursday morning I did Turbofire for the first time: 30 minutes of cardio followed by 10 minutes of stretch. I liked it although it’s going to take a while before I know all the moves, it’s fast! She did explain every new drill first, the clock for the workout stopped but I didn’t figure that out till later so I kept my watch on which made a total workout time of 55 minutes. The stretch for 10 minutes was really good. I don’t stretch enough myself and I’m glad this program has some stretch workouts too.

Yesterday I did an easy run of only 3.2K (2 miles). It was warm and it was hard and I didn’t really enjoy it.

Workout goals September 2011

Results September:

  • Because I had a cold this month and it took me almost 3 weeks to recover from that, I did less running and other workouts than I had planned. But overall I’m satisfied with the result.
  • I’m proud that I did the Dam tot Damloop because I wasn’t a 100% better.
  • I was active for 24 hours and 45 minutes.
  • I started doing strength training, yoga and cardio at home.

Goals October:

  • The most important one: run my official first half marathon in Amsterdam on October 16th and finish it.
  • Run a 15K on Sunday the 2nd with Amy.
  • Take a week off from running after the half marathon.
  • Take a week off from cross training before the half marathon.

Workouts September:
Running. Done: 11
Strength training. Done: 3
Yoga. Done: 2
Cardio. Done: 1

Number and time of workouts in August: 21 workouts, total time 13 hours and 38 minutes.
Number and time of workouts in September: 17 workouts, total time 13 hours and 24 minutes.

Yearly mileage
Goal kilometres/miles in 2011: 1011 K / 628 miles

Total September: 82.5 K / 51.6 miles

Total till 09/30: 722.8 K / 449.1 miles
Total running time: 86 hours 5 minutes
Still to run to reach yearly goal: 288.2 K / 179 miles

September 18, Dam tot Damloop Amsterdam, 16.1K (10 miles) -> 02:00:30
October 2, Singelloop Breda, 15K, with Amy.
October 16, Half marathon of Amsterdam.
November 6, Maple leaf cross, 6K.
December 10, Koude Polderloop, 5K.

365 days photo challenge 2011

Day 272 – Thursday September 29
Look what a beautiful weather on an Autumn day.

Day 273 – Friday September 30
Fireplace at our friends house.


17 responses to “A day in my life: Saturday October 1, 2011

  1. Hey Fran! I just got my train ticket so I’m all set for tomorrow and getting excited!
    Shall we plan to meet at about 11 at the Stadskantoor where the bib pick-up is? I’ll have my phone on me if we miss each other.

  2. Have fun with Amy. That sounds like fun for sure. Whoever knew it would be so much fun to do things with bloggy friends?

  3. Glad you enjoyed your time off!

    Have fun tomorrow!!! 🙂

  4. Good luck with your run tomorrow…hope the weather is what you want and not too hot and here midday its very hot…so early or later is the best.
    Lovely to run with a blogger friend…have lots of fun as well tomorrow.

  5. I hope you and Amy have a great time running the race together. I’ll be thinking of you.

  6. Have fun with Amy!!! Enjoy the run!

    Glad you are feeling better.

    Love the picture with the cows. So peaceful!

  7. Glad you are resting up. Have fun at your race!

  8. How nice that your friends have a space to get together outside year round. Sounds lovely.

    Enjoy your race tomorrow and happy training on the way to the 1/2!

  9. I hope you have a wonderful run with Amy, and the weather is not too warm.
    Hope you post some race pics.

  10. There is nothing more fun than running a race with a friend – hope you have a great time!

  11. By the time I post this, you would probably have completed your race. Well I hope you had a great time and enjoyed yourself. I am looking forward to reading the race report. Sounds as though your training is going really well.

  12. I hope you had a great race!

  13. oooh how was the race??

  14. I look forward to reading about your 15 km race in Breda with Amy!

  15. onelittletrigirl

    Hi Fran!

    Getting caught up and looks like you are doing great- you will be awesome at the half!!!!

  16. oh an extra day to get things done is always so lovely. hope your race/run went well. you are such an inspiration with all the turbo fire and running!

  17. I love those photos. I can sense the warmth in the fireplace shot and LOVE the colors in the countryside one.

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