Wednesday August 8, 2012: Epke for president

Daily stuff:

Our little country is doing well at the Olympics. Our swimmer Ranomi Kromowidjojo won a gold medal at the 100 and50 metersfreestyle. We had a bronze medal at judo and a bronze medal for the rowing women at the boat with 8 (no idea how this is called in English), silver at sailing, gold at windsurfing, silver at the team show jumping, bronze at the dressage. And did you see Usian Bolt at the100 meters? AMAZING!


But Epke, oh Epke, our flying Dutchman. Gold at the horizontal bar and boy it was unbelievable, amazing and so impressive. He deserved that gold medal. He’s our first individual Olympic medalist. If you haven’t seen it, it’s worth to watch it. You only have to watch the first minute. He did a combination of 3 exercises in a row, there’s only 1 person in the world who can do that and that’s Epke. The comment is in Dutch but you can hear the how extatic the commentator is.


 You may have read my FB post about my sad day yesterday. I have told before on this blog that the girlfriend of my colleague had cancer. I know her too because she once was a colleague of mine, they met at work. She was clean last year but during my vacation they found out the cancer was back and that there was nothing to be done about it. It had spread through her entire body. When I came back from vacation he was gone and has been taken care of her ever since. She was home but got worse and worse every week. Monday afternoon her body gave up and she passed away, 36 years old. Sometimes life is so unfair.

The funeral is Saturday afternoon and a lot of my colleagues and I will be there to pay our respects.


Bella did it again. Yesterday we noticed that her foot hurt. We couldn’t touch it and she kept licking it. We thought it would be a broken toenail again and this morning I called the vet. Luckily I could come this afternoon and she confirmed it: it was broken. This time it was the other side. I had to hold her while the vet would remove the nail. It was over in a second and she gave only a little scream and was okay immediately afterwards. She has a nice blue bandage that we can remove in a couple of hours.



Tonight I have a dinner date with my friend K. Due to busy schedules we haven’t seen each other for a while and I look forward to catching up with her.


Tuesday's walk with Bella


I did the run I had planned Monday yesterday but adjusted it a bit. In the past two weeks I hardly ran and decided I needed a short run without walk breaks to restart again and that’s exactly what I did.

Weather:bit of rain, not much wind,15C (59 degrees)
Distance: 3.2 K / 2 miles
Time: 00:22:40
Average time: 07:05 /km
Average speed: 8.47 km/hour
Last song on Ipod before finish: Glee Cast – Don’t Stop Believing.



Grilled pork tenderloin with a salad of corn, avocado, tomato, red onion by Annabel Langbein.

Book I’m reading

Karin Slaughter

I finished book 3 of the Song of Ice and Fire books, already ordered book 4 but started in the latest Karin Slaughter first.

TV shows I watched last week

The Olympics, CougarTown, The Borgias, Glee, Mad Men.


12 responses to “Wednesday August 8, 2012: Epke for president

  1. So sorry for your colleague’s loss – cancer really is the modern plague, isn’t it?
    I haven’t seen Epke but my son told me all about it, so thanks for the link, now I can have a look for myself!

  2. Yep, I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your friend – 36 is just way too short a life. My brother is recovering from Leukemia – he’s lost all his hair but thankfully, he still has his sense of humor! You can check out his latest blog post here:

    Poor Bella, hope her foot gets better soon!

  3. Your country has done really well at the Olympics – I think of you every time I see an orange uniform (or spectator)! I can’t get the video to play but I’ll look for his performance online.

    Very sad about your colleague’s girlfriend – cancer is awful. Commenter Amy has it right about it being the modern plague. 😦

    Glad Bella is doing OK after her toenail mishap. She’s a rough-and-tumble dog, isn’t she?!

    Enjoy your evening with K. Relish the time spent with good friends!

  4. So sorry about your friend. Cancer sucks. I’m mad that I didn’t see your FB post though… I still can’t figure out why I see only some things from some people. Dislike.

    For a small country you guys sure are doing great. Isn’t it fun watching all the amazing athletes?

    Enjoy your dinner and catching up with K!

  5. so sorry to hear about your friend Fran, how very sad, she is my age. My thoughts are with you and your collegues.

    oh Bella, hope you feel better soon!

    Hope you enjoy your dinner out.

  6. Oh Fran, I’m SOOO sorry to read about the loss of your friend and colleague. Sigh. 36. That simply breaks my heart. And awww….that picture of Little Bella with the bandage? AWWWWW. Hopefully she’s back to 100% soon!!!! Hope you enjoyed catching up with K. Hugs.

  7. That is terribly sad about your friend. Makes you realize you need to find all the good things in life and appreciate them because you never know how long you have.

  8. So sad for the man who lost his love and so young. Cancer is a horrible thing.

    Netherlands is doing well as is South Africa so we can be proud.

  9. I am very sorry about your friend. That is way too young to die.

  10. So sorry to hear about your friend. 36 is far too young.
    I just got news this week that an old coworker of mine passed away. She lived to 65 but it is still so sad. She was always so vibrant and full of life.
    Poor Bella. I’ve been having vet-related things happening in my world too. Hopefully I’ll blog about it soon.

  11. I am very sorry for your friend, 36 y.o. is too young to leave!
    Poor Bella I can understand her feeling. Now we are both injured!
    Netherlands did very well at the Olympic games, congrats.

  12. Poor bella! That photo is so precious of her though.

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