Monday January 2, 2012: The mishmash edition

Daily stuff:

  • Keeping it short today. Regular mishmash edition will be back next Monday.
  • Hope you all had a great New Year’s Eve and nobody got hurt by fireworks.
  • R. and I decided to stay home this year and that turned out to be a great idea. We had a nice relaxing evening at home, dressed in our jogging pants and sweaters. We had all kinds of food on the table for dinner and watched some TV.

    At midnight we were in our garden en watched the fireworks. We never buy it ourselves, there’s enough to see by what other people have bought. What we did do was put up a wish balloon. I got this balloon from a colleague of mine. You light it and then you let it go and make a wish. It was so cool to see that little light of ours go up in the air.

  • Yesterday we had to do the New Year’s visits. It’s common here that you visit at least your parents on New Year’s day to wish them all the best for the new year. We visited my Mom first where my sister and my mother’s brother were too. After that we went to my brother in law where all R.’s brothers and sisters (he’s got 4 of them) and his mother were.
    We were home around 5.30 pm and because we were stuffed with all the food we got during the day we skipped dinner.
  • I asked R. to take my picture yesterday. I am determined to reach my goal weight before my birthday and by taking a picture every month, hopefully I see the progress myself too.

  • Today we both have a vacation day and tomorrow it’s back to normal.



14 responses to “Monday January 2, 2012: The mishmash edition

  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful New Year’s. We stayed home too. Great idea on taking the photo, I wish I had thought of that 🙂

  2. You look good now, Fran! But we all know what weight we want to be.
    Happy New Year!

  3. You look fabulous Fran! Happy New Year!!

  4. Sounds like a wonderful New Years Eve, a nice quiet evening at home.
    I like your idea of taking the picture. I think you look great now.
    Best Wishes for the New Year!

  5. We stayed home to. Well we had a party next door so to me that is staying home when I am able to show up in my You look fabulous & I love all the green outside! I don’t know why I do not think about ever setting my food out like that for my husband & I. Maybe I should sometime.

  6. You’re looking good! I have forgotten about the New Year’s visite – it’s a bit too much really! Taking a photo every month is GREAT motivation – I think you will find it works for you.

  7. Our New Year’s Eve was a yoga class followed by a silent meditation to welcome 2012! Your snacks look wonderful!

    My moeder and vader, and my son came over yesterday for a New Year’s Day Low Carb Fiesta! I made way too much food though and sent it home with my parents.

    That is a great picture of you Fran!!!

  8. Boy, Fran – you look slim and trim in that photo! I am so jealous of the view of the outside from that room as well 😀

  9. Happy New Year! We took it easy too; our neighbors provided us with a nice firework display this year.
    You’re looking great!

  10. Sounds like we had a very similar weekend! We also stayed home and watched fireworks all around our city at midnight and also had to visit the inlaws on Sunday.
    You look great in your picture – long legs!
    Good luck with all your goals this year – I know you are going to make a lot of progress!

  11. You look awesome here Fran. Great picture of you!!! Happy New Year buddy.

  12. HI Fran. Sounds like a fantastic New Year celebration. LOVE the photo of you!!!! Hope this year brings you all that you wish for, and more!!!!

  13. it’s back to normal here today.
    Im excited fer my normal….

  14. It’s neat hearing about what is tradition in your country for new years. I don’t think I’ve ever really seen fireworks for new years other than the big celebrations I see on tv. It’s much more common on the 4th of July here in the states. We also don’t visit our parents on new years.
    One tradition we had growing up was eating pork with saurkraut and mashed potatoes on new year’s day. I don’t usually do that anymore though

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