Monday July 30, 2012: The Mishmash Edition

Daily stuff:

We’ve had 5 days of high temperatures here, around 32C (89 degrees) every day. For my country that is hot and for me too. We have a sea climate, normal temperatures in Summer are around 22C (71 degrees) I can’t stand this kind of heat in my country very well and every day it lasted I got less energy, less hungry, more headaches and became more tired. I’m glad this was a recovery week because I haven’t done much, no energy. Saturday cooler weather arrived and I’m back to my normal self.


The Olympic Games started and I try to watch the sports that interest me. Our little country has won 2 medals so far. A silver medal for our girls at the 4×100 m Freestyle Relay at swimming. We were the favorite for the gold medal but the American girls were stronger than us. Yesterday Marianne Vos won the woman’s cycling road race, man that girl can bike. She’s awesome and totally deserved the gold medal.

We are a small country compared to for example the US, Canada, Australia, China, Germany and Russia but we have some changes to win medals. Marianne Vos can still win some bike races. Anky van Grunsven at the Equestrian team and individual dressage. Our men and women hockey team. Maybe some rowing teams. But our best chances are for Epke Zonderland at the horizontal bar at the gymnastics and Ranomi Kromowidjojo at the 50m and 100m freestyle swimming.

Besides that I want to watch Athletics next week, especially the running events and Usian Bolt.

Do you watch the Olympics and if so, what sports do you watch?

Book I’m reading

George R.R. Martin
Song of Ice and Fire – Book 3 A Storm Of Swords part 2, Blood and Gold

Finished part 1 last week and immediately continued with part 2 of book 3.

TV shows I watched last week

Mad Men.

Didn’t watch much TV last week because it was too nice in the evenings to be inside and I spend most of my nights outside reading or making puzzles.

Cross Stitching

Last week I worked on “Two Parrots”. The second pic is where I was last time, the last one where I am now. The difference between the two photos is about 3 hours, to give you an idea how much work cross stitching is and why it’s taking so long to finish a piece. But I don’t mind, for me it’s one of the most relaxing things I can do.

This is how it will look once it's finished



10 responses to “Monday July 30, 2012: The Mishmash Edition

  1. Well done to The Netherlands on the medals…awesome.
    South African is also not high on the sports list and we won our first Gold Medal yesterday in the male swimming event…we are all proud of him.

    I find it difficult to cheer for Germany at these games….I’m always voting for the UK, with UK tv I hear all the stories, etc etc…so feel as if I am living there! 🙂

    You know me and hot weather….I loved it….I knew it would be over within days so made the most of it….

  2. I live near the ocean as well but normal temps are in the 80s during the summer months. What makes a difference is humidity. 80 degrees and sunny and dry feels completely different than 80 degrees and humid. Glad it has cooled down for your return to your training.

    We watch bits and pieces of the Olympics for sure. It’s very different though than when I was growing up. Now with the internet and social media you have the results before you see the broadcast on TV which I think takes some of the fun out of watching.

  3. We watched the women’s bike race and saw your countrywoman make that sprint to the finish – I was excited for her and thought how proud you must be! 🙂 I’m watching the games off and on – I like the water sports, gymnastics, and of course track and field the best. 🙂

    Glad you didn’t have to endure too much of the hot weather. I can only imagine how bad it must be when you’re not accustomed to it!

  4. My son is looking forward to Usain Bolt. I like swimming. I would have liked to see the cycling but missed it. How exciting that your country has already won some great medals.

  5. I am not into the Olympics this year. Not sure why – although I did watch archery the other day. That is cool. I used to watch gymastics and diving mostly. I got so tired of the TV watching the Tour for 3 weeks that I haven’t wanted to have it on now.

    Heat and humidity really do wear you down. I get so cranky when it is really humid. We get hot spells, but living near mountains helps keep it from being oppressive for most of the summer. Guess we pay for that with snow LOL!

  6. Im so so so into the olympics this year.
    mainly because Im always so so so searching for “appropriate TV” for my 6 year old 🙂

  7. Roz@weightingfor50

    Wow…that IS stinkin’ hot!!! I’m like you, when it gets hot, I just wilt and have no energy. I hope the heat breaks for you soon Fran. And yay for Marianne!!!! I love the Olympics, just because I can see things (like syncronized diving) that I don’t see otherwise. that said, I was briefly watching judo this morning…I guess I expected more “chopping” and “judo-ing”, not just shoving. I don’t get it….
    Have a great Tuesday Fran!!! Go Netherlands Go!!!!

  8. I’ve been watching some Olympics. A bit of swimming, a bit of gymnastics and some other random events so far. I just looked up when the marathons will run. I’d like to watch some of those events. We flip around to all the olympic channels and try to find the most interesting (to us) sports. Joey likes team sports and I usually prefer events like running/swimming/gymnastics.

  9. Oh, and this week they are calling for highs around 89 F and I am actually a bit relieved! We’ve been having weather close to 100 F for too many days and it is soul crushing (as you can imagine).

  10. I played field hockey in high school and college – love being able to watch it on t.v.!

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