Wednesday February 15 – 2012, The workout edition

At the end of the week I like to do a short workout and Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred is perfect for that. Did level 1 again.
Total time: 27 minutes.

Friday + Saturday + Sunday

I was still feeling down when I got up and didn’t want to do the long Turbofire workout I planned and did a short HITT session. I figured better doing that than do nothing at all.
Total time: 16 minutes.

Chalean Extreme Burn Intervals. Combination of weights with a lot of reps and cardio exercises. Have to admit I didn’t completely finish this workout, skipped 10 minutes.
Total time: 36 minutes.

I didn’t run this morning and I have no excuse why I didn’t!

Weekly review
As mentioned in my last post I didn’t work out last weekend. The weekend before that I didn’t work out either. I did learn something from this: as soon as I don’t exercise for more than 2 days my lower back pain is returning. As soon as I start exercising again it is gone. This means I need to exercise on a regular base because it benefits my posture.

Overall a so so week, it could have been better. But 3 workouts is always better than nothing. My intention is to do better next week.


13 responses to “Wednesday February 15 – 2012, The workout edition

  1. Hey Fran: I hope you’re not feeling too down on yourself. To me, this looks like A LOT of exercise. You were right to listen to the signals your body is sending you, both when you exercised less and when you know you have to do more to keep your back in shape.

    I would say this is better than so so, that’s for sure!

  2. I really feel the difference if I skip working out over the weekend, which is funny because I have the time, but just don’t TAKE the time.

    Great job on your workouts though! 😀

  3. Sounds like you learned something about your body that will be excellent motivation to keep on exercising! I’m still feeling blah this week too – hopefully a lunch date with a friend in Brussels tomorrow will cheer me up 😉

  4. I am like you where if I don’t exercise, I feel it. I also have to be careful not to do too much or my back hurts and I have knee issues. It’s a balancing act – that is for sure!

  5. You don’t have to make excuses! Did you buy that outfit you posted on FB?

  6. You are right – it could have been worse, but still, three workouts is nothing to sneeze at. Interesting to see how much exercise helps your back…that alone would make me (grudgingly, some days) want to work out!

  7. Balance is key, period. You just keep going at it until you can figure out where that is: how much exercise you need to feel good. A lot of people out there would not exercise at all if they weren’t committed to a gym or a class. You are doing this stuff on your own, at home. That’s something to be very proud of!

  8. You have such a great variety of at-home workouts. I have never been able to motivate myself through a workout DVD.

  9. Roz@weightingfor50

    Hang in there Fran!!!! You are getting workouts in, so pat yourself on the back for that, ok? Hope you’ve had a good week!!!! Take care my friend!

  10. Hope you are feeling more cheery! It has been grey here for a few days, but tomorrow should be sunshine. Our weather hasn’t been bad though…hardly any snow. So strange.

    Three work outs is way better than none! You did a great job. Some weeks aren’t fantastic and that’s all there is to it.

    Hugs Fran!

  11. I may make it a rest day here too.


  12. If I had skipped some workouts probably I wouldn’t be injured. You are wise.

  13. I am going to pick up the 30day shred again. I know that you know I do this for a couple days but I need to just do it! I love how you mix up your workouts so much!!!

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