Monday October 24, 2011: The mishmash edition

Weekend recap:
Saturday R. and his brother started at 8 am with painting the ceiling and the walls and they were finished around 2.30 pm. After that R. and I had to put all the furniture back and clean the floor. We were finished around 5 pm. We’re very happy with the result, it looks like we have a complete new room.

Yesterday was a beautiful day and we went to a forest with Bella who, as always, had the time of her life. The rest of the day was very relaxing with some TV watching, some cooking in advance and some reading.

When I went to bed around 10.30 pm I noticed we didn’t have water. Nothing came out of the tap, just enough to brush my teeth. Before I went for my run this morning I checked if we had water again which we did. No way I was going to run when I couldn’t take a shower afterwards. The newspaper said today there was a leak in our village and almost everybody didn’t have water. Glad they fixed it so soon.


Book I’m reading
Tess Gerritsen – Vanish
Yep, still not finished.


TV shows I watched last week
Grey’s Anatomy, Two and a half men, Rookie Blue, The Voice of Holland, True Blood, The Walking Dead, Desperate Housewives.


Weekend Dinner

Salad of spinach, avocado, pancetta and pine nuts.

Pork tenderloin with pepper sauce, mashed potato towers out of the oven, stir-fried spinach with garlic and onion.


365 days photo challenge 2011

Day 295 – Saturday October 22
Two hardworking guys (R. and his brother).

Finished! We painted one wall brown (before all the walls were off white) and we’re very happy with the result.

Day 296 – Sunday October 23
Forest walk with R. and Bella

Highlights of the week
Great week with eating low carb, night out on Thursday (too bad Dylan was such a disaster), painted the ceiling and walls of the living room and happy with the result.


15 responses to “Monday October 24, 2011: The mishmash edition

  1. That salad looks DELISH! I love pancetta, spinach and avocado but never thought ot combining them all!

  2. I love your new brown wall! I’m all about accent walls in my new house. Some were already there when I moved in but I changed one and painted the bedroom (one accent color and a lighter color on the other three walls). I especially love my red wall in my dining room. I blogged about it a while back because I loved the way it turned out so much.
    Looks like a beautiful day for a forrest walk. Glad Bella enjoys it so much.

  3. Love your accent wall! Nothing like a freshly-painted room to give it more life (or in my case, make me want new furniture, lol!)

  4. I love the new color on the wall, looks completely different!

  5. Nice use of an accent color! I love to paint. It makes it seem like a new place for very little money. I love color, too!

    Those potato swirls look yummy, too!

  6. What an amazing thing a coat of paint can be isn’t it! I have bad memories of paint because of our recent renos, we went through 9 different shades of green, and when I say that I mean full walls painted and then hubby saying “I don’t like it”…I’m surprised we’re still married ;-).
    Sounds like a great week Fran (well besides the concert), and looks like you are enjoying your new way of eating..good job!

  7. Love the way your living room looks with the brown wall!
    How funny we had the same idea yesterday – I am so glad I ran yesterday because it is pouring right now and miserable. So – off to the gym!

  8. The painting turned out great and now I want that salad you had. YUM. I laughed when I saw you were still on the same book but you know what? I haven’t had time to read anything but magazines lately. I miss books.

  9. I like your brown wall, it looks great! Painting is a lot of work, but it can transform a room. I have some painting on my horizon too.
    Glad you were able to get your run in. Good thinking checking the water. I wouldn’t have run either, without running water for a shower. Have a great week!

  10. Hi Fran. The wall color is lovely!!!!! Love the look of the potato “piles” (for lack of a better word!) Very pretty!!! Have a great day!!!!

  11. I love your new brown wall and how cozy and comfortable that room looks.

  12. i have a room i can’t decide what to do with. all the rooms wrap together. It’s nice i love it but there is no definite edge from the kitchen to the dining room so the red dinning room won’t happen without a red kitchen…hummm I’ll have to be brave and just do something =) sure makes a difference.

  13. Now your living room is more beautiful, it looks very comfortable and full of light.
    Great dishes!
    Yes I have the tickets for Dyland & Knopfler (Rome Nov.11), I will let you know. I keep my fingers crossed.

  14. Love the color in the living room it looks great!

    Also the salad combo looks interesting – but in a good way!

  15. I love to see your trees changing colors, they are gorgeous. It brings a little fall to our sunny side of the world. It has been pretty warm here until today!
    I’m enjoying that view from that huge window in your living room! Does the snow pile up out there?
    hugs to you and to Bella, too!

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