Saturday October 22, 2011: The low carb way of life

The low carb way of life:
Saturday I read the important parts of the book again. And that was good because I didn’t read the red list carefully the first time. Besides the artificial sugars also sugarfree gum, candy and chocolate is on the list. So is grape and fructose sugar and flavour enhancers. Not sure if they use it in the US and Canada but in Europe products that contain flavour enhancers have E-numbers on the label, that’s how you recognize them. After reading this I went through my refrigerator and cupboards and, although not very much, there were some products that contained either the sugar or the enhancers. I’m not a fan of throwing away food but I did throw away these products that were mostly salad dressings.

I started on Monday. I ate:

  • Breakfast: 2 crackers made of flaxseed with water with cheese and a boiled egg.
  • Snack: a little cheese (Babybel)
  • Lunch: salad with feta cheese, a little bit of chicken and pesto.
  • Snack: 15 walnuts and pecan nuts
  • Dinner: chicken breast, rösti (potatoes) and stir-fried green vegetables. Two mandarins.
  • Snack: a Babybel cheese.

Flaxseed crackers: put 2 tablespoons of flaxseed in 2 tablespoons of water. If you want you can add a little bit of salt which I didn’t. Let it steep and make crackers on a piece of baking paper. Put it in the microwave, highest level, for 1.30 minutes (that’s how long it takes for my crackers), but you have to try what works best for you.

I haven’t been hungry on Monday. Usually I want something to eat around 9 am but didn’t want to eat something till it was 11 am. My breakfast was very fulfilling.

Tuesday and Wednesday I felt weak At first I thought I was getting the flu but then I remembered reading something about it in the book. Because I cut down on sugar and carbs my body is getting detoxicated which can cause muscle weakness, headache and other little pains. This needs a couple of days and it will get better eventually. I still have a headache everyday but that’s normal too and will go away too.  I decided to take the rest of the week off from working out and let my body adjust to the program.

Yesterday I went to a “nature store” and bought a few things I need for making my own crackers and for other recipes. These products I can’t buy in the supermarket. Next time I buy them online because I found a great webshop for these products which is cheaper than buying it in the store.

Start weight on October 15th: 81 kg (178.5 lbs).
Weight on October 22nd: 79.7 kg (175.7 lbs).
Total loss: 1.3 kg (2.8 lbs).


Conclusion: I feel great. I’m not hungry and I don’t miss the carbs like bread at all. I don’t feel bloated anymore, my PDS seems already to have calmed down. Honestly I thought I would crave for cookies and stuff but I haven’t. Thursday there was pie at work but I didn’t take it. Not because I couldn’t but I didn’t want too. Weekends are the most challenging for me and I’m curious how I will do today and tomorrow. More on that in the next post. So far I think I made a right decision starting this program.


Daily stuff:

  • Thursday was the last day at work for K. It’s so weird she won’t be at the office and we can’t chat daily. But there’s Facebook and mobiles so we will be okay. We are going to see each other in 2 weeks for dinner and a musical. It has been so much fun working with her the past 7 years and I’m going to miss her a lot.
  • The concert Thursday. First we got stuck in traffic jam and we were 30 minutes late and Mark Knopfler already started. It’s not my kind of music and at first I was a bit bored but later I could appreciate it. His last song was So far away from the Dire Straits and I immediately thought of Lori. We could only see him for about 40 minutes. At 9 pm Bob Dylan started: WORST concert ever and we have seen a lot of concerts. You couldn’t hear a word he was singing. All he did was stand behind the mic or behind his keyboard. He was wearing a big cowboy head and you couldn’t see his face. After every song the lights went out before he started a new song. Every song sounded the same and he didn’t interact with the audience: he never said a word. We gave it a try but after 1 hour it was enough and we left. We weren’t the only ones, lots of people left early. No more Bob Dylan for us.
  • Today R. and his brother are painting the ceiling and the living room. Yesterday R. cleared out the living room and as there was no place to sit down we went to my Mom last night. In two weeks they will do the kitchen and the hall way but that’s not as much work as the living room.


Daily Dinner:

We ate bread because we had to leave early for the concert.

Noodles with beef tenderloin and pak-choi cabbage.

365 days photo challenge 2011

Day 293 – Thursday October 20
Last work pictures of K. and me.

Day 294 – Friday October 21
Living room before the painting.


18 responses to “Saturday October 22, 2011: The low carb way of life

  1. You can really see the comfortable friendship in the pictures with you and K – and that friendship will carry on even though you won’t be working together anymore. Beautiful pictures of both of you! 🙂

    I seriously don’t understand why Bob Dylan is still touring – well, I guess I do…$$$ – but last year when he performed on the Grammys, he was even more unintelligible than usual. Glad you and R ended the torture by leaving that concert early!

