Friday August 24, 2012: The Mishmash Edition

Daily stuff:

I had to work only half a day today. Last free afternoon before the madness at work starts. Next week all vacations are over and daily busy business returns.

I have the evening to myself as R. is doing an endurance race with his brother tonight. Bridesmaids is on TV tonight and I haven’t seen it yet. I understand it’s a very funny movie.

Tomorrow R. has another race in the same town as tonight (he’s staying in a mobile home with his brother tonight at the circuit) and since it’s less than a 30 minute drive I’m going to watch him race tomorrow afternoon. A friend of ours, who never seen him race, is going with me.

My news of the week:

New topic. What caught my attention in the news last week. This can be anything from serious to gossip topics. It could have made me laugh, annoyed me, surprised me. Anything. Since I came up with this today, I haven’t get that much this week.

  • The ongoing news about the Robert Pattinson and Kristin Stewart breakup.
    What’s all the fuzz about, he already got a new girlfriend: me! 🙂

  • Dutch politicians trying to get my vote for the upcoming government elections in September.
    Promises, promises. As soon as they have your vote, they don’t keep their promises and hit me again in my wallet with new taxes or something else.

  • The nude photo’s of Prince Harry.
    Need I say more? I only laugh about it.

  • 21 years in prison that can be lengthened with 5 years every time for Andres Breivik. The idiot that shot 69 people in Norwaylast year.
    Put him away for life, he doesn’t deserve to live as a free man ever again.

  • Lance Armstrong.
    Personally I don’t really care if he used something or not. I admire him for coming back strong after fighting cancer and by doing that he’s an example for me to never give up.


What’s your news of the week?


Yesterday morning I did a short workout from The Firm Express, only weight exercises. I like these because they are short but it’s fast and the exercises are short and I sometimes need a second to see how to do the exercise and by the time I get it, it’s done already. But I think I will get better at it once I’ve done it more.
Total time: 20 minutes.

Today was a rest day.


9 responses to “Friday August 24, 2012: The Mishmash Edition

  1. I was shocked that the Norwegian killer only got 21 years. Here in the U.S., he would have received either life imprisonment or death (depending on which state he committed the crime in).

    That politician on the billboard with the handlebar mustache looks like quite a character. I agree, I’m sick of political ads, and we have several month’s worth of bombardment left over here – ugh!

    Bridesmaids is hysterically funny but also has a bit of a dramatic story to it. I think you’ll enjoy it for sure.

    Hmmm, our news? The confounded students have come back to town and traffic is a nightmare, and the restaurants are overwhelmed. As long as I can get my froyo this weekend, I’ll put up with them…haha, like I have a choice. Problem with living in a college town.

    Have a great weekend, Fran!

  2. Have fun at the race tomorrow.

    I like your new news section. Interesting to see your take on what is going on and likely I’ll learn about stuff that is happening on your side of the world.

  3. I haven’t seen Bridesmaids but want to. LOVE your comment about RP new girlfriend! LOL! And I agree about Lance Armstrong.

  4. I am so tired of politics! I hate all the lying and political rhetoric. Ugh.

    Lance Armstrong. I am very conflicted. On the one hand, he never tested positive, so why give up? On the other, who knows what incriminating evidence they have and he will just never ever clear his name. Obviously if they are still going after him now that he has been retired, they will never stop. I kind of don’t blame him for not fighting any more to get on with more important things. I imagine he probably did dope at some point, though. It was pretty rampant in cycling.

    I don’t think there is any local news in our tiny town that is going on. 😀

  5. I totally understand Lance Armstrong – at a certain point enough is enough and you can’t waste your energy on defending yourself anymore to people who aren’t prepared to believe you or give you a break… And shouldn’t there be some statute of limitations on these kinds of things anyhow?

    Have a great weekend, Fran!

  6. No news is good news? That’s the saying and that’s the status of my boring life…

    I laughed at the Harry photos too but I think if he doesn’t get it now that he can’t get away with things that “ordinary” citizens can, then he never will. Unfortunately his life of privilege carries some extra responsibility with it.

    I am probably one of the few people who didn’t love Bridesmaids. I’m not a fan of juvenile humor I guess. I actually only liked and really laughed at one scene: the one in the airplane with the air marshall. If you’ve seen it by now you’ll know what I’m talking about. Did you know she is married to that guy in real life?

  7. My news of the week? New taxes are coming and the politicians enjoy their vacations diving, in Switzerland, on the Alps, Eolie Islands …… I hate our politicians!

  8. Im with you on LANCE.
    he’s an unofficial AUSTINITE so it is all anyone is talking about here, too

  9. How did I miss this entry!!! Love the news addition.
    With having UK tv, poor Harry was in the news every hour…..
    I also admire Lance Armstrong….

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