Friday January 13, 2012: The TGIF edition

Dinner Monday was a new recipe. One of the things I want to do more this year is use my (new) recipes. I have a subscription to 3 food magazines and as you know a huge collection of cook books. The recipes I save from the magazines I want to make within a few weeks after I received the magazine. Otherwise I will probably not make them at all. And recipes in magazines always fit in the season. Monday I made an oven dish with mashed potatoes, sauerkraut, chicken en pineapple. We bought thought it was okay but not good enough to eat it again.

And for the last time back to the rösti. Lori asked in her comment on my last post: Rösti is pretty much just potatoes, right?
That’s right. However the one I use has little pieces of ham, onion and cheese in it which makes it very tasteful.

Tuesday we had an oven dish with mashed potatoes, chicory, ham and cheese for dinner. I’ve made this dish before and I like it very much.

I’m thinking of bringing my own salads to work. Lately either they’re out of salads because I eat in the second lunch shift or I don’t like the salads or they aren’t low carb.
Question for those of you who prep food for the week in the weekends: how do you keep everything fresh, how do you store it?
And if you bring food to work, how do you keep it cool till it’s lunchtime?

Wednesday we had noodles with vegetables and chicken for dinner.

Getting back at Bella and thinking big: at the doggy day care where she goes twice a week they have a playground for the little dogs (which she is) and a big field for the big dogs. When I came to pick her up on Wednesday I heard a familiar bark on the big field. Guess what: Bella was at the field with all the big dogs, she was the smallest. The owner said she had been playing on that field all day long with the big dogs. I have such a tough doggie, I love it.

Thursday: kale with mashed potatoes and meat.

I received a letter in the mail on Thursday from my company. The letter was to inform me that I have my anniversary at this company coming up this year. In December I will be working there 10 years. This means that on the day itself I will get a little party with a speech and cake and a little bonus. But what this company also does is: all the people that have an anniversary in a year are invited, together with their partner, for a day where the anniversary is celebrated. What we will be doing is the biggest secret in the company every year but everyone who has had their anniversary says it’s a lot of fun. This day will probably be held somewhere in September.

You know what’s not fun? The fact that you can’t do a single push up because you have no strength in your upper body and your hub, who never ever works out, does 7 in a row. Why oh why did I challenge him to try it 🙂

The title of this post is especially true today: TGIF! I’m very tired.
I had a few nights at the beginning of the week where I slept very, very bad. The past 2 nights I slept good again but I knew it was going to catch up on me. Yesterday and today I’m so tired, I’m glad it’s Friday and I have the weekend to recharge.

Today’s dinner: we made homemade cheeseburgers. Maybe not the most healthy dinner but always better than take out food which we ate way too much lately on Friday.

Have a great weekend!


13 responses to “Friday January 13, 2012: The TGIF edition

  1. Your dinners look very good. I like your idea of trying new recipes from magazines. I also subscribe to several food magazines. I tear out the recipes, but I rarely will try them. My new year resolution is to try new recipes too, and organize them in a binder.
    I love that you take Bella to doggie daycare two days a week.
    I take my breakfast and lunch to work everyday. I have a cooler bag, that looks a lot like a purse. I put an ice pak in it, and then I can take cold items to the office. We have microwaves to warm soup and other items. It works great, but I have to remember to put the ice pak in the freezer again in the evening for the next day.

  2. Of course Bella was out running with the big dogs! That’s totally how she sees herself – I love it! What a rough-and-tumble pup you have!! 🙂

    How exciting that you will be feted so much for your 10 year anniversary – sounds like you work for a really nice company. I look forward to hearing all about the top secret excursion – hope they don’t mind you sharing it on Blogger!

    I’ve learned never to challenge Jeff to anything physical – makes me so mad that things like push ups come so easily to him…

    When I prep salads, I keep everything separate in Gladware (like Tupperware) containers, or some things I put in little ziploc bags. I had a fridge at work where I could store the food I brought – not sure how else you could keep it really cold unless you had a small ice chest with some ice packs? Seems a bit bulky to lug back and forth to work.

    Hope you have a good, restful weekend!

  3. What a beautiful supper, I’m curious about chicken en pineapple!
    I hope your training is going well, Fran!
    Have a nice weekend!

  4. How much fun to have a surprise for the anniversary! It sounds like a good place to work for sure.

    When I used to take salads somewhere, I just kept the greens separate. I would fill a tiny plastic container with water and freeze it to make an ice pack to keep things crisp. I also save any frozen gel packs that I get periodically for this purpose as well. They do make insulated food packs now with a frozen compartment built right in, which is handy for that.

  5. I think it’s wonderful that your company celebrates you! (You don’t get that working for the public.) I make 3 salads at a time to not be preparing them every night. We have a refrigerator at work. I take lunch EVERY day of the year. I like being in control of what I am eating.

  6. I love your food post! It always looks sooo good!

  7. Congratulations on your work anniversary! How exciting that you get to go somewhere secret. LOVE IT!

    If your cheeseburger didn’t have a bun I would be all over it…now I am thinking of making cheeseburgers for dinner….

    I take all my food to work, it is easy to store because we have a fridge, and we have microwaves for heating up if necessary. Maybe your employer could get a fridge for the staff to use. If not, you could bring your food in a lunch bag with ice packs to keep it cool.

  8. I would have loved to have seen Bella in the field with the BIG DOGS. THat just sounds too cute!

  9. Sounds like you work for an amazing place. I will have my ten year anniversary this year too!

    Is it okay that I am happy I am not the only one who cannot do one push up? 🙂

  10. and then suddenly it was monday huh?
    and time to DINNERPLAN (at least here :)) all.over.again.

  11. I often see recipes that I’d like to make in a magazine or online, but rarely get around to making them. I’d like to try making more new things. Good for you!

    Everything here looks tasty.

  12. Your saurkraut dish sounds really good. I never would have thought to put pineapple and saurkraut together but I love them both. All of your meals look incredible, especially the burger! You’re making me hungry.
    When I bring food to work I store it in our fridge in the office. I don’t usually prep all my lunches on the weekends though. I often just bring in left overs.

  13. Hi Fran – Thanks for visiting my blog. All your food looks so tasty! I never thought about combining kale with potatoes and meat. I bring salads to work for lunch but keep the dressing separate. I also use cherry or grape tomatoes instead of chopping up large tomatoes so it doesn’t get soggy.

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