Monday October 31, 2011: The mishmash edition

Weekend recap:
Saturday after lunch we left for the hotel. Since we would be gone for just 1 night I booked a hotel which was 1 hour drive from home. After we checked in, we took Bella and went for a walk. We walked to the nearest town and when we got back we walked through the forest. This took us about 90 minutes. When we returned at the hotel we had a glass of wine in the bar and for dinner we went to the next town where we had a nice dinner at a brasserie.

Sunday morning we had breakfast at the hotel and after that we checked out and drove to a nature park called “De Posbank”. Here we took a walk with Bella. Once again I was reminded that I live in a beautiful country, you just have to find the right places. This forest was so great, paradise for mountain bikers and runners of which we both saw a lot. We do want to go back to this forest because it was really lovely. After the walk we had a cappuccino at a terrace and drove home afterwards.

It was a great idea to go away, even for just one night. It felt like a mini vacation.


Book I’m reading

Tess Gerritsen – Vanish
I finally finished this book. This was the 5th book in the Rizzoli & Isles series and so far the less interesting of the ones I read. But I wanted to finish it before I will read the next one.

Suzanne Collins – The Hunger Games

Movies I’ve seen last week
Wall Street money never sleeps

We have a subscription to a Dutch movie channel and all movies are aired about a year after they were shown in the cinema. That’s why I always watch “old” movies. I have to say I like the first Wall Street with Charlie Sheen more than this one. But the things that happened and what they talked about is kind of what is happening with the economy at the moment, in that way it was an interesting movie.


TV shows I watched last week
Cougar Town, Rizzoli & Isles, Rookie Blue, True Blood, The walking dead, The voice of Holland.


Weekend Dinner

We started with some bread.

Starter a Portobello mushroom stuffed with spinach, cheese and pine nuts.

Main course I had a mixed grill (veal, beef, pork and spare rib) with pepper sauce.

365 days photo challenge 2011

Day 302 – Saturday October 29
Our hotel

Our room

Day 303 – Sunday October 30
Forest walk.

Someone had the time of her life this weekend.

Highlights of the week
Celebrating our anniversary with a little getaway to a hotel and a dinner on Saturday night.



17 responses to “Monday October 31, 2011: The mishmash edition

  1. Love the hotel! So cute! Love the food – that looks delish.

  2. Sounds like you had a lovely getaway!

  3. I got sucked right into The Hunger Games books. Great series!

    Wow, that hotel looks fantastic, and great food too!

  4. Sounds like you had a lovely celebration!
    We loved the Hunger Games – we started reading them that rainy weekend we were up in the Veluwe and couldn’t put them down. My son Gillis and I read all three of them. Can’t wait to hear what you think…

  5. Glad you had such a nice time! Sometimes getting away for one night is all you need to feel refreshed again! The hotel, the food, and the forest look lovely!

    Have a great week!

  6. That hotel is such an amazing looking building. And what beautiful surroundings! I’m glad you had a nice anniversary.

    ooooooh! So excited you are reading the Hunger Games. I just finished Book 3. Can’t wait to hear what you think.

  7. Well of course in Bella’s mind this trip was for her – why wouldn’t it be? 😉 Looks like it was a really lovely place and I’m glad you two…er, three had a good time!

  8. EMily and her boyfriend broke up so no he is not helping her.

  9. What a beautiful, beautiful trip! How lovely!

    Does R wait patiently for you to photograph food? LOL. John gets impatient when we are sharing 😀

  10. sounds like a great get away Fran. Relaxing and spending time with the loves of your life.
    That portabella mushroom looks so appealing. I’ve just gotten into portabellas they are so filling. I hollowed mine out and stuffed it with ground turkey, a load of veggies, marinara sauce and sprinkled a tiny bit of feta on top, it was delish ;-).

    I can’t help to see the difference in where we live, in respect to Bella, there are few hotels that would allow dogs. Seems so different to me. Is this a normal thing that they are allowed or was this hotel a specific place that allowed her to stay? Just wondering.

    And speaking of that! looks like a castle! Gorgeous!

  11. sounds like you had a LOVELY weekend! I live near the Posbank – it’s absolutely gorgeous there!

  12. everyone loves the hunger games.
    I neeeed to cave 🙂 and read em.

  13. Your mini vacation looks just lovely. So glad you had the chance to do that!

  14. What a fun weekend! Glad Bella got to spend it with you guys!

  15. Oh, and I have the Hunger Games on my bookshelf. I’m reading the girl with the dragon tattoo and then moving on to the Hunger Games. I’ve heard it’s a page turner.

  16. Oh I’m going to start reading the Hunger Games next. I hear it’s a good one! And I have to admit after seeing all of your amazing photos, that you do live in a beautiful country!

  17. I just finished the third book in the Hunger Games series. Someone who reads my blog recommended them, and I”m glad they did!!!!!

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