Monday December 5, 2011: The mishmash edition

Weekend recap:

  • Saturday we had a quiet day at home. We lighted the fireplace in the evening and watched a movie.
  • Sunday morning I went for another run, this time a dry one. At the end of the afternoon we drove to the village I was born and where my Mom still lives. We made reservations in a restaurant there for dinner. It was a thank you dinner to my Mom who still watches Bella 1 day every 2 weeks. Bella was also allowed in the restaurant and came with us. The three of us had a nice dinner.
  • My right foot still hurts below my heel. I can’t remember doing anything that caused this. The only thing that could be causing it are my fitness shoes I use for my workouts at home. I wore those 3 times last week. They are Reebok fitness shoes and I can’t even remember how long I have them. It could be that I should replace them. I still have some Asics running shoes that I didn’t like for running but maybe for cardio/strength at home they might be good enough. Going to try that the next workout I do at home.


Book I’m reading
Suzanne Collins

I finished this book yesterday evening. I took me longer than the first 2 books because I liked those more than the last one from the Hunger Games. But all 3 together I loved them. Can’t wait to see the movie of the first book.


Movies I’ve seen last week

This movie got good ratings but I wasn’t too impressed with it. In my opinion it was too long and at the end I was getting bored with it. But I did watch it till the end because I wanted to know how it ended. Not a movie I’m going to watch again.


TV shows I watched last week
Grey’s Anatomy, The Big Bang Theory, Rookie Blue, The Voice of Holland, The Mentalist.


Weekend Dinner

I started with carpaccio. Because they used 2 different dressing, 1 with honey-mustard and 1 with apple syrup and truffle, I got 2 plates. I like the honey-mustard the most.

Main course was steak with pepper sauce

365 days photo challenge 2011

Day 337 – Saturday December 3
In the morning very bad weather but in the afternoon it was dry and almost clear.

Day 338 – Sunday December 4
The restaurant where we had dinner.

My Mom and me.


Highlights of the week
Survived a long meeting on Thursday, tough but great run on Saturday morning, nice dinner Sunday night with my Mom.


13 responses to “Monday December 5, 2011: The mishmash edition

  1. yummm- your food looks soooooo good!

    Sounds like it might be the shoes bothering your foot. I would do what you are doing and try another pair.

  2. That pain in your foot could be a bone spur, also known as a heel spur. They sometimes develop almost overnight with runners. I hope that’s not it – I’ve had one and they can make you miserable.

    Nice picture of you and your mom!

  3. I completely agree with you about the Hunger Games books – the first two were amazing, could not put them down. The third was slower but also good. Can’t wait for the movie!!!

  4. We felt the same way about the books – also looking forward to the movie!
    I hope the heel pain is not anything serious – you could be right about the shoes…
    Looks like you guys had a nice evening out with your mom!
    Sorry to say that no, I was completely lacking inspiration on Sunday (I think part of it was the prospect of running alone when I usually have my husband with me on Sundays…maybe if you would have been here, it would have been different!)

  5. Hope your heel doesn’t become a nagging thing. Could be a heel spur or maybe plantar fasciitis.

    That restaurant looks so quaint – just the kind of place that we like to go to.

    You know, I love rare steak, but I can’t do the carpaccio. Not sure why.

  6. Hope the pain in your heel goes away quickly! If not, get it checked out! I’ve had so many foot problems this year, and they have really impacted my workouts (and I haven’t always done “the right” thing…).

    The carpaccio looks amazing! Haven’t had any in many years…

  7. I hate to hear of any foot pain – hope the different shoes do the trick, but if not, get to a doctor before it gets any worse!

    I think it’s amazing that you can bring a dog to such a nice restaurant. That would never happen here. Holland sounds very dog-friendly…Paco wants to visit so he can be treated like the king he thinks he is!

  8. oh Fran I hope the pain disappears quickly!
    Sounds like a great weekend, love the picture of you and your mom.
    I just recently got into Twilight and watched the three movies in 2 days and then went to the theatre for the 4th. I think that’s enough excitement for now 😉 but I heard the hunger games is amazing!

  9. Sorry about your foot – I had plantar fascitis (sp?) and ended up having to get inserts for my shoes – I haven’t had any problems in years.

    That peppers sauce with the steak looks amazing! As does the carpacio – I would have leaned toward the honey mustard too – I love mustard. So much so that my husband took me to a mustard museum in Wisconsin!

  10. Sounds like a great weekend and that looks like a nice meal.

    I hope your foot feels better – try rolling that spot on a tennis ball or frozen water bottle.

  11. Hi Fran, hope that heel heals. Love the picture of you and your Mom….and I was really dissapointed in Inception too. I lost interest because I couldn’t figure out reality from non… visually it was good, but it didn’t do much for me. Have a GREAT rest of the week!!!!!

  12. Similar situation: yesterday we enjoyed our new fireplace and we started with carpaccio and “parmigiano” (at a restaurant on the sea).

  13. I’m trying to catch up on all my blogs! It is such a busy time of year and I’m so far behind. Dinner with your mom looks lovely though. I like the photo of the two of you. 🙂

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