Friday July 6, 2012: The Food Edition

Fran’s cook book project:

Days left to finish the project: 320 days
70 cook books
215 recipes

32 cooking magazines (12 x koken & genieten, 8 x Jamie, 12 x Light koken)
64 recipes

Total number of recipes to cook: 279
Number of recipes I have made: 14


Last day of our vacation and we went to a pancake restaurant. In Holland we also eat pancakes for dinner. I had a pancake with banana, raisins and apple.


For lunch I tried a new recipe: a tuna salad with corn on a whole grain bread. Very tasteful, I made two portions so I could have another one for lunch on Sunday.



Last day of our vacation and I made an Italian dinner. We started with bruschetta with tomato, basil and olive oil. Followed by scalopine al limone (veal with lemon sauce) and potatoes with rosemary. Dessert was fresh fruit with a cream of mascarpone, whipped cream, lemon and orange juice.


A simple dinner: meatball, potatoes with a little bit of gravy, spinach with garlic and pine nuts.




I made this new recipe: Babi Pangang with yellow rice. We usually eat this when we get Chinese food but that dish is high in calories and sodium. The version I made was healthier. I liked it but R. didn’t so much and therefore this recipe isn’t going to end in my recipe collection.


Two recipes from my cook books today. Main was chicken breast stuffed with mozzarella cheese, garlic and basil.


Side dish (also carrots and pees) was warm cooked potatoes with salsa verde.

Recipe for the salsa verde



We had tortilla’s filled with beef, chorizo, yellow pepper, tomatoes and onions. We ate a little sour cream and guacamole with it.


Upcoming weekend

No plans for this weekend. We’ve just had a vacation and it is nice to spend a weekend at home.


10 responses to “Friday July 6, 2012: The Food Edition

  1. You are cooking up a storm! Everything looks delish, as always. Glad you enjoyed the reminader of your vacation!

  2. wow…u quiet the chef….fantastic and such an inspiration.

  3. Great food! I love all the new recipes you are trying out! I know I’ll have to add some more recipes to my collection soon, but I’m enjoying simple summer food too much right now. I think I’ll take on some sort of a “new recipes project” in the fall.

    The pancakes look great! I usually don’t care much for pancakes, but now I want some!

    Enjoy your “no plans weekend!”

  4. Veal or chicken scallopine are one of my favorite Italian dishes! I probably would have served with a garlic spaghetti though.

    I hope you’re having fun doing this?

    Have a great weekend!

    • I love doing this although it’s time consuming going through the books and plan it. I sit down for that once a week.

  5. Holy Moly all that food looks so good! You are quite the chef, Fran! That picture of Jamie Oliver looks like a really old one LOL.

  6. Everything looks fabulous! You must be having such a fun time cooking all this great food!

  7. oh that I could invite myself for dinner…

  8. Salsa verde potatoes??? Why have I never made this before?! It sounds amazing. Just catching up on my blog reading – love all the recipes Fran!

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