A year in my life: 2011

Well here we are, the last day of this year and for me it’s been a great year. R. and I stayed healthy and so did our family and friends. This is always the most important thing in my opinion.

I ended the year with a lower weight than the weight I started with. It may not be much but my weight has fluctuated over the year. My highest weight this year was 82 kg (180 lbs).

I’m extremely happy with my workouts and mileage in 2011. This has been my best workout year ever.

I didn’t participate in many races, only 3. I had a DNF at my first half marathon in April and at the 15K in October I did with Amy. That last DNF made me decide not to try another half marathon in October. Both DNF’s had impact on my running, I lost my motivation after both. I still ain’t back at my regular running schedule but have high hopes I will get back at it in January. My motivation is high.

I didn’t reach the mileage goal I set for 2011 but I’m okay with that because I ran more than I did in 2010 and that’s an accomplishment too.

Overall I had a great year and am proud of what I accomplished this year.

Highest weight ever: 89.2 kg / 196.6 lbs
Weight on January 1: 78.8 kg / 173.7 lbs
Weight on December 31: 78.4 kg / 172.8 lbs.
Total weight loss in 2011: -0.4 kg / -0.9 lbs.
Total weight loss since highest weight: -10.8 kg / 23.8 lbs.


Fat % on January 1: 40.6
Fat % on December 31: 41.3


Muscle % on January 1: 30.1
Muscle % on December 31: 29.7


BMI January 1: 26.3
BMI December 31: 26.2


Waist on January 1: 85 cm / 33 inches
Waist on December 31: 86 cm / 33 inches


Hips on January 1: 106 cm / 41.7 inches
Hips on December 31: 106 cm / 41.7 inches


Number and time of workouts in 2010: 154 workouts, total time 101 hours and 53 minutes.
Number and time of workouts in 2011: 177 workouts, total time 123 hours and 10 minutes.


Total km’s/miles in 2010: 615.5 km / 382.4 miles
Total running time: 71 hours 45 minutes


Total km’s/miles in 2011: 828.4 km / 514.7 miles
Total running time 98 hours and 29 minutes

Goal: 1011K / 628 miles in 2011.


Races 2011:
09/18/2011: Dam tot Damloop Amsterdam, 16.1K -> 02:00:30
11/06/2011: Maple Leaf Cross, 6K -> 00:43:34
12/10/2011: Koude Polderloop Nijkerk, 5K -> 00:33:45


A year in photo review:


First run of the year

My best friend K. had her birthday

And so did my other best friend T.


Working in one of the stores of my company for a day


Bella enjoys the first sun in Spring


Met this friend on one of my runs

Here she is again, she was playing here


My birthday, took R., my mother and MIL out for a high tea


We went to the Zoo

And we went on vacation


R. went ballooning with his brothers

My friend T. cooked for me, my birthday present.


We went to a racing day, sponsored by my company which means we had VIP tickets

Bella did a workout with me

Dinner date with K.


Bella played in the pool

Did the Dam tot Damlooop with my colleagues


Had my first blogger meet and run with Amy


Party at my work because the company celebrates it’s 40th anniversary

Said goodbye to K. who started a new job.

Went away for a weekend to celebrate our anniversary


Saw Wicked with K.

Did the maple leaf cross

Celebrated R.’s birthday with dinner


We took my Mom out for dinner.

Had dinner with K. and W.

Ran a 5K

Christmas lunch at work


And I finish my photo year review with our lovely Bella who makes us smile every day.

My dear blogger friends: thank you for your support this year, I appreciate it very much and hope you will come back next year. I have enjoyed reading your blogs and look forward to see what 2012 brings you all.


I wish you and your loved ones a happy new year and hope you reach your goals or that a dream you have comes true.

See you in 2012! Love you all!



8 responses to “A year in my life: 2011

  1. love love love all the photos.
    here’s to find out what 2012 has in store.


  2. Happy New Year Fran! What a fun recap – of course I loved all the Bella pictures, and it sure showed how much fun you had throughout the year with R. and your friends! I still get a chuckle out of the idea of taking Bella to the zoo. 🙂

  3. Happy New Year! The picture I think I love best is you at the business loop race with your co-workers. It shows what a team you all are 😀

    Here is to an amazing 2012 for you Fran and thanks for sharing with us!

  4. What a great year in review…you have inspired me to do one!

    Beautiful pictures of wonderful times.

    All the best to you, R, and the lovely Bella in 2012.


  5. I so admire you for putting your weight right out there. And I think ending less than you started is GREAT!
    Happy New Year, Fran!

  6. Roz@weightingfor50

    Love this recap!!! Happy, Happy New Year dear Fran. I am SOOOO glad I found your blog! Wishing you, R, Bella and your whole family nothing but love, happiness and health in 2012!!!! Hugs across the miles my friend!!!!!!

  7. Great photos!

    Wishing you a very happy & healthy 2012!

  8. LOVE THIS review!! You are doing great!!! HUGS

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