A day in my life: Wednesday October 12, 2011

Yesterday it was all over the news here in Holland: English meteorologists are predicting an extreme cold Winter in Europe. They predict lots of snow in December and January with temperatures dropping up to -20C (-4 degrees).

I don’t know what -20C feels like. I have never ever experienced temperatures like this. I looked it up and the coldest it has ever been in Holland was -27 C (-16 degrees) in 1942! And the coldest Winter ever was in 1963 when the average temperature was -3C (26 degrees). I wasn’t even born yet then.

I have to see it to believe it but I do hope they are wrong, especially about the snow. We’ve had two years  with lots of snow in a row and I don’t like snow especially not since I cancelled my gym membership and it’s my intention to keep running outside all Winter long.

What’s the coldest temperature you ever experienced?




I still can’t believe what happened yesterday morning: my first run after my workout vacation. There was a very strong wind, almost storm, but it was dry and you all know I love me some wind. I decided to start with a very short run and had one goal in mind: run it without walking and I did. But what surprised me the most that this was a very fast run for me. The last time I ran this fast has been in June. It was an awesome run and I loved it. I hope this is just the first of many more great runs but maybe we’ll have to wait with the cheering till I’ve run some more and we know if this was a one time thing or the start of something good.

Weather:dry, strong wind, 15C (59 degrees)
Distance: 3.2 K / 2 miles
Time: 00:21:38
Average time: 6:46 /km
Average speed: 8.9 km/hour
Last song on Ipod before finish: Madonna – Material girl

Immediately after I got home from work I changed in my workout clothes and did a short Turbofire workout: a HITT class of 15 minutes followed by a 10 minute stretch class. The HITT was intense and it felt good when I finished it.

This morning when I got up around 5 am and looked outside it was raining and it was raining hard. Now you know I don’t mind running in the rain and I don’t mind running in the dark but the combination of heavy rain with darkness is something I don’t like.

However I did get dressed and I even got out of the door but I was soaking wet before I even started my run and said to myself “are you nuts? this is supposed to be fun”. I turned around, took a hot shower and go again tomorrow morning when it’s supposed to be dry.

I have to watch the weather forecast better from now on and change my training plan if necessary.  If it drizzles I don’t mind running in the morning but next time the weather is so bad I will either run the next day or in the afternoon and do my afternoon workout in the morning. Have to be flexible in this especially if the weather forecasts as mentioned above are true.


Daily Dinner:

Merquez sausage with couscous with onion, garlic and spinach.

I had plans to make something different but R. wasn’t home for dinner and I made something that was ready fast: minced meat with mushrooms, rice and grilled zucchini.

Fish (cod) with mashed potatoes, carrots and green peas.


365 days photo challenge 2011

Day 283 – Monday October 8
The street where I live.

Day 284 – Tuesday October 9
I love this house mostly because the front door is so huge.

Day 285 – Wednesday October 10
Less than 100 days to go with my challenge and it’s getting harder and harder to find something to photograph. That’s why today I decided to give an update on my photo wall at work that makes me happy everytime I look at it.


16 responses to “A day in my life: Wednesday October 12, 2011

  1. WE had that same forecast Fran. The scary part is we get down to -33 degrees and they are prediciting a 5 degree drop from there! INSANE! We are going to have a VERY cold winter! I think it’s time to make piece with my treadmill!
    So glad to hear you had a great run, I went out last night too for a short 3k but it felt so good to be back out there!

  2. We too got the “it’s gonna be a cold winter with lots of snow” forecast yesterday. Except they’ve said that here the last two years and we had record warm temperatures and record rain. They also called for the hottest summer this year and it was super cold and wet. I have no faith in our weather forecasts here. Most of the time they are wrong. If they predict a warm winter, then I’ll prepare for lots of snow! 🙂 I think I’ve been in -25°C, but not at home, it was a little bit north from here where it’s drier and colder. We don’t usually get too low in temperature, but it’s so wet and a bone chilling cold. So -5°C here feels SUPER cold.

    That sounds like an amazing run. I too LOVE wind, especially when it’s dry. And I too probably would have bailed on that morning run with the rain and the dark. YIKES! That wouldn’t be pleasant at all. It is all about being flexible. You have to make things work for you.

