Workout results February 2012

Weekly review
My workouts last week haven’t been that great (skipped 1 workout -> hangover and 1 run today).
I move right on to my workout results for February. Don’t want to make this post too long.


Workout results February 2012

Results February:
•    Less workouts than in January but nevertheless I’m pleased with them. Most of it were runs I skipped due to the extreme cold weather in the first 2 weeks of this month.
•    Total time I did something (including walking): 19 hours and 54 minutes.

Goals March:
•    I want to make March a great month and set a personal goal that I won’t skip any workouts.
•    Also I want to focus more on my eating. I want to be at a lower weight at the end of the month than I have now.
•    Improve my running because that’s not how I want it to go.

Workouts February:
Running. Done: 6
Strength training. Done: 6
Yogalates. Done: 2
Cardio. Done: 2

Number and time of workouts in January: 22 workouts, total time 11 hours and 14 minutes.
Number and time of workouts in February: 16 workouts, total time 8 hours and 54 minutes.

Running goals:

Yearly mileage
Total February: 27.6 K / 17.1 miles

Total till 02/29: 68.1 K / 42.3 miles
Total running time: 8 hours 3 minutes


Personal records I want to achieve:
Run a   5K < 32 minutes
Run a 10K < 1.08
Run 30 minutes without walking.




11 responses to “Workout results February 2012

  1. You’re inspiring me to keep a full log of workouts/category/and distance. Thanks for your post on my blog today btw.

  2. I had a rather lackluster February too, mostly because I got sick mid-month and took a week off from running. I don’t think March looks too promising either since I’ll be on vacation for 10 days. Oh well. I’ll catch back up eventually.

  3. I right there with you Fran. Putting my foot down hard for March. Let’s go!

  4. We will all do it together! March is spring time and a great time to get out more. Hopefully weather won’t be such an issue.

  5. Looks like March is going to be your month! 🙂

  6. I don’t blame you for skipping runs when it’s so very, very cold… I’m sure you’ll make March a great month!

  7. Great job for February…no worries about the cold…spring is on the way and you will be running like the wind.

    Regarding eating at the restaurant…the one my colleagues chose is one I don’t trust to provide me with gluten/grain free food. I don’t like to take a chance on getting sick. Today I ate out twice at places I do trust…and it was goooooood! 🙂

  8. It was a tough month, wasn’t it? I’m with you for making March awesome!

  9. I look at the chart you’ve posted and I see activity every day, even if it wasn’t something you consider a formal workout. That’s a good thing you know.

    Now, it’s March 1st and you have a whole clean 31 days in front of you – go for it!


  11. You did the right thing not to run with too cold weather.

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