Saturday December 3, 2011: The low carb way of life

The low carb way of life:
Last weekend wasn’t about low carb, it also wasn’t about eating too much but more about being too lazy to cook. When I’m not feeling well, the first thing I drop is cooking and choose the easy foods like bread for dinner or soup from a can with some bread. I didn’t eat too much, it just wasn’t low carb.

Thursday I had a meeting including lunch. The Dutch usually eat bread at lunch and this lunch wasn’t different from that. No low carb on Thursday because I already made dinner the night before which included carbs too. The weird thing is that when I had one “bad” day usually the day after it’s not any better and Friday also wasn’t a low carb day.

Recap: Except for Thursday and Friday it has been a good week since Monday. No more lunches during meetings this month so there is no reason why the rest of the month can’t be good.

Daily stuff:


Next year on June 10 we will be in Florence, Italy at this concert. We are going to plan our vacation in Tuscany right after the concert. We are really excited. We’ve been to Florence before but it’s been several years ago and it was beautiful then and it will be now too.


I had one of my toughest runs ever due to a very hard wind and lots of rain. I don’t think I ever have been this wet when I came home including water in my shoes. But this run was such a boost for my motivation and confidence. I’m glad I did go and didn’t let the weather hold me back. This is how soaking wet looks like 🙂

Weekend plans: weather forecast is bad and we probably stay inside most of the weekend. Tomorrow night we are going out for dinner with my Mom. This is a thank you dinner because she still is “babysitting” Bella 1 day every 2 weeks for us.

365 days photo challenge 2011

Day 335 – Thursday December 1
I probably will use some old photos this month because it’s so hard to find things to photograph. This photo was taken at a bbq at our home during Summer 2008. It’s a photo of my best friend T. and me. I love it because it’s a happy photo.

Day 336 – Friday December 2
Someone is tired after playing at the doggy day care all day.


10 responses to “Saturday December 3, 2011: The low carb way of life

  1. Congratulations on getting ahold of the concert tickets!!! That is great – and sounds like a perfect way to kick off your vacation!
    I have to say, soaking wet looks pretty good, going by your picture… This should give me some incentive not to chicken out of my run tomorrow morning. It’s pouring now and the weather forecast for tomorrow doesn’t look much better. I was already starting to think about going to the gym instead…we shall see!
    Have a great weekend! Hugs 🙂

  2. That is a great picture of you and T! Love the happy expressions. 🙂

    So cool that you guys got the Springsteen tickets! And you are vacationing in Tuscany? I am jealous. May grab Helen and go join you! 😉

  3. In Italy we also eat bread at lunch, I love it.
    You are a tough runner, other people wouldn’t run with such weather. Now we are under a rain storm too.
    Glad you got the tickets, I am sure you will enjoy the concert and Tuscany (my favorite italian region to spend a vacation). I, my wife and a couple of friends will be in Florence too. I have sent an e-mail about this topic.

  4. Love that pic of you and T!

    I want to go to Tuscany. What a wonderful vacation. I would look forward to that much more than Bruce Springstien LOL!

  5. Congratulations on the tickets. It should be a wonderful concert. Do you have a place to stay in Florence? I was there in 2008 for my honeymoon, and we stayed at an old olive plantation above Florence in the hills. It was great. If you’d like me to get you the info, let me know.

  6. Glad you got your tickets. I was just wondering about that yesterday. I have a friend who is a BS fanatic.
    Good job on the bad weather run too. How fun that it was a huge confidence boost.

  7. Woohooo….congratulations on getting the tickets!

    Love the pics of you! It must be hard to run in wind and rain.

  8. It’s really a happy and nice photo of you and your friend! I hope you’ll try to run although the bad weather. Glad you will be here in Italy next year 🙂

  9. So lucky to see Bruce Springsteen! I never run in the rain but unfortunately – 2x I’ve had to race a Half Marathon in it so I know what WET feels like – not pleasant…HATE IT!

  10. Woo Hoo for getting the Springsteen tickets! LOVE the photos! It is INDEED a very happy picture of you and your friend, and Bella? What can I say other than “AWWWW” – tuckered out little girl! Hope your week goes well. (and very envious of your upcoming Tuscan adventure!!! What a wonderful vacation to look forward to!)

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