    I’m so happy that you had a great run. Such an amazing feeling.

    And thanks again for being such a great bloggy friend. You guys are the greatest.

  3. We generally do not get lots of below 0(F) temps but do occasionally. Because I live on the coast it’s generally the wind that makes it feel like it’s way below zero. Brrrrrr! Once that sort of weather starts and also the snow and ice on the road, I give up running outdoors in the dark morning and stick to the treadmill. I save the outdoor running for daylight.

    Amazing what a bit of rest can do for your legs, your running and your mental attitude isn’t it?

  4. We tend to get at least a few days each winter that dip in the single digit (Fahrenheit) or below zero. Where I grew up was similar but was colder, on average, than where I live now. When I worked at the ski resort in the mountains I had to deal with some pretty frigid temps but I was all bundled up so it wasn’t too bad.
    I’m so excited for your great run. Maybe you just needed a break (mentally and physically). I’m sure your health and the weather were helpful as well.
    I like your fall banner!

  5. I’m so happy I will be in Cape Town from end November and return the 18 Jan ( to cold ) but then after 2 weeks am off to Abu Dhabi for 2 weeks…so that takes me to mid Feb…by then i pray the warmer spring weather will be on its way…I remember end of March we could run this year…so hoping the same…I hate the cold…tonight I ran on the treadmill at gym….I think the treadmill and I will become friends again a few times before I leave and can enjoy the sunshine again…CT has 32 degrees on Saturday…..

  6. I love your photo wall – it looks great!

  7. I think we are supposed to be warmer (and drier) than normal this winter…so you may want to make plans to come to Texas! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    There is nothing like a GREAT run to make you feel so good – I hope you have many more. Oh, and I don’t blame you one bit for not running in the storm…like you said, this is supposed to be fun. Good call on that one.

    Love your picture wall. I have one like that, too.

  8. I don’t miss the cold weather… I remember skiing when I was young and it was -20C or even a bit colder. Everything was frozen… Not fun… I have really gotten used to the mild weather in the Bay Area, but I do miss the seasons, just would like a mild winter… 🙂 Oh well, you can’t have it all. I hope it will turn out not quite as cold as they are predicting!

    So glad you had such a good run!

  9. Coldest temperature I have ever felt was last year at -27F (-32C). That is flipping cold! It hurts to breathe. Your eyes water and then that freezes on your lashes. Just yuck. We get fairly cold here because of the mountains and we certainly get a lot of snow.

    Hooray for your best run ever! Sometimes taking the pressure off can really make a huge difference.

  10. When I lived in Northern Quebec we experienced – 60 degrees celcius. Seriously. Around here – 27 is probably the lowest – farenheit. And I see I spelled both of those wrong.

  11. The coldest it was here was on January 19, 1994 and it was -28°C. I looked it up…but I don’t remember the exact day. Hopefully it doesn’t get to cold for you there…I don’t like the cold weather.

    So happy that you had a great run! Woohooooo…I am going to cheer!

    Nice pics…food looks great…especially the cod!

  12. oh that is so cold. I think the coldest I have had is zero! Thankfully we don’t usually get – degree’s where I live.

    I love the door on that house also! Beautiful.

  13. Congrats on getting back to running! I refuse to run in the rain – I’m a wimp. Yesterday it drizzling & I opted for the treadmill (which I HATE) and was annoyed with myself but it had stopped & I could have run outside.

    I think last winter it was -14F. It rarely gets below zero, though.

  14. I hope that here we will not have that cold. I experienced -12 C in Sweden 2 years ago (I was there for a work meeting).
    You made the right thing not to run with the dark on a rainy day.
    You live in a beautiful street.

  15. Yikes – I haven’t heard that prediction about a cold winter – I sure do hope they are wrong!!! It would mean a lot of treadmill running for me…
    We must have had a good running vibe going on on Tuesday – I also had an awesome run that day! Congrats on proving to yourself that you CAN go faster than you think, too!
    Have a great weekend and enjoy the sunny days and cool temps – it’s going to be lovely!

  16. I love the photo wall. Now that we are moving it’s really sad in my apartment. I had to take all the photos down, but once we get settled I will for sure be putting up a HUGE photo wall! Because it will make me happy too.

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