Monday February 13, 2012: The mishmash edition

This weekend wasn’t my best. I’ve been feeling very down since last Thursday and I kept a low profile in the blogging community and on Facebook the past few days.

One of the reasons I’ve been feeling this way is the weather. I’m sick of the cold weather, snow, ice on the roads and so on. It helps that as of today it’s getting warmer. Guess I’m a somewhere in the middle person regarding the weather: I don’t like it too hot but also not too cold.

Besides that my IBS problems are worse than a few weeks ago and that irritates me very much. I didn’t work out, not even for a minute, this weekend. Even my walks with Bella were short, poor Bella. I totally wasn’t in the mood and didn’t want to do anything.

But enough is enough and I decided I won’t let this define my mood and moved on today. I can’t change the weather and just have to deal with it. I can do something about my IBS problems and I started doing something about that today. . I’ll get back on that later this week.

Usually I’m a positive person but every now and then I have a few days I’m feeling down. Let’s call this one the winter blues.  I also don’t talk about it either most of the times, usually I put on my happy face and figure everything out myself.

Last Tuesday we went to the vet with Bella for her annual check and vaccination. The difference between Roussy and Bella is that you had to drag Roussy inside, she was scared of the vet, but Bella is the first who’s inside. The vet totally loved her.
She’s a very healthy dog. But lately we noticed that when she’s deep asleep she sometimes pees in her sleep without noticing. This happened after she’s fixed.
Today I had her urine checked and (in this case) unfortunately there’s nothing wrong with that. This means she’s incontinent which is really early for a dog that’s only 2 years old. I got medication for this which she has to take for the rest of her life.

The “Elfstedentocht” didn’t happen last week. The ice wasn’t thick enough. But my manager did skate it last Friday. It took him 13 hours to finish it, something I could never do and I admire him that he did it.

And last but not least, this bastard is coming back and back to our garden. I love birds in my garden but not the ones who only come here to get a fish from our pond for dinner. The fish are at the bottom of the pond when it’s cold so he didn’t get his meal (yet).




18 responses to “Monday February 13, 2012: The mishmash edition

  1. Sounds like the winter blues to me! I’m doing pretty well this year but of course we’ve had a milder than normal winter. Even though there’s not been much in the way of snow, just this morning I was thinking that I’m tired of running in the dark and COLD!

    The fact that your skating event was cancelled actually made my local newspaper last week. I suppose the ice was thick enough for one person to skate, just not thousands, right?

    • Helen, that’s right. There were other people who did the tour by themselves. Funny that it made it to your local newspaper.

  2. I enjoy a good moan about the weather….and when someone else moans I dont feel alone as I’m so tired of what others say….when in CT I moan about the wind and the Capetonions jump down my throat,when in Germany and I complain about the cold…the German’s jump down mine…* weather is weather and get over it * I get told over and over again…Yet its okay for them to moan, but as a Auslander I’m not allowed and as someone who deserted my own country I’m not allowed either..
    So lets just have a big moan together as I’m so tired of this cold myself and today we got snow….SNOW!!!

    I wondered what happens to the fish in my neighbors pond during this weather as the pond is frozen and covered in a blanket of snow…

  3. Sorry that you’ve been feeling down. The weather and darkness will definitely get to you after a while. Hope yo are feeling better… some activity will surely help, even if it doesn’t seem like it before yo start.

  4. Hugs to you Fran. I at first thought I misread you calling that bird a bastard because he is beautiful, but I didn’t realize he was eating your fish! Can you put a cover over the pond or something to keep him out?

    • Lori, our pond is surrounded by rocks which makes it hard for the heron to catch fish when the pond is not frozen, that’s why we haven’t covered it.

  5. Weather can get me down too. I hope you get out of your funk soon!
    I love herons but I can see how you’d not want them near your fish pond. I see them around the lakes by my house all the time but they are eating fish that live in the lakes, not in a pond in my backyard.

  6. What kind of bird is that…a heron? I know all creatures have to eat, but WHY out of your pond?!?

    Poor Bella – what a pain to have bladder issues so young. Of course, I’m sure it doesn’t bother her…ah pets, we take the good and the bad with them.

    Sorry you have been down. Physical pain is not fun to deal with, and couple that with a bitter winter? No wonder you just wanted to stay in and do nothing! Kudos for deciding to pull yourself out of your funk.

  7. Sorry to hear you’ve been feeling down, and with Bella’s results. 😦 Sometimes life takes us for a spin.

    Oh I hate those herons too. We have a Koi fish pond, with some really, really big Koi, and the herons come all the time. We have two other ponds with fish that if they wanted them I wouldn’t mind, but the Koi are so pretty (and expensive). Nearly impossible to keep them away unless you net your pond, which is ugly.

    • Heidi our neighbour has koi fish too and he covered his pond with a net. Normally it’s hard for heron’s to catch fish from our pond because the pond is surrounded by rocks on which it’s hard to balance for the big birds.

  8. That is a big bird, what is it? Sorry you have been feeling down and hope you get out of it soon. I love that Bella loves the vet! Not many animals do. They must adore her.

  9. Roz@weightingfor50

    Hi Fran. Sending a GIANT hug over the miles to you. Winter blues are tough….hang in there. And Bella is very very lucky to have you!!! Yay that they’ve caught the issue early and she has meds to help. Take care of yourself….brighter, warmer days are ahead my friend!!!! Hugs.

  10. Auh Fran, I’m so sorry you had a rough week. The news you got in regards to Bella must be tough, but you are such a great owner I know you will do anything to help her and make her feel better.
    Sending you many hugs, thinking of you!

  11. I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been having a few down days – I know what you mean, I was really feeling it at the end of last week, too, I just couldn’t cope with how cold it was anymore…thankfully it is warmer now. I hope you have figured out how to improve your IBS, too.
    We have a blue heron that spends a lot of time in our back yard all year round – our neighbors have a fish pond and I think he thinks it’s the local bird cafetaria or something!

  12. Is it terrible that I laughed when you called that bird a bastard? I have unwanted guests in my yard all summer: DEER! They are everywhere and people think they are sooo pretty. Well, they are not so pretty when they are using your lawn as a bathroom and what should be lovely white snow is littered with you-know-what! Damn nature. Haha!

    Sorry you had a rough week. Good attitude for deciding to bounce back. Poor little Bella! I hope the medication doesn’t have any side effects and that she is just fine.

  13. ooops

    summer = winter! Even we don’t have snow in summer.

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