Monday March 26, 2012: The mishmash edition

Daily stuff:
Easy weekend, the weather was beautiful. I had the door to the garden open all day on Saturday and Sunday. Lots of sunshine and not cold. Love Spring days like this.

Yesterday we went to a new forest for a walk with Bella. We had never been there before and liked it very much. We will definitely return to that forest.



Book I’m reading

Dennis Lehane
Mystic River

TV shows I watched last week

Grey’s Anatomy, The Big Bang Theory, Once upon a time, Revenge, The Walking Dead, King, The Good Wife, 2 Broke Girls, Homeland.

Homeland was the season final here in Holland yesterday. I like this show very much and look forward to season 2. Anyone seen this show?


Made a sandwich with mushrooms, garlic and mozzarella and let the cheese melt in the oven.


Sunday morning I made blueberry pancakes for breakfast.

 Dinner was a Thai chicken-vegetable soup. R. thought it was too spicy but I loved it.


For dessert I made an apple crumble that we ate with some whipped cream.


15 responses to “Monday March 26, 2012: The mishmash edition

  1. I usually don’t like sweet breakfasts, but pancakes have been on my mind a lot lately. Your blueberry pancakes look great! I think I’ll have to make some soon!

  2. That forest looks beautiful! Glad you were out to enjoy the weather.

  3. We’re back to cold temperatures this week. In fact the weatherman warned of a hard frost tonight. Will be interesting to see if my little daffodils make it the next couple of days!

  4. That food looks so yummy! Our nice weather left and we are supposed to get a hard freeze tonight!

    I hope the redoing the feed for my blog helps. It’s so weird that only some people are having the comment feed issue. I don’t see it coming through my reader, so I don’t know quite what to do. The host and google are no help at all on this as it isn’t a problem for everyone, just some people (lame, isn’t it?). I hope you don’t stop reading 😀

  5. All of your food pictures today look so good! And one thing I notice is that your bread seems to be tall while ours is wide…probably the same size overall, but different shape.

    Love that you are having such wonderful weather!

  6. All that food looks so good. I just made pancakes here! The forest is beautiful. I would go back too.

  7. I love the forest! I would go for a walk there any day!!!

  8. Gosh Fran I’m glad someone is having good weather! It’s been rain/snowing here all day! My walks today were interesting! I took Simba on the last pick up from the school and he came home soaking wet..I should of left him at home ;-). Glad that the sun is shining for you!

    My absolute favorite breakfast is Blueberry pancakes, but somehow I only make it once in a while because I just feel like I can’t get full off pancakes..Im usually hungry shortly after.

    Grey’s and Big Bang are my favorites ;-). Are you on the same season as us on both? I know sometimes in certain areas they are behind.

    The forest looks like such a lovely place to get “lost” in mentally ;-). Great that you have that so close to home.

    Hope you have a great week!

  9. Blueberry pancakes – YUM!!!
    Enjoy the nice weather – it is awesome, isn’t it? I even got sunburned sitting out on our patio this weekend!

  10. Love the forest. Nothing more beautiful than walking in God’s nature! Our forest looks the same, when I retune it will be so green 😉
    We got the same weather, sunshine to about 23 degrees, have already started working on my tan – make the most of the sunshine, I remember last year we had a good spring and a terrible summer, not going to miss out on the sunshine this year.
    I also watch Greys….Heinz is no longer enjoying it, says its a girls show 🙂

  11. oooh I wanna watch homeland.
    and Greys.
    and all the other stuffs on my DVR waiting 🙂

  12. Roz@weightingfor50

    The forest photo just speaks “peaceful” to me. Hope your week is going well Fran!

  13. I think that soup looks delicious. I love spicy food though.

    That forest looks very calming. A nice place to walk and clear out the cobwebs. We have some great nature trails around here that I never go on. Maybe walking the trails can be my replacement for running.

    I’ve never watched Grey’s Anatomy. Can you believe that? Not a single episode. I’m a big big Walking Dead fan though! Is Season Two over? It ended here last week. The last two episodes totally blew my mind.

  14. What a beautiful place to run! Spring weather is really beautiful and going through new forest for a walk (or running) is a good way to find motivation.
    We, my family with other friends and their children, are planning to go to a new natural reserve on Easter Monday, April, 9th. It’s located next to Tuscany. When you come here in Italy You could visit it!

    Thai chicken-vegetable soup sounds interesting, considering that I love all kind of soups!

    Thanks fot the birthday wishes, Fran 🙂

  15. Did you make the thai noodles soup? If you did, recipe please! You can’t get it too spicy for me!

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