Wednesday February 8 – 2012, The workout edition

Ultimate Yogalates workout. Yogalates is a combination of yoga and Pilates exercises and I like this more than a regular yoga workout which bores me easily.
Total time: 22 minutes.

Active rest day. Active because I cleaned my house in the morning, walked with Bella in the snow for 40 minutes in the afternoon and cleaned the driveway for 30 minutes.

I had a run planned but skipped it. I went out with Bella in the morning and my face almost froze and I was outside for just 10 minutes. I’ll sit this cold weather out and will run again when it’s less cold.

Rest day.

Recovery week is over, back to 3 weeks of full training. Started this Monday with a X-Trainfit workout, completely focussed on the legs. Great workout.
Total time: 53 minutes.

The Firm Bootcamp maximum calorie burn. Great workout, combination of 3 plyometric sessions and 3 cardio sessions with some abs exercises at the end.
Total time: 51 minutes.

After checking the weather several times a day, Tuesday night would be less cold than the other nights this week and I knew that if I wanted to run this week it had to be this morning. And so I did.
It wasn’t that cold except when I got outside the village where there was more wind. I took and out and back route on a bike path that was clean. The sidewalks and a lot of roads (the street where I live f.e.) aren’t snow free. I had a 30 minute run planned and that’s what I did. After 2 days with lots of legs exercises my legs felt surprisingly well. It was a good run.

Weather:dry, some wind wind, -2C (28 degrees)
Distance: 4.4 K / 2.7 miles
Time: 00:30:29
Average time: 06:56 /km
Average speed: 8.5 km/hour
Last song on Ipod before finish: Lady Gaga – Hair.

Weekly review
I didn’t run the 2 runs I had planned last week because of the cold weather. Also last week was a recovery week meaning less workouts. But I picked it up again on Monday and am very pleased with my workouts the past 3 days.


14 responses to “Wednesday February 8 – 2012, The workout edition

  1. Still love those hot pinks! Glad you got a break in the weather.

  2. Nice indoor workouts! Glad you were able to get out for a run. Amazing how the wind makes it feel so much colder.

  3. I’ll say that was an active rest day! Don’t blame you for not running in the extreme cold, not one bit!

  4. Running in the really cold weather sucks. Heck – even just being out in it sucks LOL! That’s when DVDs are a very good thing.

  5. Wow – you actually got outside for a run this week – good for you! I still haven’t been brave enough to do it.

    Just heard on the radio last night that the Elfstedentocht will not take place for the time being – too bad for all the skaters but I am selfishly glad that the weather forecast is calling for warmer weather next week – I am so darn tired of the cold!

  6. After the local snowfall I better understand your situation when you run with snow and cold wind.
    But you are wise, you can do your training indoor. Just now we have another snow alert and I am afraid I cannot go to Rome for the rugby match Italy-England.

  7. Even though I’ll brave some cold weather, I do have a limit. At a certain point it’s just not worth it! Isn’t it amazing how good your legs can feel with just a teensy bit of rest? Did I tell you that the yoga/pilates combination is offered in classes around here? They call it PIYO.

  8. Love the pink and LOVE the FIRM!!!

  9. The puppy I ran with is about 8 months old. He mostly walked while I was running (he has long legs!) and occasionally would bound ahead of me.

  10. I love how you add variation to your training week during winter months….its good to do different things as the body gets so used to the same all the time and then doesnt change.
    Am impressed you went out to run… we always say to each other…I’m a girl from Africa so love running in the hot weather and you the girl from Europe and love the cooler weather…
    WE are like our countries….:)
    Have a great weekend Fran…

  11. I’m impressed with how you adapted for the weather – well done!

  12. Keep your motivation, Fran, although those weather conditions! The weather is snowy in Italy too and today I couldn’t run on the running path covered with snow.
    Have a nice weekend!

  13. Hey. Where is the TGIF post? I look forward to it. Hope everything is okay. 🙂

  14. I need to keep a better record of my workouts – I use eTools on WW’s site for my food, but never spend the time to enter my exercise!

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

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