Monday August 6, 2012: Racing Day

Daily stuff:
I completely lost my mojo to do anything last Thursday and that lasted till yesterday. The thing that bothered me most is that I have come to the conclusion that I hate cleaning my house. I have a day off every two weeks and clean my house that day but for over a year I hate it. I’d rather spend that day doing things I like.

Another reason why I want to keep that Friday to myself is that I noticed last week that it is getting darker early in the morning. It won’t be long before I will be running in the dark again. I don’t like that very much because my routes are limited and I have to stay in my village because outside there are no street lights. During Autumn/Winter I want to do 2 of my 3 runs at the weekend when I can run at daylight.

After some thought I decided I will clean my house on Monday night and use the weekends (including my free Friday) for myself. I’m going back to 2 rest days a week, 1 on Monday and the other the day before my long run (Friday or Saturday). Hopefully this will work better for me.


Yesterday we went to a racing day hosted by my company. Like last year we had VIP tickets and this year I got an extra ticket and we took R.’s brother with us. It was fun, the weather was perfect most of the day: dry and sunshine. One of our royals was there to demonstrate a race car, he races together with his brother, who wasn’t at the racing day. But Prince Pieter Christiaan (the son of the sister of our queen) was and I asked him if I could get a picture of him and me. That was no problem and now I’m on a photo with a royal, how cool is that?

With my collegae W.

The prince and me


I also lost my running/workout mojo last Thursday. I haven’t done anything since last Wednesday. I’ve accepted it and it doesn’t interfere with my half marathon schedule BUT I can’t afford to skip long runs anymore from now on.

I got up this morning to do a run. I always walk for a few minutes and when I wanted to start running I noticed I forgot my Garmin (I always put it close to a window to pick up the satellites). I went back to get it but when I put it on I noticed it didn’t work. Trying again and again: no luck. By that time it was a bit too late to go for that run and I want my Garmin with me. I know some say running without a watch sometimes is good but the list freak that I am can’t stand it not knowing how I did on my run. I decided to do the run tomorrow. I tried to recharge the Garmin and apparently I had left it on last Saturday because the battery was completely empty. Pretty dumb of me.

Weekly workout review:

Countdown to half marathon: 76 days

Last week was a lousy workout week. I have no excuses.

Bella and Fran’s Summer challenge: walk at least 30 minutes every day:

Days till the end of Summer: 66 days
Success: 10 days
Fail: 11 days

We’re not doing so great on this challenge so far. Part of the “fail” is the hot weather we had for a week, this weekend Bella was staying at my Mom’s and we didn’t walk, and for some walks I’m the one to blame. But we don’t give up.

Monday walk



Mad Dog Salad. This wasn’t as good as I thought it would be. There was avocado in it that you had to put in the oven for a while. I never had warm avocado and it turned out I don’t like it either. We both didn’t like this salad very much and I won’t make it again.


8 responses to “Monday August 6, 2012: Racing Day

  1. Warm avocado? I don’t think I’d like that, either.

    You look fantastic in those pictures – I want your legs, skinny!!! Love that you got the picture with the Prince…that is just so random and fun!

    I hear you about running w/o the Garmin – for me, I want “credit” for my run, and even though I know how far I’ll go on certain routes, having it there in electronic form seems to be very important to me. Good luck with your run tomorrow!

    Oh, and I don’t blame you one bit for not wanting to clean the house on your day off. Better to squeeze it in after work, and truly have a day to yourself with no obligations!

  2. The thing with housework is that it’s only so very temporarily satisfying and then the next week you have to do it all over again! or the summer I’ve been working that modified schedule and I’ve found that I too don’t want to clean on my ‘free’ Friday afternoon. I’ve been trying to do a little bit on Weds./Thurs. and then finish up on Friday if I have to so that I have my weekends free. I also noticed that even with this modified schedule I don’t want to spend my time cleaning, even though I’m doing it. I suppose it’s because summer is my favorite season. I don’t seem to mind so much in the winter when it’s cold and dreary I could care less about leaving the house!

    Enjoy your run tomorrow!

  3. You look so tall and slim Fran – how tall are you? Love the photo of you and the prince 😀

    Cleaning is one of those things that I don’t like doing. I am lucky in that John also does housework and we seems to divie up the chores nicely. He does most of the upstairs cleaning and I do the downstairs. I do little bits each day to try to stay tidy as I hate spending a lot of time cleaning. We do the deep clean and no way around it – that takes times, but at least it is only a few times a year.

  4. GREAT photo of you and the prince. Yes, I can see darkness is on it’s way back! I pay someone to clean my house every other week and it is the best money I spend.

  5. love the pic of you—you dont share enough of those with us 🙂
    and the cleaning?
    Im good about the dirt as I like to avoid living in squalor 🙂 BUT THE CLUTTER? PAPERS?
    Im a stacker.

  6. Fran, I hate housework too, I really do! But what can we do?
    So cool you got to be in a picture with the prince!!!
    I’m trying right now just to get a 30 minute walk in every day – I was going to poop out on it today but when I read your post, I thought, I should try my best and just go do it, like you do. Even if we both struggle we should just do our best. So after this comment, I will head out. Thanks for the motivation!

  7. Roz@weightingfor50

    OMG Fran, I LOVE the picture of you and the Prince!!!!!! How fun is that???? Oh, if only you both had a crown to wear! KIDDING!!!! WARM avocado?? Jaimie?? What are you doing to us??? 🙂 Have a great day Fran, LOVE these pics and hope the new workout schedule goes well.

  8. When I saw the title of this post, I thought you ran a race!! haha. Sounds like you had fun at racing day. You look great in all your photos!! Love the shirt.

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