Friday April 20, 2012: The TGIF edition

Monday dinner: Madrascurry with chicken and banana. New recipe from Ainsley Harriott’s Gourmet Express 2. Recipes of Ainsley seldom disappoint me and this one did neither: delicious. Instead of a sharp curry paste I used tikka masala paste which made it a bit sweeter.
The rest of the week my dinners were pretty boring and not worth showing.

Sunday I have my first race of this year. I signed up for the 10K but last weekend I decided I wasn’t quite ready. I could have run it but I would rather run a race I know I can do. I emailed the organization if I could switch to the 5K distance which wasn’t a problem. I’ve run this race before in 2010 only that day I did do the 10K. The weather forecast isn’t pretty, lots of rain for the next 2 weeks. If it’s really bad Sunday I might skip it but I don’t expect that.

I don’t think I’ve had so many compliments on an outfit as I had last Tuesday. Especially the shoes were an eye catcher. This is a new outfit and I felt very good in it too.


Update on the robbery I mentioned on my blog last Monday. They catched all suspects: 3 boys of age 13, 15 and 17. Unbelievable, especially since it was an armed robbery.

Yesterday I had a vitality workshop at work. I’ve been asked, with other colleagues, to brainstorm how we get the people in our company healthier. We get a health check every 3 years and the last results showed that 49% of the people that work at my company have overweight (350 employees), 57% doesn’t eat healthy and 28% doesn’t exercise enough.
Our company wants to become a healthy company and they are going to work on a plan how to achieve that. First we had a presentation and after that we were separated in groups to come up with ideas how to achieve this.
I have to say I really enjoyed this because living a healthy life and exercise is high on my priority list. And I hope that I get the opportunity to help in this in the future. One of the ideas of my group was to make a company website with, for example, health tips and a forum where colleagues can find each other to workout, run, bike or walk together and where they can post running or biking events. I would love to help out with that.
I think it’s great that my company thinks a healthy lifestyle is important and is willing to help the employees to get a healthy lifestyle.

It was also Secretary’s day yesterday. Most years my boss forgets this and I don’t remind him of it. He has to think of it himself, the rest of the year I’ll remind him of everything. But he didn’t forget yesterday and got me some nice orange flowers.

Knitting update

Am halfway with the back of the sweater I’m making. Made some progress this week.

Have a great weekend!




11 responses to “Friday April 20, 2012: The TGIF edition

  1. Please forgive me but this time it is difficult to believe that banana and chicken are a delicious combo.
    Beautiful outfit, congrats.
    To become a healthy company is a great idea and you can do a lot to help your colleagues.
    You did the right thing, if you are not ready for a 10km, 5 km can be the appropriate distance: good luck.

  2. your rocking those pink heels girlfriend! Ok the rest of the outfit too but I got distracted by the shoes ;-).
    Good luck on your run Fran, running in the rain is fun….just do it ;-).
    Can’t wait to hear about it!

  3. No wonder you got a lot of compliments on that outfit – the colors are so pretty and you ROCKED that look!!! Very stylish, very NOW – I would love to go shopping with you sometime!

    You are really coming along with the sweater – how fun to change to a different color. Will there be a lot of the black? Is that hard to see when you’re knitting?

    I think you were the perfect person to choose for the company’s vitality program – and I love the idea of having a forum for the employees to post about their training, races, and just encourage each other.

    Great good luck on your race this weekend! I hope it doesn’t rain. Can’t wait to see your outfit and hear all about it!

  4. LOVE your outfit and I’m coveting those shoes! I’ve been looking for a new pair of hot pink shoes… it might be dangerous if we shopped together 🙂

    Very cool that you were chosen to be part of the company’s health program. Now you know how other people perceive you: as someone to look up to. I’m sure you will have great ideas.

    I hope your race does not get rained out. I have a very good feeling that you are going to run well and I think you could use a boost from a great race.

  5. That’s wonderful that your work is putting such a focus on healthy living. I do love working for an extremely small company (just me and the owners), but a large company is great when they do activities such as yours. I think it would be great to have events that your company could enter as a team, and maybe they could offer perks to those who sign up. I’d be all over something like that.

    That’s great that they caught those 3 boys. How sad to be in such a lifestyle at such a young age. Something is not right there. Normal kids with normal upbringings don’t do things like that.

    And I LOVE your outfit. Very cute!! The color and the shoes are definitely a highlight. Right now I’m banned from wearing heels, but I bet I could find some lower heel shoes in a color like that. Stunning! And beautiful flowers from your boss as well. My boss once took us out for a fancy lunch on secretary’s day, but only once. He does however take me out quite frequently and always pays so I can’t complain. And he does a lot for me, like fixing my car and giving me things I need (computer parts, etc.).

    Have a great weekend Fran. And good luck for your race.

  6. A lovely curry, a gorgeous outfit, beautiful flowers…love this post.

    Very cool that your company wants staff to choose a healthy lifestyle.

    Good luck on your race Fran!!!

  7. You look fabulous! No wonder you get a lot of comments on that. I don’t know how you can wear the heels all day, though. My feet die in heels.

    That curry looks so, so good. I have been hankering for some kind of Indian/curry type of dish.

    Love that your company asked you to be on the committee. That just shows people notice how dedicated you are.

  8. You are rocking those pink shoes, Fran!
    I think it’s great that your company is being proactive about the health of the employees – hopefully you will get a chance to share your knowledge with your co-workers and encourage them!

  9. Have fun at that 5K. I do love those pink shoes. Isn’t it fun when you get lots of compliments? It makes for a very good day.

  10. That curry looks delicious. I could eat cuury almost every day.

    That outfit is gorgeous!!

    I love that your company is into employee wellness. We are just getting into that oursleves. We are starting a wellness challenge where a whole bunch of interested staff will be put into teams and get points for their wellness activities. The best part is it is not just about physical fitness because we didn’t want to exclude anyone with limitations so we are awarding points for things like self care (i.e. get a massage ) or community activity ( i.e. deliver a meal to someone in need or take walk and pick up litter). You get extra points if youget other people involved too. I think it is going to be a lot of fun.

    Hope your 5k went great today!

  11. Yeah the pink heels are pretty awesome!! Love it! And the flowers are beautiful too!

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