Monday April 16, 2012: The mishmash edition

Daily stuff:

Exciement in my little part of the  world Saturday afternoon. I was at home when I heard a chopper above our house. Nothing unusual except this one kept circling around. I went outside and saw it was a police chopper. I thought there might have been an accident and went inside. But then I got a text message from R. that the gas station, a 3 minute walk from my home, was robbed. In broad daylight, on a busy Saturday afternoon, how stupid can one be.

After dinner I went for a walk with Bella and when I returned there was a police man with a search dog looking through some bushes in my street. Some neighbors were outside and I asked what was going on. One of my neighbors works at the gas station and she was outside too.

Apparently one the robberies (about 17-year old kids) had his escape route through my street. Had I been outside at that moment, I would have seen him. They catched him within a few minutes after the robbery. Till today they still haven’t catched the other one and what was stolen.

My neighbor told me that the one they catched lives in a street close to mine. Can you even be more stupid: rob something close to home? And for what: some cash money and some sigarettes.

The rest of my weekend was relaxed. Saturday the weather was very good, yesterday not so good. We did go to the forest for a walk with Bella yesterday. I took some pictures of the signs of Spring in my garden at the moment:

Book I’m reading

Dennis Lehane
Mystic River


TV shows I watched last week

The Big Bang Theory, Grey’s Anatomy, 2 Broke girls, The Mentalist, Once upon a time, Revenge, King, The Good Wife, Touch.

Touch with Kiefer Sutherland started here last week. First part of the episode I didn’t know what to think of it but halfway it got me and I started to like it. I know Roz and Marcelle watch it, anyone else watching this show?


Pork meat with pepper sauce, potatoes from the oven and a salad.

For dessert I tried a new recipe. It’s a donut with some chocolate ice cream, a sauce from raspberries and mango with some mint leaves. The combination was good but I didn’t like it with the donut.



12 responses to “Monday April 16, 2012: The mishmash edition

  1. Sorry for the robberies! I’m sure they aren’t Dutch. Isn’t it? Anyway, It seems that the police are doing a good job … although they haven’t catched the other one yet.

    Glad you had a relaxed weekend and enjoyed Spring weather, Fran! Beautiful snapshot of your Spring garden! “The Big Bang Theory” is always interesting: I love watching this kind of TV shows!


  2. wow Fran, that’s alot of excitment! Yikes! I couldn’t agree with you more, why are there people like this out there.
    Your dinner looks really good, something we would most likely have on a Sunday when I have more time to cook ;-).

  3. I think thievery of any kind is one of my pet peeves. How dare they just walk up and take things that other people have worked hard to have?! Makes me angry! The last house we lived in that we rented (prior to buying our own house) had a gas station/convenience store as the back yard neighbor. It was robbed several times at all times of the day and night. Almost every time they ran right through our back yard to get away. It’s pretty frightening to wake up to police in your back yard. Maybe that’s also why it’s such a sore point with me. Hope your police catch that other thief!

    At a quick glance, your dessert looks almost like a breakfast sandwich. At the fairs around here the popular thing is to put a cheeseburger with bacon in between a donut. Ewwwww!

  4. Some people are just dumb. Robbing a store in the middle of the day. Silly kids.

    Yummmmmmmmm – your donut sandwich looks good.

  5. Ugh the stealing! WTF is up with people? I just don’t get it. And you are right – they are stupid. Stupid, stupid people.

    I thought that donut thing was a hamburger on a donut (krispy kreme burger). Not sure I like ice cream with my donuts, but the fruit sauce would be yummy.

  6. It may be a good thing you didn’t see the robber.

    You need to finish that book and move on! Are you enjoying it? Maybe you should abandon it.

  7. That is crazy how the robbers were so close! DUMB. I hate thieves. Lazy people. Hope they catch the other guy (or his “friend” rats him out to the police).

    Your spring flowers look so airy and pretty – just a breath of fresh air!

    Donuts AND ice cream?!? Wild. You are adventurous, I’ll give you that!

  8. Well, most thieves are not the smartest, I guess. Whenever there is a police chopper overhead it makes me nervous – I start wondering if some guy escaped from the city prison and is going to run through my back yard!

  9. what IS up with people?
    and each time I say that to the husband….and I say it a lot :)…. I feel about 100 years old.

    **skips off wraggling her cane**

  10. Your dessert looks good but I’d probably prefer it without the donut as well. At first glance I thought it had ketchup on it! Haha.

  11. Don’t you just love it when the flowers start to bloom.

  12. Wow, you have had some excitment on your street. I guess the robbers weren’t the smartest. Hope they catch the other guy.
    Love your flowers. Have a great week.

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