Monday March 5, 2012: The mishmash edition

Daily stuff:
Saturday morning I went out for a run and it was a good run, better than the ones I had lately. That left me in a good mood for the rest of the day. In the afternoon I visited my Mom. My Mom fell down the stairs about 2 weeks ago and kept having chest pain. She went to the doctor last week who sent her to the hospital for photo’s. It turns out her chest is broken, nothing to do about it, she has to give it rest so it can heal.

Yesterday morning we went to my mother in law for coffee and took Bella for a walk afterwards. The rest of the day I relaxed at home with some cross stitching, reading, TV and knitting.

Did you know a hare could swim? I didn’t. Saturday I was running on a bike path that had water on both sides. I saw a hare running towards me. The minute he saw me, he didn’t know how fast to turn around and run away from me. Just in case this was a race, I bet you know who would have won it 🙂
It turned around a couple of times and you saw him think “damn that human is still behind me”. But he could only go forward or back. Suddenly he took a big jump and landed in the water. To my surprise he swam to the side and came on land on the other side. It was really funny to see. One of the reasons I love to run outside: always something to see.

Book I’m reading
Dennis Lehane
Mystic River

Still reading this one. Now that I’ve picked up knitting again, I don’t read that much.

TV shows I watched last week
The Big Bang Theory, Once upon a time, Revenge, Glee, New Girl, Modern Family, Raising Hope, Necessary Roughness, Homeland.

Cross Stitching
Monday is cross stitching day. That is if I worked on something the week before. I’ll show the progress I made on the thing I worked on. Mostly for myself so I can see progress. I won’t be showing a pic how it will look once it finished, this way you will see it grow too. You have to have a long breath till you will see something that’s finished because I have a couple of things I’m working on and it takes a lot of time to finish one piece.  This is what I worked on yesterday.


I made minestrone soup. We ate it with some bread.


13 responses to “Monday March 5, 2012: The mishmash edition

  1. hope your mom continues to heal Fran, sending best wishes to her. Sounds like you had a great weekend. Can’t wait to see the finished cross stich project Fran. and one last thing, that soup looks soooooo good especially with the amount of snow we have here today! ;-). Hope you have a great day Fran!

  2. Hope your mom is doing better!

    You have a lot of projects – knitting and cross stitch. I feel lazy…

  3. Oh my that’s terrible about your poor mom! I hope she heals quickly.

  4. Fran, sorry to hear about your Mom. I hope she heals quick, and is feeling better soon.
    Funny story about the hare. Running outside is fun. Here we dodge rabbits and snakes. I like your cross stitching. You are so talented!

  5. Glad you had agood run. I would have loved to have seen that hare swimming. How funny. Sorry to hear about your mom.

  6. Your poor mom – no wonder she was feeling so bad! I hope she heals up quickly.

    That is a hilarious story about you “chasing” the hare, and it swimming. I’ve never seen one swim – must have been a sight!

    Love your cross stitching. And I’m like you – with all the knitting, I’m not getting any book reading done. Oh well. It’s fun to go through a creative spell like this, right?

  7. Your poor moeder. I hope she isn’t in too much pain and that she heals quickly.

    The swimming hare sounds so funny…my friend was telling me she saw a deer swimming the other day…both would surprise me if I saw them.

    Love the cross stitch and it is a great idea for us to see the progress as you go along.

  8. Sorry to hear about your mom, she has a good excuse to rest 😉
    You watching very different tv shows to me, half those I’ve never heard of.
    Have a good Tuesday and becareful of the Hare 🙂

  9. I’m so sorry to hear about your mom – but it’s a good thing that it is something that will heal on its own, and nothing more serious (just the word “chest pains” gets me thinking the worst).
    Love the story about the swimming hare – I didn’t realize they could swim either, but it’s a good thing he could – otherwise you might have had to rescue him!

  10. chiming in with the mom thoughts and relief that it’s nothing more and now wondering if Im your mom’s age.

    all that 🙂

  11. I guess I didn’t know you could break your chest – but its not like you can put a cast on it – hope she’s feeling better soon!

    Your soup looks delicious!

  12. A broken chest? That sounds awful! I hope your Mom is all healed up soon.

  13. Sorry to hear about your Mom. Hope she heals up quickly. 😦

    That is so funny about the hare. Always interesting things to see.

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