Friday March 23, 2012: The TGIF edition

I don’t talk much about my job on my blog and have no intention doing that in the future. But, I had my yearly evaluation on Monday and it was excellent and I’m very happy about that. We have about 350 people working at our company and my evaluation was in the top 10 of the highest ones. I had very high scores on effort and motivation, initiative, professional knowledge and delivering results.


My dinners haven’t been that adventurous lately: same old, same old. That’s why I don’t show pics on my blogs. I plan to be more creative again with my meals again. If I do, dinner pics will return.


We are having beautiful Spring days this week. On my way home I always pass a building in my village that has a thermometer and yesterday it showed 24 C (71 degrees). That’s above normal temperatures in this period. I love Spring days.


Saturday night at 2 am we are having the time change and the clock goes forward. This means it will be light longer in the evening. And it means it won’t be long before I will see my first sunrise this season during my morning run.

Now that the days will be longer I will also change my house cleaning schedule. I don’t have a cleaning lady and do all the cleaning myself. I don’t really like cleaning but cleaning ladies are expensive here and I’d rather spend my money on other things. And they never do it as well as I do it myself.

In Winter I clean my entire house on the Friday I don’t work (means cleaning a bathroom, 3 bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen and a toilet plus I always do something extra like the addict or window washing which cost me about 4 to 5 hours). But in Summer I prefer to spread my chores over 2 weeks which basically means I spend a few hours on a week night cleaning which leaves me more free time on the Friday I don’t work.

If you clean your house by yourself, do you do it all on one day or do you spread it out over the week?


No weekend plans but the weather is supposed to be great the next few days and I certainly will enjoy that.


Knitting update
This week I worked on my vest but didn’t make much progress. I haven’t done much at all at night because I have been feeling a bit tired every night this week.

Have a great weekend my friends!


12 responses to “Friday March 23, 2012: The TGIF edition

  1. Congratulations Fran! That’s great to see you get such great feedback on a job well done!

    I usually dedicate one day a week to cleaning. But, I also have a teenage daughter that certainly helps me a lot by doing chores throughout the week. She’s been away this past week and I’ve really noticed it. Although I’m not nearly as fussy as I used to be. I used to vacuum at least every 2nd day, often daily. And dishes were always washed daily. We’re on acreage, with pets and a dirty woodstove, so a lot of dust and bits gets into the house. But I decided that I’m OK with it being a little dirty throughout the week if it allows me a little more free time. I don’t have a lot of people over anyway, and if they don’t like me because I have bits on my floor or unwashed dishes, then they don’t deserve to be my friend. 😀

  2. Well, it’s just the two of us and no kids or pets so I’m able to deep clean the bathrooms and kitchen each week and I rotate the deep cleaning of the other rooms. So one week I deep clean the living and dining area and the next it gets what I call a lick and a promise – a bit of dusting and maybe a vacuum. Switch that out for the family room and bedrooms. But I do clean a lot more in the winter and usually on Saturdays for several hours. Now that spring is here – and my boxing schedule changed – I’ve already switched it so I clean on Weds. & Thurs. after work leaving Saturdays free for the beach and picnics!

    Congratulations on your excellent evaluation for the good work you do.

  3. John and I both do housework. He tends to do the upstairs and I tend to do the downstairs, but no schedule. Since we both work at home, we just do little bits here and there. I don’t dust very often, but I should. Our house tends to stay fairly neat except for my piles of things that grow on the table. Our worst problem is cat hair! I feel like I have to vacuum the rug every couple of days because her white hair shows so much on it.

  4. Congrats on your good work review! Always nice to be recognized for your hard work!
    I look forward to your meal pictures returning! I was wondering why you haven’t posted any food porn lately.
    I don’t have a cleaning lady either. I clean as needed and probably don’t keep up with it as much as I should. I’ve been meaning to do a good, deep cleaning since I’ve had my house for a year now. Maybe I’ll work on it a bit this weekend!
    I think your progress on your knitting is very good. I always start something like a scarf and then get distracted and it takes me forever to finish it! I have a pattern for a blanket that I want to try but first I need to learn how to read a pattern. 😉

  5. Spring weather is good here in Italy too! It’s perfect for running!
    It’s great to hear you’re happy for your excellent evaluation on a job well done.

    Have a nice weekend!

  6. Great job on your work eval. That is awesome.

    We have asomeone who deeps cleans 2x a month, but I try to do a weekly clean up, and I do laundry as the basket gets full instead of waiting for it to build up and take all day.

  7. Congratulations on your work review – how wonderful to get recognized for your hard work!!!

    Cleaning? What’s that? LOL With just the two of us, and Jeff traveling so much, the house doesn’t need much more than a general once-over, so I just do it as I see fit. Except for the floors…with a dog and two cats, there is always pet hair to vacuum. ALWAYS.

    Have a wonderful weekend – I’ve been enjoying the daylight in the early evenings and have gone running then. Nice change from the mornings!

  8. Good to hear you’re being recognised for your hard work! As for cleaning I have to confess I do have a cleaning lady – and that I don’t miss cleaning..

  9. Congratulations on your good job performance evaluation. Being in the top ten is very impressive!

    As for a cleaning lady, I will confess, I do have a weekly cleaning lady. After my son was born, and I returned back to work, we got the cleaning lady. She is wonderful. We do have a big house, so it is a great help. But, I still have to do laundry, declutter the house, sweep the floors during the week (the dog loses a lot of hair), dishes, etc. There is always something to do around the house. It never ends.

  10. Nice nice job review. That is truly awesome and very impressive. I have a weekly cleaning lady and it is the best money I spent. It allows me to run and race on the weekends with no guilt.

  11. Congratulations on your wonderful evaluation!!!

    I have a cleaning lady…that way The Boss and I never have to decide who is going to do what.

    We have been having the spring weather, but today it cooled right down again.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

  12. Congratulations on your great evaluation at work! It sounds like you are just as conscientious at home!
    Housecleaning is not my favorite task, but I do it myself, too. I’d rather be cooking or doing laundry than cleaning!
    Glad to hear you had a great run yesterday – can’t wait to read your blog about it! This weather is perfect for running!

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