Monday April 9, 2012: The mishmash edition

Daily stuff:

Saturday evening was fun, first we bowled for 1 hour and after that we had dinner. After dinner we went back to my friend T’s house and sat in the patio with the fireplace. We said before we would go home early but it was 2 am when we came home. Time flies when you’re having fun.

Me in action

The group


Yesterday morning we started with our traditional Eastern breakfast. After that we first went to my Mom and after that to R.’s Mom. By the time we got home it was the end of the afternoon. Since we got home late (and had a bit more to drink than usual) I took a nap before dinner while R. took one after dinner.

Today was a holiday but the weather was bad, it rained the entire day. I didn’t even take a longer walk with Bella because of the rain. We stayed at home. R. worked on his motor bike and I did all kinds of things I like to do.


Book I’m reading
Dennis Lehane
Mystic River


TV shows I watched last week
The Big Bang Theory, Grey’s Anatomy, Once upon a time, Revenge, 2 Broke Girls, Necessary Roughness, King, The Good Wife.


Cross Stitching
This is what I worked on this weekend.




Starter: paté (don’t know the English word for it) with onion-compote.

Main: Chicken breast filled with brie cheese in a port sauce.


Dessert: panna cotta with mango mousse on top, chocolate mousse, orange parfait.



Breakfast table


Dinner: we used the table grill with different kinds of meat, vegetables, bread and salad.


16 responses to “Monday April 9, 2012: The mishmash edition

  1. Your food looks awesome – and it looks like a fun time.

  2. Roz@weightingfor50

    Belated happy Easter to you, R and Bella Fran!!! I think the English word of pate is pate. silly….
    Glad you had a great weekend. Hope the week ahead is just as good.

  3. I love bowling but my friends aren’t as interested as I am. I love how retro most bowling alleys are. Sounds like you guys had a really fun night.

  4. Yay bowling! It kind of looks like the flash might have blinded that poor man reaching for his bowling ball LOL!

    Yeah – pate. I don’t eat it! 😀

  5. Lots of fun and lots of great food! Sounds like a lovely weekend!

  6. Hi Fran!!!

    Looks like you had a busy Easter and I’m proud of you for getting home after 2 a.m.–impressed, really! I’m a 10 pm gal these days and I’m missing out on all the fun!

    Don’t you LOVE Revenge? You’re the only other person I’ve met who watches it!! So evil but so fun!

  7. Sounds like you had a very nice Easter.
    Bowling and a late night at a friends house must have been wonderful. Especially, sitting around a nice, warm fireplace.

  8. What a fun group! And when the time goes by so easily, it’s worth it, I think…even if it does mean you’re a bit more tired the next day.

    I love your eggs in the egg cups. I’ve never had an egg that way – it’s just not very common around here.

    My mom and I were looking at some Dutch chocolate last week at World Market and thought of you…we considered buying it as a tribute, but restrained ourselves. Still, it’s calling me!

  9. The weather was terrible here on Monday as well, but my hubby still went for a run while I went to Christine and took photo’s at her little boys 2 year old tea party. And only had cup of coffee, I stayed away from all the yummy looking cake ( the joys of being gluten free )

  10. Sounds like you had a lovely Easter weekend – bowling is so much fun!

  11. FUN WEEKEND and a nag.
    I need you to start a new book 🙂
    Im waiting for you…

  12. That’s some tasty looking food! We use the word “pate” here also. Is that raclette? We had that for new year’s eve – I love it!

  13. Looks like you had a very nice “mishmash” of a week! Love your mishmash posts!

  14. Even though you got rained out for your last day off, the rest of the weekend looks like it was a lot of fun – just perfect with good food, good friends and good times!

  15. We call pate pate as well :), or liverwurst (though that is slightly different, and a product that we eat frequently in our house). I also see Nutella on your Easter table. YUM! I have a love/hate relationship with Nutella. I love it, my waistline does not – so I try to limit it.

    Glad to hear you had a fun night out. I love bowling!

  16. It looks like a great saturday night. It’s an age that I don’t go to sleep at 02.00 a.m. Yes, I am getting older!
    Also in Italy we call it “patè'”.

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