ITALY 2012 – PART 3

Saturday morning we went to Siena. I find Siena is one of the most beautiful cities in Tuscany. Mostly because the cathedral in black and white is one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. We started at the Piazza del Campo.

City hall is situated here and we saw a lot of Italians all dressed up waiting outside. They were waiting on a bride and groom. They asked us if we wanted to throw rice at the married couple too and we agreed. This was fun.

Pigeons "attacking" the rice

After that we went to the cathedral. I can just sit there and watch at the beauty of this cathedral. It’s completely black and white and made of marble.

We went back to the azienda and relaxed a bit at the pool and went to San Gimignano around 5 pm. There was a harvest festival that night which we wanted to see and it was so much fun. The whole town was dressed up in clothes like they used to wear a couple of ages ago. What was very impressive was a flag show, what those boys and girls did with their flags was amazing. We had some dinner there, I had a pizza with ham and mushrooms.



Sunday was our last travelling day. Temperatures were now around 37 (100 degrees) which was hot. Because Pisa was on our way, we decided to make a stop there. The city itself isn’t that interesting (we think) but the tower still is amazing to see. It was extremely busy there. We walked around for a bit and went to our next destination.

This was more a hotel than an azienda but it was a very nice place. We spent the afternoon at the pool and had dinner at the restaurant next to the hotel. This was very good. We shared the antipasti and I had a pasta with white meat and mushrooms after that. The desserts there were delicious, I choose pannacotta with strawberry.



Monday was our last day. It was very hot again and we went for a few hours to Lucca and walked around.

We got back at the hotel around noon where there was a picnic basket waiting for us with bread, cheese, fruits, water and wine. We went to a little forest close by and had our lunch there.


The afternoon was spent at the pool. It was too hot to do anything else. At 6 pm we had a wine tastery. The hotel makes their own wine (3 kinds) and we got to taste all three of them.

Our last dinner was at the restaurant at the hotel again. This time I had a steak with roasted potatoes and some salad. For dessert we had meringue with whipped cream and forest fruits.

Although we have only been in Italy for 11 days, it felt much longer because we have done and seen so much during this trip. I have to be honest that after 11 days we were ready to go home. We had a fantastic time.

See you again in the future Italy!



13 responses to “ITALY 2012 – PART 3

  1. Love this last picture! You two look so relaxed and happy – really shows how much you enjoyed your vacation to Italy.

    The Pisa pictures are great and I love seeing all the leaning people in the background…that is something I would totally do!

    And how fantastic to get to see the harvest festival – love all the costumes and it looks so authentic with the old buildings everywhere. Very, very fun!

    Thanks for sharing your vacation with us!

  2. I am loving these Italy recaps – and I would eat that antipasta plate for nearly every meal. Thanks for sharing such great pictures!!

  3. Well my dear, you’ve only confirmed for me that I definitely, definitely want to go to Italy! I guess I need to buckle down and just make the plans and save the money!!

    That last photo of the two of you is so nice. You guys look refreshed and relaxed, which is exactly what a vacation should do for you.

    Thank you so much for sharing your vacation with us!

  4. All in all it sounds like you had a truly enjoyable holiday – wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Roz@weightingfor50

    Hi Fran. I just LOVE looking at your Italian photos. I MUST get there sometime soon!!!!! (I love the leaning tower shot, you’re holding it up, and the woman at the right of the photo is obviously ‘leaning against it” for her photo. Fun!!! Have a wonderful weekend. Thanks SO much for sharing your travels with us!!!!

  6. That cathedral IS gorgeous. I can see why you would want to sit there and just stare at it. Amazing!

    You have such fancy meals. I don’t think I’ve ever had meals like that.

    Can you translate ‘azienda’. I tried doing it but for me it translates to “company” and I’m certain there must be another meaning.

  7. Love the photos of you two! What a glorious vacation. I love, love festivals and it is so cool to get to be part of somebody’s wedding!

  8. Beautiful cathedral. I really love the pic of you and R. at the harvest festival…you both look so happy and relaxed.

    A truly wonderful vacation!

  9. I went to Sienna too but not to Pisa or Luca. Your trip looks like such a great trip! You did a nice combo of touristy stuff and relaxing by the pool and enjoying your time with your husband!

  10. Beautiful pictures which show you had a great time in Italy … the location of the pool is wonderful.
    Nice photos of you two! I’m so glad you enjoyed Tuscany … Siena is the Italian town I like the most.
    It was a real pity that you didn’t do much on your last days in Italy because of the weather conditions.

  11. I’m reading your recaps backwards. Beautiful pics! I haven’t been to Italy in over 20 years. I want to go again some day…

    I’m glad you had such a nice vacation!

  12. Thanks for sharing your Italian adventures with us. You made me really want to vacation there myself! It is on my list of places to see. Hopefully we’ll get there in the next few years.

  13. I’m loving reading all about your Italian adventures! I found Sienna to be one of my favorite old Italian cities too. The buildings are so beautiful! Sounds like you guys had a wonderful time.

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