Monday November 28, 2011: The mishmash edition

Weekend recap:

  • I had a very quiet weekend. I wanted to take a lot of rest to get over my cold which I did. I’m feeling almost a 100% again. I don’t know about you but when I’m not feeling well, the first thing I stop doing is cooking. I just don’t feel like it and choose the easy foods like bread for dinner or soup from a can with some bread. Do you still cook when you’re sick or go for the easy choices like me?
  • We watched a great documentary about Queen Saturday night (thought of you Roz). It told their story from how they started up till the tribute concert after Freddy Mercury died. I never have been a big fan of Queen but I do like their music and wished I had seen a concert of them with Freddy Mercury. It was very interesting.
  • Keep your fingers crossed for next Thursday. We’re going to try to buy tickets for the Bruce Springsteen concert in Florence, Italy June next year. Usually I’m the one who takes care of this but I’m in a meeting and will be home late. Since the sale starts a 4 pm, this time it’s up to R. to buy the tickets.
    He’s coming to Holland too but we don’t like where the concert is (a festival) and decided to skip the Dutch concert. We already had plans to go to Tuscany in June next year and this will be a great combination.


Book I’m reading
Suzanne Collins

Still reading this, didn’t read that much last week.


TV shows I watched last week
Grey’s Anatomy, The Big Bang Theory, Rookie Blue, True Blood, The Walking Dead, The Voice of Holland, The Mentalist, Queen documentary.

I stopped watching Two and a half men after the first episode with Aston Kutcher. I don’t like it, he’s not funny and definitely not Charlie. Luckily the new season of the Big Bang started this week, this is one of the few TV shows R. likes too and that we watch together.


365 days photo challenge 2011

Day 330 – Saturday November 26
The mill was working Saturday because there was a lot of wind.

Day 331 – Sunday November 27
Just a random view in my village.


9 responses to “Monday November 28, 2011: The mishmash edition

  1. I’ve been watching the new Two and a Half Men occasionally, but it’s not as good. I do like Ashton Kutcher in movies, but not a fan of this role. Too bad!

    Glad you are feeling better! Good luck getting the tickets!!

  2. I love Queen! I should watch that documentary. I have never like Ashton Kutcher at all. I don’t think he is a very good actor.

    Glad you are feeling better!

    Have you considered watching Mad Men? It is very, very good!

  3. Love that windmill!

    Good luck getting your tickets…. and have I ever told you Tuscany is on my places to visit before I die list?

  4. Glad you are feeling better. When I am sick, I also take the easy out. I don’t cook, and then my hubbie brings food home. But usually, I don’t eat much when I’m sick, no appetite.
    I’ve been watching ‘Two & a half Men” episodes (with Ashton) for several weeks now, and all I can say, it is going downhill. It gets worse from the first episode. I don’t expect the series to last long. Hopefully, it will be replaced with something good.
    June in Italy sounds wonderful. I spent a week in Florence in 2008, loved it.

  5. Cute new blog design! I am glad you are feeling better. I was never a 2 and half men fan….everyone told me I was missing out.

  6. A great concert and Italy! Sounds like a win to me. Hope you score the tickets.

    I agree with you about Two and a Half Men. I quit in the middle of an episode. Hated Ashton Kucher.

  7. Hi Fran. I’m still reading, just ben really busy so not as much time to comment. I look forward to hearing about your 180 day challenge. I also still enjoy your photos even if you think they are getting boring. Your country is so beautiful. Love the wind mill photo.

  8. Springsteen AND a trip to Italy??? So.very.jealous. Wow – sounds wonderful, and I hope R. is able to get the tickets!

    I second Lori’s suggestion to watch Mad Men. Now THAT is a good show!

  9. I’m glad you’re feeling better – I know what you mean about not cooking when sick – I don’t either, and totally go for comfort food, like toast and soup…
    Love the windmill picture!!!
    Good luck with the Springsteen tickets – I will keep my fingers crossed!

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