Wednesday November 9 – 2011, The workout edition

Thursday & Friday
Actually 2 workout days but I didn’t do anything except for walking with Bella.

Saturday morning I did an easy 5K run and it was a great run. The weather was perfect for running and the run itself went easy.

Weather:dry, windy, 11C (51 degrees)
Distance: 5 K / 3.1 miles
Time: 00:33:44
Average time: 6:45 /km
Average speed: 8.9 km/hour
Last song on Ipod before finish: Peter Gabriel – Solsbury Hill

I ran the Maple Leaf Cross. This is a trail run in a forest, 10 minutes driving from home. The weather was great for a run, it’s not a big run which I like more than big races with lots of people. Trail running to me is much harder than road running because I hardly ever do it, all my runs are on flat roads. I had to do 2 rounds to complete the 6K and a round had 2 hills, close after each other. The first round I ran up both of them but the second round I walked up the big one, the second one I ran again. I decided to do a trail run in my training schedule every now and then and take Bella with me on these runs.

I did the same run on the exact same route 2 years ago and I’ve beaten my time with 3 minutes. Even though I was slower than normally, still it was faster than 2 years ago. I was happy with the result.

Weather:dry, not much wind, cloudy, 11C (51 degrees)
Distance: 6 K / 3.7 miles
Time: 00:43:34
Average time: 7:16 /km
Average speed: 8.3 km/hour
Last song on Ipod before finish: I have no idea.

Waving at R. before the start.

Monday morning I did level 1 of the Jillian Michaels DVD Ripped in 30. It’s similar to the 30 day Shred and I like these workouts because they are short and intense. Total time: 34 minutes.
After dinner I took Bella for a 40-minute walk.


I had plans to run 4.8 K (3 miles) but as soon as I started running my lower back was screaming at me “what the h*ll are you doing to me”. It kept bothering me and I decided to do a shorter run which was slow too because of the back troubles. Better a short run than nothing at all.
After dinner a 25 minute walk with Bella.

Weather:dry, not much wind, 6C (42 degrees)
Distance: 3.2 K / 2 miles
Time: 00:24:00
Average time: 7:30 /km
Average speed: 8 km/hour
Last song on Ipod before finish: Bob Marley – Three little birds.

No workout today. When I went to bed yesterday my legs were so tired and my lower back was painful that I decided to take a day of rest today.  I did walk with Bella for 30 minutes today.


Weekly review
As you can see in the left sidebar I have to run 247 K to reach my mileage goal this year. This would mean I have to run approx 125 K this month and in December. You can also see I ran that kind of mileage only 1 month this year.

I have been thinking if I should try to reach my goal but I decided it’s okay if I don’t reach it. Because I’m running shorter distances now, which I like because it’s Winter and I run in the dark on weekdays. But the most important thing is that I refound my joy in running and I don’t want to ruin that by putting pressure on myself that I have to run a certain distance every time I go out and even add junk miles to my runs to reach my goal.

So far I have run more mileage, a longer time and I did more workouts overall than last year. In my book that’s already a success that can only get more succesful because the year isn’t over.

The point of this jibber jabber? I will run and do other workouts and have fun doing them. Distance isn’t that important, after all I’m running for me and for nobody else.

Daily Dinner:

Beef, potatoes, red cabbage with pear. Dessert: 2 kiwi’s.

Meat, potatoes, green beans. Dessert: an apple.

Noodles with chicken and vegetables.

365 days photo challenge 2011

Day 311 – Monday November 7
Because it’s dark so early, it’s difficult to find things to photograph every day. That’s why I take as much pictures on other days in daylight and use them for the challenge.

Mushrooms, typical Autumn product.

Day 312 – Tuesday November 8
It’s November and still blackberries are growing.

Day 313 – Wednesday November 9
Cute little pony. Wouldn’t come to the fence because she/he was scared of Bella.


15 responses to “Wednesday November 9 – 2011, The workout edition

  1. Seems you had a pleasant run through that forest! Do you change your running shoes when you do a trail run?

    I would have never thought that blackberries could grow in November|And in Netherlands where the weather is colder than Italy.

    Your comment about politics which you left on my blog is really interesting, Fran! Thanks for that!

  2. Congrats again on the race! You did well. Those trail runs are really good for improvement so t’s good that you’re going to add them in.

    I agree that it’s more important for you to enjoy running right now, rather than doing a bunch of junk miles just to meet a goal. Good choice!

  3. Congrats on the trail run. It must have been beautiful. I think you have had a wonderful running year, and the best of all you are enjoying it.

  4. That is a cute pony. Funny that Bella scared her. And you are right that running should be fun and what we want it to be. What is the point if that isn’t true?

  5. So glad you are taking the pressure off yourself and just enjoying running again, and big congrats for having a great race! Trail running with Bella will surely be fun, and that dog is going to be in heaven, getting to run with her mama!

    Tiny horse is so cute!

  6. Finding the joy again in running is awesome!

    Monday dinner = lekker!!!

    Cute little horse!

  7. I think sometimes we pressure ourselves so much on the end result of the goal that we don’t realize how much progress was actually made! Goals aren’t necessarily about the finish as the doing.

  8. Yay! You found your joy back in running!!! I am happy for you because why do it if it’s not fun (and it’s not your job)?
    And really when you think about it, it’s nice to do other things as well, and have a variety of activity. Better for our 40 something bodies, too, I suspect!

  9. The weather must have been good for that run as so many ran in shorts and short sleeve tops…
    So happy you’ve found your love for running again…

  10. When I was a new runner I got all caught up in yearly mileage goals. Now, not so much and that’s simply because I found out the hard way that stuff and injuries happen and your goals get blown all to hell. No need to have that sort of pressure or discouragement. While running is exercise it should also be fun!

    Congrats on your great trail race – I wonder if it was the terrain that made your back upset?

  11. Nice work on all the workouts – especially that trail race! Good for you putting yourself a little outside your comfort zone.

    What a nice looking horse!

  12. Here it’s warmer: 19-20°C so we can again enjoy our workouts. Looking at the picture the trail looks very tough: you made a very good job. I think I will include on my list one trail every year. I like a lot mushrooms (if not poisoned) and blackberries.

  13. Trail running is fun but tough! Beating your old time by 3 minutes is awesome!

  14. Great job on your trail run! I find that trail runs seem harder in the beginning but I think I love them more. Something about the landscape around me and the trails. And congrats on beating your time from before! 🙂

  15. onelittletrigirl

    Short and intense is my kind of workout 🙂

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