Friday January 27, 2012: The TGIF edition

First of all I want to thank you for your lovely and supportive comments on my last post regarding my running. I love the blogging community and I’m glad I found all of you on the internet, too bad we live to far apart to meet but hey, you never know what might happen in the future.

I’m glad to say I did go out for a run again this morning and it was a much better run than most of my other runs this month. When I was running (it was sunny but cold) and looked at the sky I was reminded again that this was one of the reasons I love running so much: being outside on a gorgeous day.

Monday dinner: steak, rösti and a salsa of cherry tomato with red onion.

I have this colleague, a girl, I don’t speak to her that often but she’s a nice girl (much younger than me). She had the most beautiful blond long hair. Tuesday I saw her from behind and was confused if it was her because she had cut her hair. I asked her if she was tired of her long hair and she said that she was a little bit but cried when they cut off her long hair. I asked her why she did it if it made her so sad. Well she donated her hair to the Kika foundation (a foundation that helps children with cancer) so they can make a wig of it for a child. I think that’s a beautiful gift she gave.

Tuesday dinner: made an chili oven dish with tortilla chips.

Wednesday Bella was with my Mom all day and R. and I drove to her house after work to have dinner there. We don’t do that often, say never, but it was nice. My Mom lives alone and eats alone almost every night so for her it was nice to have us over too. We definitely should do this more often.
She made pasta for us.

I don’t have it very often but I’m really glad it’s Friday. It has been a rough week with my running doubts and some work-related stuff that kept me worrying. Today R. and I both have the day off and we started our weekend last night with a movie night. R. lighted the fireplace and we watched Avatar for the second time. Too bad I was so tired I fell asleep and missed the last 15 minutes.

This afternoon I’m getting a hair cut and a new colour (grey hair is trying to get through again) and tonight my friend T. is coming over for her birthday dinner. I look forward to a nice evening with one of my best friends, it’s just what I need now.

Have a great weekend my dear blogger friends.

The 180 days challenge

May 22, 2012 I hope to reach the age of 44 in good health.
As of November 24, 2011 that’s 180 days.

How did I do this month?

Not so good! The extra weight is weight I gained between Christmas and New Year that I still haven’t lost. Truth be told is that I did eat too much too, especially on the weekends. I still eat mostly low carb but made a few adjustments. The program said that fruits only can be eaten at dinner but I missed my fruits as a snack. Since the beginning of this month I’m eating fruits again as a snack. And I’ve added a slice of whole wheat bread to my lunches.
If I want to reach my goal weight on my birthday I do have to be more strict for myself which I am going to do after this weekend.

Weight goals:
Target weight: 72 kg (158 lbs.)
Weight on November 24: 79.3 kg (175 lbs.)
Weight on December 22: 78.4 kg (173 lbs.)
Weight on January 22: 79.4 kg (175 lbs.)

Target fat %: 27%
Fat % on November 24: 40.9%
Fat % on December 22: 41.3%
Fat % on January 22: 41.7%

Target muscle %: > 43%
Muscle % on November 24: 29.9%
Muscle % on December 22: 29.7%
Muscle % on January 22: 29.6%

Measurements November 24:
Waist: 87 cm (34.2 inches) -> January  22: 86 cm (33.8 inches)
Belly: 98 cm (38.6 inches)  -> January 22: 98 cm (38.6 inches)
Hips: 107 cm (42.6 inches) -> January 22: 106 cm (41.7 inches)
Chest: 103 cm (40.5 inches) -> January  22: 103 cm (40.5 inches)
Upper arm: 32 cm (12.6 inches) -> January 22: 32 cm (12.6 inches)

Other goals:
Set a new 5K PR.
Set a new 10K PR.
Run 10K without walking breaks.

Countdown till May 22, 2012: 116 days (from November 24)


11 responses to “Friday January 27, 2012: The TGIF edition

  1. My coworker/friend/running buddy had really long, dark (almost black) hair. It was gorgeous and shiny! She cut a lot of it off this past weekend to donate as well. I have considered donating hair but I don’t think mine has ever been long enough and most places won’t accept it if it is dyed (I have grays too so I dye it regularly).

  2. Hurray for a good run. Those are the ones that give you the faith to just keep running 🙂

    Your co-worker’s hair will grow back before she knows it and she’ll have the satisfaction of knowing what a lovely thing she did.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Glad you had a great run again…cant wait to have mine once I can get to gym…
    Have good weekend…

  4. Yippee for a good run!!!

    Hope you have a nice relaxing weekend with no worries…just fun, friends, and Bella!

  5. My friend Barbara has donated her hair to Locks of Love twice now, I think. It’s such a great thing and I admire those who do it.

    Enjoy your long weekend and give Bella a kiss for me!

  6. So nice that your run went better. I hope you have a really relaxing weekend. It sounds like you need one! That is a really lovely thing your co-worker did. Very selfless.

  7. I’ve worked with a woman who’s done that twice already – her hair grows so fast! And my daughter did it the first time she had her hair cut – her hair was down to her but, and while she at first missed the long hair, the first time she blow dried her hair when it was short she loved it! 😀

    Glad you had time with your Momma – my Mom’s so busy I need to book in advance to see her – in fact i left her three messages three days in a row and she finally had time to call me last night!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  8. My sister did the Locks of Love a couple years ago. It’s really such a selfless gesture to do, I think, and a wonderful cause.

    It’s nice to have time with the parents. My mother and I get together once a week for mother/daughter time and it’s nice.

  9. At my school they do locks of love each year which is cutting hair for wigs too. I am surprised at how many kids and staff do it. It is quite a gift. A kid in my class is doing it for the second time this year.

    Keep it up with the running and getting outside for those beautiful days.

    I would love to meet you! Who knows!
    Have a good weekend.

  10. That is such a neat thing your co-worker did with her hair!
    I’ve been catching up with your blog posts – I haven’t been reading blogs the past week with all that has been going on with my family…
    I’m so sorry you had doubts about your running – and I’m glad you got support from your colleagues to keep going. I have been finding it hard, too, to keep up the motivation to run – this hits me every winter when the weather gets cold and it just seems so hard. And then we get in that negative spiral of the less we run, the harder it feels. But I think this is a natural cycle and I think we will get our joy back in time…
    And I hear you on the weight gain – I put some on over the holidays too – bah! Trying to get it off again is such a pain! But lucky for us, the running can only help in that department! And that in itself is a good motivation to keep on going…
    Hugs to you and thanks for you supportive comments!

  11. checking in on you on the flip side.
    It’s the week and we are back at it hard—-right?
    here’s hoping we BOTH ARE (Im reminding me. you may feel free to remind me too 🙂 xo)

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