Wednesday August 22, 2012: Happy runner

Daily stuff:

Thank you all for your positive comments on my running decision. For the record: I have no intention to stop running. I just bought a new jacket and 2 new shirts because I needed to replace them. With my next paycheck I’m buying new shoes because one pair needs to be replaced soon too.

I know there is still love for running in me, I just have to find it and today I took the first step.



The weather has cooled down yesterday to approx.22C(71 degrees) and I’m loving it. Bella and I hadn’t walked in over a week due to the heatwave and picked that up yesterday too. If she doesn’t take regular walks we can start all over again with getting her in shape. I have asked the vet about that during our last visit and she confirmed that a dog can lose it’s fitness base in a week, that’s how fast it goes.


Yesterday morning I did P90X Legs & Back. I love the P90X workouts, you can adjust the exercises to your own ability. There were a lot of chin ups and pull ups but I have a chin-up bar and I think that when I did I couldn’t make it. I used a resistance band that I strapped at the top of the door and did the adjusted exercises. Tony Horton litarely kicked my butt because today my butt is very sore.
Total time: 59 minutes.

This morning I started with my new program, going to call it 7 weeks to 5K. Every week has 3 runs and the runs for this week are all the same. I’m going to stop mentioning average speed per km and pace per km till I can run the full distance.

The run felt great, it has been a while that I felt so good during and after a run. I didn’t have trouble going out the door this morning because I knew I could do this. I was a happy runner this morning.

It was still a bit dark when I left, I think that I have to start running in the village within a month or so because then it will be too dark in the morning. That’s why I am doing 2 runs in the weekend where I can run with daylight.

Run-walk ratio: 3-2 3-2 4-3 4-3 3-2 (17 minutes running, 12 minutes walking)
Weather:dry, not much wind,15C(59 degrees)
Distance: 3.9 K / 2.4 miles
Time: 00:30:13
Last song on Ipod before finish: Queen- Somebody to love.

Book I’m reading

George R.R. Martin
A Song of Fire and Ice – Book4 A Feast of Crows

I finished the latest Karin Slaughter and it was a great book as all her books are. I have them all and read them all.

TV shows I watched last week

Private Practice.

I haven’t watch television last week, I sat outside every night. I only watched PP, we have still a few episodes left of last season that has started this week on Dutch TV.


9 responses to “Wednesday August 22, 2012: Happy runner

  1. Nice to see your confidence returning with running – amazing how much setting yourself up for success helps! 🙂

    I have been running all the time in the dark this summer and I don’t like it. Once it’s cooler I will be able to push a couple of my weekday runs to daylight, which will be so nice. Plus? Less scary. 😉

  2. I dont’ mind dark runs until it gets to be stone cold and dark like in January/February. I have the headlamp and all but still not my favorite thing. This time of year it doesn’t bother me so much and yes it’s already dark for my runs as sunrise isn’t until after 6 am now.

    I wish you could get yourself to run without your Garmin. Just go out and run and not be worried about pace. It’s a great way to get your running legs back and one I’ve used after each marathon I did. In any case, glad you enjoyed your run this morning.

  3. Cute cute new jacket! Love the color.

  4. I never liked running in the dark. I’m a tripper, so I really need to see where I am going LOL!

    I think shopping therapy is a great way to help get the running mojo back 😀

  5. Well, it is sure a lot easier to love running when it’s not so hot out! Cute outfit!

  6. It’s great to hear about your motivation back 🙂 … buying new running clothes is a good strategy 🙂
    Why the three runs, which you are running for this week, are all the same? I know that the body always needs new challenges and I read this on a running magazine.

    Happy running, Fran!

  7. Yay Fran!!!!! What a LOVELY jacket! And yay for the return of your motivation. Have a wonderful day!!!

  8. Ohhhh love the shirt and jacket! I want!! hahaha

    See, remove the pressure and expectations and you love running again. 🙂 This makes me happy!

  9. Welcome back to running!

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