Monday July 23, 2012: The Mishmash Edition

Daily stuff:

I didn’t feel like blogging Friday. I made a few more recipes for my challenge but not all of them tasted that good this time. Except for the strawberry crumble by Nigella Lawson I made on Sunday. This was soooooooooo good!


Recipe here


Last Tuesday I was walking with Bella. Where it is safe I let her off the leash. She listens good and usually stays close to me. Tuesday I didn’t hear her walking behind me and I turned around. I saw her rolling through the grass. The little diva was rolling through duck poop. Holy cow did she smell terrible. When we got home I put her in the sink in the kitchen immediately and washed. She didn’t like it but she should have thought of that before she started rolling through the poop.
Why do dogs do that? It’s so gross.


Thursday we had the first meeting of the fit team as it is called for now. I am very excited to be part of this program which goal is to make the people at our company as healthy as possible. We have to read the plans first, then decide which subject you would like to be an ambassador of: move more, eat healthy, quit smoking, drink less alcohol, relax more. I haven’t got the plans yet and have no idea yet what I would like to do but my first thought would be exercise or eat healthy. We have our next meeting at the end of next month.


Lately I unplug from the internet completely during the weekends. I only use it to update my stats after running or a workout, do my weekly administration and my weekly planning. But that’s all and you know what: I love it. Because I suddenly have much more time to do all the things I used to do a lot “before the internet”. I read a lot, do more cross stitching than I’ve done in the past years and other things. I keep up with FB a few times a day through my phone.

Do you ever unplug from the internet?


Yesterday R., Bella and I went to a little village called Austerlitz. Austerlitz is “famous” for its pyramid that was build in 1804. The pyramid itself isn’t that attractive to me but the surrounding forest is fantastic. We picked a trail that would take about 1 hour and 15 minutes according to the sign but it took us 1 hour and 30 minutes which didn’t matter because it’s beautiful out there. Bella was sleeping the rest of the afternoon in the sunshine.
For dinner we put on the BBQ because we finally have some actual Summer weather here in Holland.


Book I’m reading

George R.R. Martin
Song of Ice and Fire – Book 3, part 1, A Storm of Swords

I finally finished the fifty shades books. I skipped a lot of parts in the last book. I mean how often can one write “I love you” in a book. I was actually done with it after the second book but wanted to know how it would end.

I was happy I could move one with the next book in the Song of Ice and Fire series.

Movies I’ve seen last week

De Heineken Ontvoering (The kidnapping of Heineken)


Dutch movie. In 1983 Alfred Heineken (from the beer) was kidnapped for 21 days. The ransom that was paid was 35 million gulden (about 15 million Euro’s or USD to keep it simple). They eventually catched all 4 kidnappers. The movie showed the kidnapping and the haunt for the kidnappers after that. They didn’t show exactly how it went but it came close.

When this happened I was a teenager but I still remember it because it was all over the news in those days.

TV shows I watched last week

The Borgias, Mad Men, Glee.

First episode of The Borgias. Not sure yet if I am going to like this show. I’ll have to give it a few more try’s. Anyone watched this show? And if so, do you like it?

Cross Stitching

Last week I worked on this little country house.

This is how it will look once it's finished

My progress


12 responses to “Monday July 23, 2012: The Mishmash Edition

  1. you’ve been busy Fran…oh that Bella! Dogs or so gross sometimes, but I guess it’s their way to have fun! I’ve been unplugging lately too and feel kinda bad, it’s just because the summer is so busy with the boys and that’s a priority right now. Computers are for snow and bad storms ;-).

    I’m glad you are doing well Fran, think of you often and know that I’m trying to comment when I can!

    cross stitch looks amazing Fran, good job!!

  2. That strawberry crumble looks delicious!
    I’m still very impressed with your cross stitch.
    I hate it when dogs roll in poop! My parents dog used to do it often when he was off leash. One morning we bathed him in the freezing cold hose outside. He still never learned. Delilah and Nova can’t really be off leash because of their breed (they follow scents and can easily get distracted by them and get lost) and because I live in a very populated area so it happens a lot less for them.

  3. Bella rolling in poop is so gross, but I guess it could be worse…she could have had a duckpoop snack! Sounds like she had a grand old time, lol.

    I don’t unplug completely on the weekends, but I am definitely off-line for most of it. I hear ya on getting things done that fall by the wayside; for me, it’s reading an actual book.

    Interesting movie – I don’t remember hearing about the kidnapping but then I was just 20 back then. I like movies and books that are based on real life events.

  4. That strawberry crumble looks yummy!!! I would have to add ice cream of

    I usually only have time to look at Facebook on my phone. Most of time on weekends I do not even get to turn on my computer. It is nice to unplug & actually talk to people instead of looking at a screen.

    I can totally see Bella rolling in poop. Dogs are crazy like that.

  5. Why do dogs do that? It’s gross!

    I pretty much unplug as well, especially in the summer. I think too that being on a computer at work all week makes me want a break. I always figure if something really important is going on that I need to know about someone will pick up the phone and call.

  6. Roz@weightingfor50

    Hi Fran. I know it wasn’t funny for you, but I did laugh at Bella’s poop roll. SMELLY BELLA!!!!! She was probably pretty proud of herself too! 🙂 Sounds like you had a great weekend. I love the idea of unplugging. I’m not quite there yet, but I may do that may do that myself in a little while. Have a GREAT Monday!!!!!

  7. Dogs are kind of gross that way. Especially when they eat out of litter pans, too – eeewwww!!! This is why we have a cat LOL.

    I unplug sometimes from the internet, but I actually like being on line and don’t get as much of a chance to enjoy online during the day because I am working (online). It’s nice relax and be online if I want to be. I only blog on Sundays, though, and take Saturdays off.

    I am trying to get into the Game of Thrones, but I am having a tough time of it. Too many characters to keep track of and I have started skipping around. Think that might be the death knell of me reading it. I am plowing through the 2nd book of the Hunger Games, though!

  8. Duck poop! Yuck. Foolish Bella! Your strawberry crumble looks outstanding. The fit club sounds very cool. Glad you are getting some summer weather.

  9. I read this entry just before falling a sleep last night and didn’t comment….was so tired, so came back and read again 🙂
    Laughted at your story about Bella..I can’t remember a dog we had ever doing that…but saying that….we never walked our dog. It’s something you don’t do in south Africa as the yards are big enough ( so we told ) if I had a dog now, I would walk it as think it’s good.

  10. Austerlitz’s forest looks a beautiful place to run through.
    I’d like to have that strawberry crumble at breakfast!

  11. You are certainly very busy! Looks like all fun stuff though…

  12. is it wrong more than anything I LOVE you didnt feel it so you didnt blog? 🙂

    life here is about more living than blogging about life these days too.

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