Friday July 13, 2012: The Food Edition

Fran’s cook book project:

Days left to finish the project: 313 days
70 cook books
215 recipes

32 cooking magazines (12 x koken & genieten, 8 x Jamie, 12 x Light koken)
64 recipes

Total number of recipes to cook: 279
Number of recipes I have made: 18


I made a Thai Beef Salad that was easy and fast to prep but tasted delicious.

Recipe here


A simple dinner: grilled burger, baked potatoes and salad with cucumber, tomato, feta cheese and Caesar dressing.




This one came from one of my cooking magazines: potato risotto with mushrooms. I didn’t know what to expect from this dish but it tasted very good.

Ingredients: potatoes, mushrooms, bacon, spring onions cooked in white wine with water. When it’s cook you add Parmesan cheese and rocket salad.




 Spaghetti with bacon, onion and tomatoes: Bucatini all’amatriciana. Very tasty.




Sausage, tortilla from potato, eggs and onion, tomato salsa. Delicious.

Upcoming weekend

Tonight we’re going to a concert: John Fogerty (Creedence Clearwater Revival) in Amsterdam. The concert is held in the “Ziggo Dome” a brand new hall, especially build for concerts. The sound must be very good in this hall.

Sunday my Mom will be visiting us and will stay for dinner.


8 responses to “Friday July 13, 2012: The Food Edition

  1. Oooo – John Fogerty! I love CCR!

    All your dishes look so yummy – except for mushrooms LOL! I admire you doing all this.

  2. Your food looks delicious as always.
    Enjoy your concert!! I like CCR.

  3. I love CCR – jealous! All your eats look delicious!! Have a great weekend Fran!

  4. Sorry the concert was so loud.

  5. Saw ur Facebook comment re concert 😦

  6. I do love love love me some Thai BEEF!

  7. All the food looks just fabulous! You must be having a great time being so creative. Hope your ears feel better.

  8. Great food! I’m putting the Thai beef salad on “my list!”

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