Monday May 28, 2012: The Mishmash Edition

Daily stuff:

Tuesday was my birthday. We don’t celebrate it that huge since we turned 40 and for the past 2 years I didn’t celebrate it at all. But some things happened this past year. I have 3 people at work. One of them lost his wife to cancer. One of them has a girlfriend (she’s 33) that has cancer. And one of them is a girl I work with that recently got diagnosed with breast cancer, she’s 39. This made me realize (once again) that life is short and that you should celebrate the things in life that are worth celebrating and getting a year older in good health is one of them.

When I got to work, 2 of the guys I work with decorated my office.

My managers bought me flowers. R. and I don’t really exchange gifts but he knows I collect cook books and he saw one in the bookstore he thought I would like. It’s called (translated) “The Silver Spoon Tuscany” and got recipes from Tuscany in it. That adds another book to my cook book challenge. The book is one of a series of 4 and I have been thinking of buying them in the past. The book is beautiful illustrated and now (you know where I’m going right?) I want the other 3 too.

My Mom, MIL, my friend T. and her husband B. and another friend of mine M. came over for coffee with cake and some drinks at night. It was so nice outside, we sat on the terrace till 11 pm. By that time everyone except T. and B. had left and we called it a night because we all had to work the next morning.

Wednesday I treated my colleagues for my birthday. I did this together with a guy who had his birthday Friday so we could split the costs. I ordered 2 “Spakenburgs hart” at my bakery. This is a giant cookie that you can only buy in my village but everybody knows it and loves it. Personally I don’t and I didn’t have any (it’s made almost a 100% of butter). But it looks great, the text says “happy birthday”.

Friday Bella got a haircut. Her hair was very long and we noticed the heat bothered her a little because of all her hair. She’s now ready for Summer. I like it that you can see the different shades of brown again.

Yesterday we went to a forest we go to often. We went early before it would be to warm for Bella and it was lovely weather for a walk. They did some maintenance in the forest, it’s a forest they planted many years ago. The made a new pond but it’s going to take a while before it looks natural again.


Book I’m reading

Brian Freeman


After a couple of weeks of no reading I started a new book and I like it.  Almost finished it too.

TV shows I watched last week

The Big Bang Theory, Grey’s Anatomy, Revenge, Once upon a time, Touch, Mad Men.

Cross Stitching

This is what I worked on this weekend. The package is called Two Parrots. I will add a pic of how it will look when it’s finished from now on. This way you will have a better idea how it will look.

 Knitting update

I started with the front of the sweater yesterday and the progress I made isn’t really worth showing yet.


17 responses to “Monday May 28, 2012: The Mishmash Edition

  1. We celebrate our birthdays every year. It’s always fun. How sweet of your coworkers to decorate your office – and that cookie! Sounds like a shortbread type or something (one of my favorites, yum).

    Your area is really pretty. I bet that pond will be spectacular when it greens up!

  2. Yes, life is short and unpredictable and should be celebrated! Sounds like you had a nice birthday! 🙂

    Enjoy the new cookbook!

  3. I think Lori is right about the cookie – it’s what we call shortbread over here. I’m not a fan, but my dad LOVES it. The decorated birthday cookie is very pretty and that was nice of you and your co-worker!

    Birthdays are usually low-key for us, too, but like you, with all the recent events that show how fleeting life can be, I’m getting more inclined to celebrate a bit more.

    Your forest looks so pretty. Glad you’ve had a good week!

  4. so glad you were celebrated Fran, you deserve to be pampered!
    Bella is so beautiful with her hair cut!
    As I was reading…i was waiting for the next sentence “I’m gonna buy the other two”…you know you should always buy yourself something for your birthday, right? …. 😉

  5. That’s so nice that your colleagues decorated your office. And you are right … life is short and we should celebrate every moment.

  6. So this book is a quick one! How nice of you to buy stuff for your birthday for others. That is very generous. Love Bella’s haircut!

  7. Happy Belated Birthday! I’m glad you decided to celebrate. Why not??

  8. Very nice that you and your family and friends celebrated your birthday. The Boss and I always take the day off and celebrate all day!

    Bella looks great with her warm weather haircut!

  9. I’m glad you decided to celebrate your birthday! Sounds like you had a good one. It’s hard to just decide to celebrate ourselves and birthdays are an excellent excuse 🙂

    Love Bella’s haircut. She’s adorable.

  10. Roz@weightingfor50

    BIG BIG Happy Birthday Fran. I hope this coming years sees nothing but joy, health and good times. Hug!! Life is indeed fragile and short, and birthdays (and any day) should be celebrated. Bella looks adorable with her summer haircut. Have a wonderful week.

  11. I totally agree with you on that we really should celebrate the good things in life because we never know how long we get to do it. I’m glad you had a what sounds like a great celebration! here’s to another wonderful year!

  12. Sorry for your collegues, I hope they can heal. As you know I am a cancer survivor (1991).
    Happy belated birthday Fran!
    Very soon you will be in Tuscany and you can eat the real tuscany food. I love it.
    Bella is really … bella!

  13. Im 43 this year and plan to celebrate a LOT.
    as I age and I begin to lose friends and family Im just happy to be here.


  14. Birthdays are a big deal at my house. I grew up that way and have convinced Mr. Helen it’s the way to do things! Life is short, we need to celebrate!

    I wonder if your cookie is actually shortbread? I love shortbread and it’s butteriness 🙂

  15. It’s very sad to hear about your coworkers but it definitely provides perspective. Glad you had a nice birthday and celebrated another year of good health with good friends/family.

  16. Hooray for another cookbook!! And I agree – life is too short not to celebrate life – with my husband’s colon cancer last year and my brother’s non-hodgkins lymphoma this year – it unforunately makes you wake up and enjoy the moment!

  17. I have celebrated every one of my birthdays. It was not a conscious decision, just something I would do. Now that I see many people in my life depart, I am more aware of the gift my life is. I don’t care really what my age is, never did, though I appreciate more that I am alive and cherish every day, even those that are difficult.

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