    The painted rooms will be so nice when they are done. I love the view of your garden from the living room, by the way.

    Glad the new diet is working for you! Sounds like you are having fun experimenting with some different foods – the flax crackers look interesting. I keep thinking I should buy some flax seed – maybe I’ll try your crackers!

  2. I had to laugh about your concert. Years ago my husband and i went to see Dyla and we left after the first song. We still laugh about it.

  3. I’m dying to know what that stuff is you bought at the natural store. I can’t read the labels LOL!

    I think you are more full with breakfast because of the fat. Fat is really good for keeping you full! Is coconut oil something that this book recommends?

    I see someone in your office is quite the James Bond fan, too. 😀

  4. I missed your original low carb post and just went back to read it. Glad the plan is working for you so far. I’ll have to try making those flaxseed crackers. They sound good! I actually think I bought similar crackers at the Farmers’ Market before (very few ingredients, some spices, and I think they were dehydrated or something), but I would definitely prefer to make them myself!

    Sorry the concert was a disappointment, but it sounds like quite the adventure!

    Good luck with the renovation projects!

  5. I like your pictures at work, beautiful smiles!!!!
    About the concert, I didn’t succeed in finding the tickets for that concert in Rome (november) and I am very upset. Sorry for the Dylan behavior. Indeed I like the Knopfler’s music, I watched 3 concert of his, always beautiful. The first ended with “So far away”, the second with “Going home (From Local Hero)” and the third with “Pipes at the End”. Always standing ovations.

  6. Since we will not be able to talk to eachother everyday, I can post something on your blog so now and then 😉 Our pictures are nice btw, we have both big smiles on our face. So funny!

    Your living room looks so empty! I really hate painting because of all the hustle around it. But when you’ll see the results in the end, you’re always happy you did it.

    Enjoy your weekend and good luck with your new food plan

  7. I had heard when Bob Dylan was here he also didn’t interact with the audience at all. And I know people who love him. My favorite part of concerts is when there is lots of interaction with the audience.

  8. Those products in your picture look very familiar to me! Glad to hear the food plan is working well so far. I know what you mean about weekends – also the time for me when every good intention seems to fly right out the window!
    Nice pics of you and your friend – I’m sure you both will stay in touch! What musical are you going to?

  9. Well done on the weight lost….
    I always tell the ladies on my group thats its 80% what you eat, 10% training and 10% genes
    You can lose weight eating correctly even when you cant train.
    This is so exciting….

  10. Beautiful photos of both you 🙂 I like Dire Straits music although I followed them 25 years ago 🙂
    I’m curious to see your living room after the painting!
    Have a nice week, Fran!

  11. Cheese, cheese, cheese! Love it. I have Gouda Babybels. They are so cute!

    Great pictures of you and K.!

    Too bad about Bob Dylan, if he is just going to stand there and mumble, maybe he should retire.

    Hope the painting went well!

  12. My all time least favorite song in the world is Dire Straits “Money for nothing”..I just can’t listen to it, it instantly puts me in a bad mood! Having said that one of my favorite songs is “brothers in arms”…funny eh? I never said I was “normal”.
    I can see how you guys walked out of there, why waste your time torturing yourselves ;-).
    I love the picture of you and your friend, although she may no longer be working with you it’s a great excuse to get together and keep in touch!
    Great job sounds like you had a fabulous week Fran, keep up the great work!

  13. I love the photo of you and your friend and how in sync (not the boyband :)) you look.


  14. I have done a few low carb diets in the past and remember that period of feeling weak, but then feeling MUCH better once it passes. So glad this is working for you! Those crackers look interesting. Good luck with the new recipes!

  15. What great photos of you and K.! I’m sure you will miss seeing her everyday at work. I can’t imagine my best girlfriend leaving my office but I’m sure it could happen someday.
    It sounds like your low-carb way of life is working so far. I hope you get over the symptoms quickly.
    I have some flax seed at my house. I’ll have to try to make those crackers.

  16. I can tell by the way you and K look together that you have a friendship this is going to survive the loss of seeing her every day at work. Great photos!

    Your FB updates on the concert were making me laugh so hard… Shelley tried to warn you!

  17. Hi Fran. Love the pictures of you and K. Oh dear…what a bust Bob Dylan sounds like. sigh. Glad the low carb living is going well. Have a wonderful week.

  18. I don’t know if I could give up carbs — I depend on them for energy when I run. Too bad about the concert.

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