Monday February 27, 2012: The mishmash edition

Daily stuff:
I’ve mentioned last week that reading about Shelley’s knitting adventures made me think about starting to knit again myself. And guess what? I did. First I bought a magazine with knitting patterns and picked 2 patterns. If you know me a little by now, you know I don’t like to do the same all the time. That’s why I started at two pieces. Then I ordered yarn at an internet shop because that’s cheaper than buying it in the store. And I started last week. Today I’m showing you the patterns I choose and the yarn I bought. Every Friday I will post a picture of the progress.

The first is a cardigan. The original is knitted in orange but I choose yellow. I like yellow more than orange.

The second is a sweater that I’m knitting in the colors as shown in the picture.

Saturday night we went to our friends to have dinner there. My friend had cooked a lovely meal. After dinner we went outside to their patio which has a fireplace and continued the evening there. An evening where I drank way to much and that got much much later than we expected. We were in bed at 3.30 am. It was a great evening but you can imagine that on Sunday I was tired and had a bit of a hangover. I’m getting too old for late nights and lots of wine LOL.

The guys.

My friend T.  and I.

And of course Bella came too.

Book I’m reading
Dennis Lehane
Mystic River

TV shows I watched last week
The Good Wife, Necessary Roughness, Revenge, Glee, New Girl, Modern Family, Raising Hope, The Walking Dead, Private Practice.

Dinner Saturday
We started with ham and salad with a dressing.

After that we had veal meat, baked potatoes and grilled mixed vegetables.

For dessert she made a bombe with a bottom of cake and a filling of raspberries and cream.


15 responses to “Monday February 27, 2012: The mishmash edition

  1. Looks like you had a great time with your friends. By the way, I am too old for late nights and too much wine too LOL!

  2. Love that smiling pic of R!

    Looks like a good time was had by all. I’m with you on the late night stuff, though. I used to be able to do it, but not so much anymore.

  3. Dinner looks great! Glad you had a nice time – sometimes yopu just have to indulge even if you suffer the next day.

  4. I love the cardigan and the sweater and the colors you’ve chosen! Yellow always puts me in a good mood! It’ll be your feel good cardigan! 🙂

    Glad you had fun on Saturday, but I can imagine that Sunday was a bit rough… 🙂

    Have a great week!

  5. The sweater patterns are beautiful. You are very talented. I have always wanted to do something like sewing or knitting. Maybe one day, when I have time.
    Glad you had an nice time at your friends’s house. Those late nights with lots of wine are the best evenings, lots of fun. We all have to do that once in a while.

  6. Ugh, hangovers. Haven’t had one in years (I figured out how to avoid them, lol), but boy do I remember that yuck feeling! Looks like the evening was great fun, though!

    So on the knitting – WOW! You really know how to knit! Those are some big projects and I am excited to see your progress. Love the colors, especially all the bright colors on the second sweater. How fun – glad my enthusiasm for knitting rekindled yours. 🙂

  7. That dessert looks fantastic! Yum! Always love pics of Bella. It is too bad she and Jax can’t have a doggy play date! Those are very pretty yarn colors.

  8. Sounds like a fun night! Sometimes the hangover is worth it 🙂

  9. Nothing beats a night out with friends…..over eating and drinking is expected on those nights. The plate looks very attractively decorated.

  10. Oh, I know what you mean with those late nights – once we get in our 40s we just can’t be doing that anymore without feeling it big time the next day! Hope you felt better on Monday!
    Very cute knitting patterns and bright colors for spring!

  11. Nice to see you had a great evening with friends! and I too understand the “I’m getting too old for this” mentality!

  12. I’m excited to see how your sweaters come along. I know how to do basic knit but I don’t know how to follow a pattern. So far I’ve only ever made scarves. It’s on my list of things to learn, as well as crochet!
    Looks like you guys had a good time with your friends. I think it’s more than ok to indulge on late nights with friends and wine occasionally. Sitting on a patio with a fire sounds lovely and that dinner looks delicious!

  13. Love that you’ve picked up the knitting bug from Shelley! I used to needlepoint and crochet when I was much younger, haven’t done it in years!

    Wow, late night! Sounds like you had fun though!

  14. Roz@weightingfor50

    HI Fran, looks like a great time. OOOH…can’t wait to see the knitting project. GORGEOUS colors and patterns, I’m sure they’ll be FANTASTIC. Hope your week is going well.

  15. It looks like a great night, beautiful pictures! Of course Bella could not miss the dinner near the fireplace.

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