Monday July 16, 2012: The Mishmash Edition

Daily stuff:

John Fogerty was great, lots of CCR songs and of his own work. The new music hall was fantastic. I was late buying tickets and we had the cheapest seats but still could see it very good. The only thing was that the music was too loud. He had 5 (including himself) guitar players in his band and it was just too hard. We both had pain in our ears when we left after the concert. But besides that we had a great evening.

We had a little hope that maybe Bruce would do a guest performance at the concert since he is in Europe and didn’t have a concert that night. Besides that his daughter was in Holland this weekend for a horse event. But no such luck. I read Sunday that John Fogerty did a guest performance at Bruce’s concert in London Saturday night. Should have been the other way 🙂

Saturday was such a rainy day. We’re heading towards one of the wettest Summers ever. I’m not complaining because that’s no use: you can’t change the weather. But a bit higher temperatures and less rain would be nice. At least the rain coat I bought when I got back from vacation has it’s use, I’ve used it more than enough LOL.

My Mom came over yesterday and stayed for dinner. We had a good time with the three of us. For the rest our weekend was easy.

Book I’m reading

E.L. James
Fifty Shades Freed

Started the last one of Fifty Shades. I want to know how it ends but I have to admit it’s slowly losing my attention. I’m skipping most of the love scenes, they are more of the same everytime. I like The Twilight and Hunger Games books so much more than these.

Movies I’ve seen last week

Captain America

I haven’t watch many movies lately. I’m more into TV series but Saturday night we watched this one. It was an okay movie.

TV shows I watched last week

Glee, Mad Men, King, The Good Wife.

Cross Stitching

Last week I worked on “Beauty of Asia”.

How it will look when it's finished

My progress

Knitting update

You might wonder why I don’t give you any updates. Well that’s simple: I’m not knitting very much at the moment. As soon as I restart it, the updates will come back.



10 responses to “Monday July 16, 2012: The Mishmash Edition

  1. Not knitting?! ::faints::

    Crazy how excessively loud some concerts can be…makes you wonder if the musicians themselves are slightly deaf and that’s why they play so loud.

  2. Roz@weightingfor50

    Hi Fran! Your cross stitch is GORGEOUS!!!!!!! I thought of you on the weekend, I read Bruce had his daughter up on stage with him, and that she was in your neck of the woods for the equestrian event. Fun!! John Fogerty must have been great. Hope you have a wonderful week.

  3. Lol… I don’t know anyone on your blog besides u and Syl…so going to admit.
    I can’t wait for the love scenes! 😉

  4. Whenever I go to a concert anymore, I feel so old because it is so loud LOL! I feel like I should be shaking a cane at the stage or something.

    We are in our heat wave now, but at least we finally got some rain yesterday, although it made it that much more humid.

    I’ll join you with the no knitting, since I don’t do that anyway 😀

  5. I love CCR!!! But why the heck do they make those concerts so loud these days? My son and his friends always wear earplugs to concerts these days – certainly that can’t be the intention?

    Everybody is talking about 50 Shades of Gray here – my sister and I both decided we were not interested in reading it – I am thinking we made the right decision when hearing what other people have to say. Plus it’s just not the kind of book we want laying around the house with teenagers who might pick it up…

  6. So glad to see you commenting. I love the needlework piece you are working on. Come visit California and you can stay at my house any time. I’ve been to The Netherlands twice and love that country but mostly in Camperduin on the coast and a bit in Amsterdam. I’d go back in a flash. Beautiful country and people.

  7. I haven’t read those books yet. There is a lot of hype about them but if I ever decide to read them it won’t be for a while. I have too many books yet to read and I’m a super slow reader.

  8. Sucks that you music was too loud! And could you please send some of your rain our way? Thanks 😀

  9. The people I was with this weekend were both reading 50 Shades. I felt a bit out of it!

  10. That concert sounds like a lot of fun. John Fogerty is one my favs!!
    I think i’m going to start reading 50 shades of grey — it seems to be all the rage right now. And sounds like you like it since you are on the third book.

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