Wednesday May 23 – 2012, The Workout Edition



Pyramid run. The weather was perfect: sunshine, little bit of wind and nice temperature. Perfect running weather. I wasn’t the only one who thought that because there were a lot of runners at 8.30 am. My goal for interval runs is to run the intervals within the interval pace and if I have to take some walk breaks during the recovery periods I’m fine with that. I took about 4 walk breaks today.
Run was great, all went well, my calf didn’t really bother me.

Interval pace: 5:57-6:12
100 time: 5:38
200 time: 5:46
300 time: 5:52
300 time: 5:59
300 time: 5:58
200 time: 5:58
100 time: 5:22

Weather:dry, sunny, not much wind, 8C (46 degrees)
Distance: 5.9 K / 3.6 miles
Time: 00:40:27
Average time: 06:51 /km
Average speed: 8.76 km/hour
Last song on Ipod before finish: Irene Cara – Fame.





Lately I feel kind of insecure about doing a long run. Don’t know where it comes from but I do. Friday I had no doubt I would run 10K on Saturday but when I woke up Saturday morning the insecurity started to play tricks with my mind. I eat a banana and drank my coffee and decided I would do this at a slow pace with a walk break every 2K. I can run 2K. I packed my gear and went out and guess what: the strategy worked. I did it. Weather was gorgeous, sunny, not much wind. Temperature went up soon and at the first 2K I had to stop to take of my jacket. I’m happy I went and finished it.

Weather:dry, sunny, bit wind, 17C (62 degrees)
Distance: 10 K / 6.2 miles
Time: 01:12:08
Average time: 07:13 /km
Average speed: 8.32 km/hour
Last song on Ipod before finish: Glee Cast – Night Fever





Speedwork Monday. R. had to start early and got up at 5 am. Usually I get up at 5.15 am but since I was awake at 5 too I got up and went for my run. There was some fog but it wasn’t cold and I had to take my jacket off halfway through the run. Again I stayed within the paces for the interval parts.
Good run, no calf issues and felt great afterwards.

Interval pace: 5:57-6:12
100 time: 5:59
100 time: 6:05
300 time: 6:07
300 time: 5:56
500 time: 6:02
500 time: 6:02
500 time: 6:07

Weather:dry, fog, not much wind, 14C (57 degrees)
Distance: 6.7 K / 4.1 miles
Time: 00:46:26
Average time: 06:56 /km
Average speed: 8.66 km/hour
Last song on Ipod before finish: Bruce Springsteen – Hungry Heart

Tuesday + Wednesday


Weekly review

I don’t know if anyone subscribes to comments on posts on my blog. But just to be sure I will answer questions on my post of last week here.


Ewa asked me how many workout DVD’s I have. A LOT. I have 26 different DVD’s and 5 different programs (P90X, Turbofire, Chalean Extreme, The Firm Express and X-TrainFit). Some DVD’s have more than 1 workout on it which gives me over a 100 different workouts. And I use them all too. I have made a schedule for all my DVD’s.


Helen asked what I consider a bad run. Do I base that on pace?

I don’t. A bad run is a run where I don’t feel well or when my calf hurts or when I have trouble with my breathing. I do keep track of my pace but I don’t really watch it especially not on long runs. Of course when I do tempo or interval runs I watch my pace.
A bad run to me is a run where I felt like crap.


This week is a recovery week. I have only planned 3 runs this week. The past 7 weeks I missed only 3 workouts from the 35 I had planned in that period. A result I’m very happy with. I finally found a routine that works great for me.


I know I shouldn’t complain: we have waited a long time for warmer weather and we got it. But those of you who know me, know I can’t handle heat and humidity too much and that’s what we have had since Monday. We went from 18C (64 degrees) to 34C (93 degrees) yesterday and that’s too hot for me. Luckily it’s just one more day tomorrow and Friday temperatures drop to around 21C (69 degrees) with sunshine and no rain. That’s the kind of weather I like.


And thank you all for the birthday wishes on my blog and on Facebook yesterday. I appreciate it very much. I’ll get back to my birthday in other blog posts.




12 responses to “Wednesday May 23 – 2012, The Workout Edition

  1. Sounds like you had some very solid workouts this week! Heat and humidity are not my friends during runs either. That’s quite a jump in temps! This week has been not too hot but insanely humid here. Running is tough because the air is so thick. Yuck!

  2. funny how our mind can play games with us isn’t it! Good job on conviencing yourself otherwise!
    Sounds like some great runs Fran!

  3. I know what you mean about feeling insecure about longer distances when you havent done them in a while – I feel the same. Taking them in bits is a good strategy!!!
    Yes, I know this isn’t your kind of weather right now, but it looks like the weekend will be perfect! Do you get “Hemelvaart” off too? We’ve got another 3 day weekend…

  4. Ohhh 34° is too hot! I prefer around 22° – 25°

  5. On my long runs, I walk for a few seconds at every mile – that’s when I take a few sips of water from my bottle. Somehow, mentally, just knowing that I “get” to do that makes a huge difference, and I’m glad doing something similar worked for you!

    Hopefully your weather will cool back down a bit – I know you really don’t like the heat!

  6. I’m not big on heat and humidity either and it came quick here too. That is a gorgeous picture! I think we would run well together. If you were closer (ha!) we could try it. Hope you’re still enjoying post birthday things.

  7. 90s are too hot! Too hot to exercise at any rate. I am okay with heat as long as there is no humidity. Then I don’t want to do anything but sit in the air conditioning 😀

  8. Missing three workouts out of 35 is phenomenal. And I love your 10 k strategy. Brilliant.

  9. 90s are too too hothot for anything beyond popsicle eating.

  10. I keep saying that my mind has a mind of its own. Sometimes I will have a fabulous 10mi run and two days later my mind is questioning if I can do… 3mi. Go figure.

    That is a lot of fitness videos. They say that variety is the key to true fitness.

  11. We are getting warmer weather here too and it is making running a struggle. Need to adjust.

    WOW that is a lot of workout DVDs!

  12. Hungry Heart, you are going to listen that song …. live!

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