Wednesday November 23 – 2011, The workout edition

Daily stuff:
No workout edition this week because there’s not much to look back at and be proud of.
Last week I skipped a few runs/workouts because I just didn’t feel like exercising/running. This week is a planned recovery week. During my recovery weeks I don’t run on weekdays because I like it that I don’t have to run early in the morning in the dark every 4th week. I did plan a DVD workout but I have catched a cold (again) and ain’t in the best shape this week.


About my plan, I decided to post it on my blog but not before Saturday. Reason is that it’s a 180 day challenge (sounds familiar Helen) and it starts tomorrow and I need numbers (sorry Shelley).  Details in my Saturday post.


Yesterday evening R. and I went out for dinner to celebrate his birthday. I recently bought a Groupon deal that was valid for a 4 course meal with a 50% discount for 2 persons. Because of that we couldn’t choose a menu which was okay because we ate “outside the box”: we ate Bambi. We had a nice night together. See below for the food pics.


I’m not sure if I mentioned I got a haircut 2 weeks ago but I did mention it to Syl who asked about a photo of my hair today. It’s not the best photo because my hair didn’t follow my instructions today how I wanted to wear it. But it shows it’s a lot shorter, about 2.5 inches.

Daily Dinner:

First raw deer meat with an egg in a crust

After that bouillon of mushrooms with sherry cream.

Main course was deer with sauerkraut “hete bliksem” (free translation: hot lightning) which is mashed potatoes with apple.

Dessert bread and butterpudding with Amarene cherries and ice cream.

365 days photo challenge 2011

Day 325 – Monday November 21
Foggy day.

Day 326 – Tuesday November 22
The birthday boy and me. I look a bit like Bambi myself in this photo: like I’ve crossed the road and was caught by lights of a car.

Day 327 – Wednesday November 23
The florist brought these flowers today that I got from my mother in law. I helped her for a couple of weeks with her grocery shopping after she left the nursing home. With these flowers she thanks me for helping her out.


14 responses to “Wednesday November 23 – 2011, The workout edition

  1. I like your haircut. Looks like a good meal out! And that is an incredibly foggy day.

    Oh yeah, your husband is rather handsome too!

  2. that cut looks great on you Fran!
    I woke up to a really foggy day today (goes well with my current mood).
    Looks like a great dinner out, can’t wait to follow you as you start you’re new plan!

  3. You were definitely adventurous with your dinner! No way would I have eaten any of that. 🙂

    Hope you feel better!

  4. The flowers are beautiful – that was very sweet of your MIL to send them.

    Love your haircut – you look sassy, and I like the ends flipped up like that. Super cute!

    Looks like you and I are on the same wavelength with working out this week. Let’s make a pact and not repeat it next week, ok?

    I could not have eaten that dinner. Bambi? No. And raw? Double no. You two are much more adventurous than I!

  5. We all need to rest once in a while. My problem is that once I start resting… 🙂
    Ate raw beef, raw bison but not deer. Now you got me curious.
    Those flowers are beautiful.

  6. “my hair didn’t follow my instructions today how I wanted to wear it.” This sentence just cracked me up! LOL.

    I actually like venison, and we have it more than other people do because my sister and brother in law hunt and get enough deer to fill a freezer! You do have to be careful how you cook it because it is so lean.

  7. Lots of great pictures…love the hair cut!

    The food looks delicious…glad you had a nice dinner out with R.

    The flowers are gorgeous!

  8. Love the haircut – very cute even if it misbehaves!
    Sounds like you guys had a nice evening out…
    I am very curious to hear about your new workout plan!

  9. Beautiful photo of your haircut! Those flowers are pleasant too and I can see that you had a great evening out although the foggy weather.
    I’m curious about your workout plan!

  10. Hi Fran, I tagged you in today’s post for “21 Things”:

  11. Hi Fran. LOVE the haircut, and LOVE the wonderful adventurous meal. (well, it would very adventurous in these parts!!) Look forward to reading about the plan. Have a wonderful Friday!!!!

  12. A very nice haircut. Beautiful flowers and …. beautiful dessert!
    Sorry for the cold, I hope you get well soon. A recovery week helps to stay in better shape later. I know what to run early in the morning means, all my workouts in the weekdays are at 07.00 a.m.
    Have a good week-end.

  13. I love your new haircut — so cute! And I saw on FB that you guys were celebrating R’s birthday!! Your full course dinner sounded fun and that dessert looked amazing! I’m glad you guys had a fun night out!

  14. Cute hair.

    Dinner was interesting, but the dessert looked delish!

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