Monday July 2, 2012: The Mishmash Edition

Daily stuff:

Our vacation is over. Today it was back to normal which means: back to work. We have had a great trip to Italy and a couple of relaxing days of home but it is good to be back in a routine.


My sister got the results back last Thursday and she definitely has myotonic dystrophy, phase 2. This means she has to adjust her lifestyle and has an annual check up every year. This week she will see a specialized doctor who will tell her what she can and can’t do. She can grow old with this disease but it might get worse when she gets older.


We have had a BBQ on gas for the last 17 years or so but throw it away last year because it was getting to old. We wanted a Weber bbq on charcoal but till last Thursday we didn’t buy one. Here’s our new “toy”. We used it immediately last Thursday.



I don’t know how this is in your country but in Holland you have to bring your car to a garage for an inspection every year. If your car doesn’t get through the inspection you are not allowed to drive it anymore. Last week my car went for the inspection and besides a few minor things that R. fixed immediately I got approval to drive it for another year. But … the garage noticed that next year it probably won’t get the approval and reparation is going to be expensive (not going to bore you with technical details). My car is 13 years old and reparations are going to cost more now than the car is worth. Now I don’t care about cars at all and I don’t like spending money on a new car but I have to get to work and need a car. But it means I have to start saving money for a new car and can’t spend too much money the next year.

Book I’m reading

George R.R. Martin
A Class of Kings, book two of a Song of Fire and Ice

TV shows I watched last week

Downton Abbey, King, The Good Wife, Revenge, Mad Men.

Cross Stitching

Last week I worked a few days on “Geishas”. I started in the middle but worked to the bottom because I prefer working from the bottom to the top.

How it will look when it is finished

My progress


13 responses to “Monday July 2, 2012: The Mishmash Edition

  1. There are car inspections here in the US as well. Not all states, but most of them. There is the regular inspection and then the emissions testing (again – not all states). We are looking at a new care as well. Ours is 12 years old and the transmission is on ‘gravy time’ per our mechanic. Eeep!

    Sweet kettle grill!

  2. interesting about your car. we have emmisson testing we have to pass, but nothing like you said.

  3. I’m really sorry your sister got that diagnosis. Best of luck to her in managing it as well as she can.

    Mad Men is such a fun show, isn’t it?

    Enjoy getting back to normal–it’s always hard after a fantastic trip!

  4. Our cars have to be inspected every 6months. Last year mine reached the point where it needed to be replaced. It was 12 years old. I must say I do love my new reliable car esp. when I travel. And my old one was standard so when I broke my wrist I was also glad of the automatic.

  5. Are holidays not the best!
    Enjoy you webber……..
    We have the same with our cars as u do!

  6. Our car is 13 too and I hold my breath each year at inspection…

  7. We use a gas grill although the last time we bought a new one we looked at a grill that had two sides – 1 for gas and 1 for charcoal. But the fact is, we usually don’t have the time to let charcoal get to temperature unless we confined our grilling to weekends and summertime which we do not. I hope you like yours.

    We drive our cars until they die. It’s ironic because most men love new cars and the latest and greatest but not Mr. Helen. It is very nice not to have car payments for several years at a time though!

  8. I feel you on the car situation – both our cars had been paid off for 7 years, but luckily my husbands job gives him a car allowance, so we only have to pay about $100 out of our own pocket for the car payments – not too bad, and its nice to know that we won’t have any car repairs!

    Love the new grill!

  9. Roz@weightingfor50

    Hi Fran. We have to have our car inspected for emissions once a year, and can’t insure it without that. Enjoy the new grill, look forward to seeing what you make!!!

  10. Where I live now I have emissions testing every other year for my car but it wasn’t like that in my old county within the same state. I don’t have to have an inspection every year (only when selling the car or purchasing a new one) but I know some states require it. I work with people who work in states that require inspections every year. Since I work in DC, I end up working with people from Maryland, Virginia, West Viriginia and DC so all the laws are different.

  11. We currently have emissions testing for most vehicles, but they have found it hasn’t made much difference and costs too much to operate so they are getting rid of the program. It really is quite easy to pass and there are some ways around having to do it, especially if you have a truck.

    I’m very sorry to hear the news about your sister. You are smart to be as proactive as you can be now.

  12. Sorry to see the news about your sister.

    The grill looks great and I am sure you will cook some wonderful things on it.

    Regarding school, I am taking a social service worker program. It is two years long.

    Enjoy the rest of the work week.

  13. ok Im the last person on EARTH to not have ever seen downtown abby–correct? 🙂

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