Wednesday September 12, 2012: I met a Grand Slam winner

Daily stuff:

Yesterday I met and shook hands with a 6 times Grand Slam tennis winner. His name is Jacco Eltingh and he has wonWimbledon, Roland Garros and the US Open (and 3 other grand slam tournaments) with his tennis partner Paul Haarhuis.

He was at our office because in October we have an afternoon planned for our franchisers. Every year Jacco and Paul organize the Tennis Classics: games with old tennis players. This year Ivan Lendl, Pat Cash, Yannick Noah, Goran Ivanisevic and others will play there. Jacco is giving a lecture before the tournament starts. One of the pleasant things of my job as assistant to the manager is that I am invited too.

Now I’m not a big tennis fan but my Mom was and is and when I was young I have seen many tournaments on TV with the above mentioned players so it’s going to be fun.

The magazine is the first that has my name in the colophon. Since this edition I’m one of the editors. It’s a magazine that is made for the employees of our stores in the country (we have 166 stores inHolland). My job is mostly to come up with ideas for articles.

View during yesterday’s walk with Bella. The weather is gorgeous at the moment, especially for walking.


Tuesday morning a workout by The Firm: The Ultimate Fat Burning Workout. This workout looked a lot like the bodyshape workouts I used to do a couple of years ago and it’s nice to do these kind of workouts every now and then again.
Total time: 40 minutes.

This morning I did training 1 of week 3 of 7 weeks to 5K but it didn’t go well at all. I think I might be getting a cold. I couldn’t get my breathing under control and I was sweating like a pig and it wasn’t warm at all. I did half of the training this morning. Total time: 16 minutes.

And what sucks: it is completely dark already in the mornings which means I have to wear my safety vest, lights and run in the village. The only downside to Autumn because beside that I love Autumn.



Sausages with a salad of mango, corn, red onion and tomato with a little bit of garlic dressing with baked potatoes.


A pasta with a sauce of tomatoes, bacon and peas. I loved it, R. didn’t.

Book I’m reading

George R.R. Martin
A Song of Fire and Ice – Book4 AFeast for Crows

Funny fact: when I read the first book of this serie I told one of our managers, who reads a lot too, how much I loved the book. He downloaded them on his kindle and is hooked too. Someone else in his office heard us talk about it and I leant him my book and now he’s hooked too. We’re getting a “Game of Thrones” inner circle at work.

TV shows I watched last week

R. said to me last week: “you must be happy now that all your favourite shows have started again”.

New episodes of Private Practice, Necessary Roughness, True Blood.
Still watching Mad Men (love that show).

New shows: Game of Thrones (been waiting a long time for this show to start and I love it) and Parenthood (season 1 started here and I love this one too) andDallas!

Dallaswas something we watched back when I was young. Every Monday night my Mom, sister and I watched it together.

Within a couple of weeks new episodes of The Mentalist, Rookie Blue, The Walking Dead, Once upon a Time and Revenge.

Yes, I’m in TV show heaven 🙂


11 responses to “Wednesday September 12, 2012: I met a Grand Slam winner

  1. Roz@weightingfor50

    OOOH…so fun that you met Jacco!!!!! And wow…such a gorgeous photo with the horses. Yay for the return of our favorite shows. Happy Wednesday Fran!!!!!

  2. One of these days I’m going to try to read the Game of Thrones books. My husband read them and has a friend of ours hooked on them as well. I need to get in on that inner circle but they are really long for me since I am the slowest reader (and most distracted reader) in the world.
    I’m excited about new shows too. Going to try to start watching that Revolution show. I’m also excited that football season started!

  3. Between you meeting the Grand Slam winner and having your name in that magazine, I feel like I know a superstar! Congratulations on both!

    All of our favorite shows are starting up again too. I need to check my DVR to make sure i don’t have any conflicts so that everything gets recorded.

  4. How very cool to meet the tennis star!!! And to have your name in the magazine – you’re famous! 🙂

    Your mango salsa looks yummy. I’m always impressed with how much you cook.

    Love that the new TV season is starting up – I record a bunch of shows, and it’s great to have new things to watch while I knit. I haven’t been into Parenthood, but after seeing the movie Hit and Run twice, I’m a Dax Shepherd fan, so I might need to start watching it.

    Hope you’re not getting sick – weird that you were so sweaty during that run!

  5. Look at Famous Fran now! Careful or you will end up in the tabloids 😀

    I am not too into TV shows. I always forget to watch them and then don’t want to catch up. I do watch Grimm and I have loved Sherlock on PBS (LOVE!!). I do, however, watch football 😀

  6. Love that your name is in the paper! I have had some new DVD sets of tv seasons arrive. I am always a year behind! I watch very few things live. But I do like some of the same shows you do.

  7. How cool you got to meet the tennis star and become an editor for a magazine – you are really flirting with fame this week!

    We are glad the new fall TV season started too – we are hooked on Expeditie Robinson!

  8. welll its sad but Im picking TV over a TENNIS STAR :0
    I am so so so happy my DVR be filled again too.


  9. Where is the photo of you and the tennis star 🙂 ????
    Its dark as well here in the morning and at night…happened way to quick for me….forgot it changes within a week or two…but embrace it…and wont moan!
    I am also happy that many of my TV shows are back…but will miss them for 2 months as being recorded….Do you have REVENGE….its my fav show at the moment.

  10. I have that exact FIRM tape! I need to bring it out, I remember it as being really good. Congrats on meeting a famous tennis player – how fun!

  11. I loved reading a little about what you do Fran. I knew you worked in an office but never knew exactly what you did. How neat! Hubby and I love to watch Tennis on TV.

    Speaking of TV I am patiently waiting for Grey’s to come back! I’ve heard many people talk about Mad Men but I’ve never seen it myself.

    I too look forward to my favorite shows coming back, nothing better than curling up with a cup of tea and your favorite show in the colder months ;-).

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