Friday May 4, 2012: The TGIF edition

We had some unvited guests in our pond Tuesday:


Since they didn’t have an invitation, Bella kindly asked them to go away. Which of course didn’t impress them much. So I had to help her to get them out of the pond. They did but just moved to the neighbours pond. A few minutes later they were back but this time Bella didn’t take no for an answer and did get them out of the pond by herself.


Wednesday was my Mom’s birthday. She turned 70. We went to celebrate it on Wednesday evening. Most of the people already had visited her because most of them are retired. It was just us, my sister and her husband and my mother’s brother and his wife.


Today it’s Memorial Day. We remember the casualties of the Second World War and of those who died while being on peace missions. Our flag is flying at half-mast. At 8 pm we are quiet for 2 minutes to remember those who fought for our freedom.


And tomorrow we celebrate our freedom. Then the flag is full in top, there are freedom concerts all over the country and some cities have fireworks.

We are not going to the celebrations because R. is away all day. He has his first motor race of the season. And tomorrow night we celebrate his best friend’s birthday who turns 50 on Sunday. It’s a garden party and unfortunately it’s going to be chilly tomorrow. But that doesn’t mean we won’t have fun.

Knitting update

I made some progress on the sweater. I’m going to finish the back of this sweater first before I continue at the vest. Although I’m not quite sure yet if I am going to finish that one. It looks really small and I think it’s a waiste of time if I finish it and it won’t fit. And I’m too lazy to start over again in a bigger size. I only bought the yarn I needed to start with and have no leftovers of the yellow color. I am going to think about it, haven’t made my mind up yet about the vest.


Have a great weekend!


7 responses to “Friday May 4, 2012: The TGIF edition

  1. You are right that it is not me to back out of a race.

    Give Bella a hug for me.

  2. Happy birthday to your mom!

    Our memorial day really doesn’t seem very somber. Most times people celebrate with picnics and it is considered the kickoff to the summer season. Isn’t that weird?
    I do remember one time in Colorado when we were up in the mountains on Memorial Day, a soldier in uniform was sitting on a ledge with a photo and I think it was probably one of his fellow soldiers he was remembering. It was very touching.

  3. Why don’t you want the ducks? Because of the fish? Or do they make a mess? Funny that they came back the first time…your pond must be very appealing to them!

    I wouldn’t be able to not finish the yellow vest after all the work you’ve already done – but then, I’ve also never had the guts to knit an article of clothing, and I can imagine how hard it is to fit it right. That said, I love the pink top – you’re really coming along with it!

    I have to go back to the knitting store tomorrow – frustrating how stuck I can get on something! Especially because I’m knitting right along and then BAM – have to stop cold.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. I wish Bella could come here and scare some unwanted guests out of our garden!

  5. The ducks must have thought they found the perfect pond until they met Bella. 🙂

    My father still remembers being liberated…enjoy Bevrijdingsdag!

    Happy birthday to your Mother! We went out for breakfast today to celebrate my father’s 75th birthday…it was a few weeks ago, but he wasn’t well so we waited. It was great fun!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  6. Indeed they are 2 nice guests but I can understand the Bella’s point of view.
    Here the celebrations were on april 25th, but in Italy it was a civil war with many persons killed after the end of the war. For this reason there is not sharing about this celebration.

  7. At least your univited guests are cute. Do they try to eat your fish?

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