Wednesday January 4 – 2012, The workout edition

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No workouts these days, I got really lazy when the end of the year was getting close. I did walk Bella every day though.


New Year, new beginning and what better way to start the year with a short workout. Did level 1 of the 6 week six-pack by Jillian Michaels. Workout focussed on core training. Have to be honest, after doing the circuit once, you had to repeat it and I skipped the second round.
Total time: 24 minutes (normally the workout is 35 minutes).

First run of the year, a short one. My only goal for this run was to run it without walking and I did. It was a great run and if they all, or at least most of them, will be like this, it’s going to be a great year.

Weather:cloudy, dry, little bit of wind, 8C (46 degrees)
Distance: 3.2 K / 2 miles
Time: 00:21:55
Average time: 6:51 /km
Average speed: 8.8 km/hour
Last song on Ipod before finish: R.E.M. – Shiny Happy People


Slept terrible and woke up tired. Would have wanted to stay in bed a little longer but did get up. Had a Turbofire workout planned and started it. But my legs couldn’t keep up with the moves and the fast workout and I quit after 10 minutes. Tomorrow is a new day with new chances. This wasn’t my day but at least I tried.
Total time: 10 minutes.

I had a run planned early in the morning but when I woke up there was a huge storm. Lots of wind and rain. I had expected this a little and also had a DVD ready just in case. I decided to switch my run into a DVD and did a short Zumba workout focussed on the abs. It was a great short workout.
Total time: 18 minutes.

Weekly review
The Wednesday post will be only about my workouts, starting this week. I will blog on Friday too with a review of the past week.


After a low month in December I decided to start my workouts/running immediately on January 1st. So far I haven’t missed a day. I also made a deal with myself that I will be flexible from now on. So when there’s a storm like this morning, I switch from running to a DVD. And I promised myself that if I have a workout planned and it’s not my day, I will try it first and see how it goes, like I did on Tuesday.

Of course the year is still young and I know there will be days I will skip a run or a workout but as long as that doesn’t happen too often I’m okay with it.

Just short workouts this week but after doing almost nothing for 3 weeks, starting slow and short was just what I needed this week.


16 responses to “Wednesday January 4 – 2012, The workout edition

  1. I think it is hard to start anew after the holidays especially if the weather does not cooperate. I remember from living in Poland and then NE US, gloomy days with low barometric pressure would make me feel sluggish and tired from the minute I woke up. All one can do is to keep on trying, right?
    How do you like Jillian’s DVD?

  2. I got lazy at the end of the year too.. and just when I was ready to get back at it in the new year, I got sick! Bummer.

    Nice start to your year!

  3. I hate waking up feeling tired. I couldn’t stop yawning at the end of the day today.

  4. I think a lot of people get hit with the end of year malaise. But you’re back at it now and that’s all that matters. Do try to keep in mind that eventually, there WILL be a bad run. They happen. They just do.

  5. I like all the variety you are getting in! That’s so good for the body–keep it guessing!

    Happy new year!

  6. Sounds like you are getting off to a good start – and I agree with you, doing something, even 10 minutes, is always better than doing nothing.

    We had the big storm hit us on Tuesday night and it seems to be back in full force today – I was planning on getting out for a run, but I will have to wait and see…

    …en bedankt voor je lieve woordjes in recente comments (ook bij Ewa) – je doet me blozen! I feel the same way about you – you are an incredibly nice person and a sweet friend – I’m so glad we found each other here in blogland! Getting together this year were also big highlights for me – and I think we should definitely try to do it again in 2012 – got any ideas for races to do together? I still really want to do the Veluwe…

  7. I hear you on getting lazy. I blame some of it on the weather. All these dark days & rain really takes the energy out of me. I am tired all the time. I am glad to see that you still did workouts though. It is better then nothing!!!

  8. Being flexible with workouts is really key to getting in activity. Too many times people will ditch a run because of weather, but then not do anything in its place. It is so easy to slack off again and again after that.

  9. Great ideas…it is always a wonderful idea to have a backup plan….

  10. I like your flexible thoughts…and need to remember that for myself, like instead of saying “oh, there’s a thunderstorm so I can’t go to the pool” I could say “instead, how ’bout I walk on the treadmill?” – I guess there IS more than one exercise option per day, lol!

  11. I like your idea of being ‘flexible’ for your exercise routine, and just giving it a try, even if it is for only 10 minutes. Who knows just your 10 minutes, can lead to 20 minutes, then 30 minutes….
    It is hard to workout in the winter as it is easy just to hibernate.

  12. You sure have a nice collection of DVDs to choose from. I need to increase my library (a lot!!).

  13. Woo Hoo Fran. Way to go on all your workouts. This is going to be a very fit year for you!!!

  14. hey girl: just read the last few posts. I have to say, you look really great! That dress you were wearing at the office party is super. And the picture you took to see if you could see the weight coming off? Well it doesn’t look to me like you have to lose any weight at all! But its not about what I think is it? Nope! You reach for the stars!

    I love love love your blog background. It is gorgeous!

  15. I like your idea to start a workout even if you don’t feel like it. Who knows, you might get into it once you’ve started… or you could just call it quits, but at least you tried. I need to adopt this line of reasoning.

  16. Walking with Bella is however a workout!
    Sometimes we need to be lazy, our body must recover. Better times will come soon.

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