Friday September 14, 2012: The Mishmash Edition

Daily stuff:

You may (or may not know) I got a new phone last month: the Samsung Galaxy SIII last month. And I’m totally in love with it.

It’s user friendly, it’s fast and there are so much more apps available for Android than for Blackberry. My favorite apps:


I used this app on my blackberry to for my appointments and my to do list.

Endomondo Sports Tracker

This one I used on the BB too to record my walks with Bella.


This is a fun app: you track your exercise and get points and medals for everything you do. You can add friends and have a friendly competition to see how you are doing compared to them.


This is an app from my supermarket. I make my shopping list on the computer or my phone (it synchronizes). Than I can sort the groceries on the walking route of my supermarket and at the supermarket I cross of the list on my phone.


My latest addiction, kind of Word with Friends or Wordfeud but with symbols and colors. If anyone is playing: let me know.


Even more addicted to this than to Mindfeud. I love music and I love playing music games. Again: if you are playing, let me know.

What are your favorite apps for your Iphone or Android. Let me know, maybe you have a great suggestion I can use too.


My news of the week:


  • September 11.
    Never forget!
  • Election day last Wednesday.
    Although I don’t like how politics is in my country these days, I did vote on Wednesday. Voting is a right and when you can you have to vote is my opinion.
    I have to say that the results were better than I expected and I hope we will have a government soon that will work to get our country out of the recession.  

What’s your news of the week?


Yesterday morning a short Yogalates workout, mostly leg work. These are not my favourite workouts but I do them from time to time for the stretching part. But no long than 30 minutes because after that I get bored (tempo is too slow).
Total time 21 minutes.

I did training 2 of week 3 of my 7W25K program this morning. I’m still not feeling a 100% well, this cold just isn’t coming, but I feel better than last Wednesday and was able to do the full training today.

Run-walk ratio: 5-2-7-2-7-2-5-2 (24 minutes running, 8 minutes walking)
Weather:dry, cloudy, wind, 12C (53 degrees)
Distance: 4.5 K / 2.8 miles
Time: 00:32:06
Last song on Ipod before finish: Rod Stewart – Maggie May.

Fran’s cook book project:

I have decided to stop with this project. I was so behind that at this point I had to make a recipe from one of my cook books every and that just isn’t going to happen. But that doesn’t mean I stop using my cook books and new recipes. I will keep doing that and post it on my blog.


9 responses to “Friday September 14, 2012: The Mishmash Edition

  1. Same thing happened to me in my first marathon. A woman who had trained with us the whole summer and who was always the last person in, finished a full hour ahead of me. I finally found out that she had cut 8 miles off the course! But in that marathon there were no interim timing mats so she was able to do it and no one caught on except our training group leader who finally came right out and asked her what she’d done. I was pretty upset because she got the same medal I did.

    I just never understand people who try to cheat in races. There’s absolutely no glory in that. All it does is make you look dumb.

  2. Your phone sure has some useful apps……I only use my phone for mail, FB and chats…..I am not good at the other stuff……my intentions are better than my reality…..see with the apps I have on my ipad….never use them 🙂

    Have a good weekend….darker and colder weather 😦

  3. I think your phone is broken – I can’t understand any of the words on it 😉

    I don’t get people cheating in races. What’s the point in that?

  4. I hadn’t heard about that cheating story but it sucked me in. That is crazy!
    I have a Samsung phone too and I really like it. I play words with friends (I think my screen name is atomickandi# ). That mindfeud game looks fun. I never thought to use an app to track dog walks. That’s a good idea.
    I also really like instragram on my phone and I have a few weather apps.

  5. What is the point of cheating in a race? So dumb. Of course, I don’t understand running to just get a medal – I’m actually doing it to run the race and challenge myself. People are strange…

    I’ll be getting a smart phone soon and can’t wait to play with apps like you get to! Looks so fun!

    Have a great weekend, my friend!

  6. My, you do have a lot of apps for your phone!

    I did think of you this week with all the news coverage of the Dutch elections. Were you happy with how things turned out?

  7. I do so little cooking lately I would never make it with that project. I am hoping as cold weather approaches I feel more like cooking.

  8. you had me at the new phone.
    WHO AM I?
    suddenly this misfit it entirely intrigued by technology 🙂

  9. I love using and 8 Track – on 8 track people post mixes – you can sort by what you want – like “fast workout” and you get all upbeat songs.

    I have to ask – what does bijwerken mean??

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