Monday December 12, 2011: The mishmash edition

Daily stuff:

  • Friday night we bought our Christmas tree. We went before dinner and decided to stop at McDonalds for dinner. We’re not a really big fan of the Mac and go there maybe twice a year. I think this was the first time this year.
    R. put in the Christmas lights Saturday morning and I finished the tree Saturday afternoon.
  • Saturday morning I ran my last race of this year. It went very well, not a PR but definitely a race I enjoyed and was satisfied with afterwards. More on this in my Wednesday post.
  • Sunday I planned dinners for Christmas which took me a while. Somehow I never can decide what to eat on these days. I needed to plan it this weekend because I have to order meat and vegetables next weekend. I also wrote the Christmas cards.
  • This morning I got terrible news. I worked with a manager at the office for 9 years (stopped on January 1st this year), I know him very well and I know his wife too. Last Friday his wife passed away suddenly. She had aggressive breast cancer but they were still treating her for it, she had her first chemo treatment last week. She got very sick after that and died Friday very suddenly. When my boss told me this morning, I bursted out in tears because I feel so sorry for him. They thought she would get better and he’s 2 years away from retirement. When I got home I found the notice and invitation for the funeral in the mailbox. Have to go to the funeral next Thursday.


Book I’m reading
David Baldacci
True Blue

Movies I’ve seen last week
The Next Three Days

Synopsis: In Pittsburgh, overwhelming evidence convicts Lara Brennan of killing her despised boss. For three years, while she’s in county jail, her husband John cares for their young son and pursues appeals. When she loses, John decides to break her out. He consults a successful escape artist turned author, and he starts planning: he’ll need to disrupt jail routine, get IDs and passports, know how to evade a dragnet, find a destination, and squirrel away cash. Then, he gets word that Lara will be transferred to prison within the next three days. He’s out of time, and the cops are no dummies. How can he do the impossible?

Great movie!


TV shows I watched last week
The Big Bang Theory, Glee, The Killing, The Walking Dead, The Mentalist, The Voice of Holland, Private Practice.

Woohoo: season 3 of Glee started this week. I still love this show and still download all the songs from last episode. It’s my guilty pleasure: liking the show and the music.



Kale with mashed potatoes and sausage


Omelette with herbs.

Not very hungry: toast with mushrooms and onion.

365 days photo challenge 2011

Day 342 – Thursday December 8
Another old one: at a party from work in 2007.

Day 343 – Friday December 9
Buying the Christmas tree.

Day 344 – Saturday December 10
Our Christmas tree this year.

Day 345 – Sunday December 11
Another old one: view from our hotel room during our vacation in Umbria, Italy in 2008.



9 responses to “Monday December 12, 2011: The mishmash edition

  1. So sorry about your manager’s wife Fran, that is terribly sad. Your tree is adorable!

  2. That omelet looks GREAT … and I have to admit, so does the McDs! We don’t eat there more than a couple times a year either (and usually regret it when we do) but I crave it occasionally.

  3. HI Fran. yay on your weekend race. I’m so sorry to read about your former manager’s wife. What a shock for all! Take care, as always, love the photos.

  4. Sorry again about the sad news…I’m like you – I’ll cry with someone when I hear bad news. So awful, and such a shock.

  5. I’m am sorry to hear about your manager and his wife. Death comes so shocking and sudden at times and it really makes us question our own mortality.

  6. So sorry to hear about your manager and his wife. Very sad, especially at this time of the year.

    Your tree is so cute! Does Bella jump on it?

  7. So sorry about the sudden loss – its such a shock when that happens – hugs! And a dutch oven is a large cast iron pot with a lid – it holds a temperature really well when you cook low and slow.

  8. I’m sorry to hear about your friend. That does sound sudden.

    I have to confess that my husband and I enjoy McDonalds now and then although we only hit it twice a year maybe too.

  9. Hi Fran! We do have stevia in the house, but I don’t like the taste…will have to find something I can tolerate.

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