Monday September 17, 2012: Mishmash

Daily stuff:
I was home alone with Bella last weekend. R. was toItalyfor his yearly trip to a motor exhibition.

Saturday morning I had another big job planned. I had to clean the street at the front of our house. I also cleaned the roof of the carport and all the wooden parts of the garage. Took me 3 hours to finish but the result was worth it.

Sunday morning after my run I decided to do some housework. I think this was the first time ever I did housework on a Sunday (except for ironing). Sunday is a day for fun things for me. But since R. was still inItaly, I did my chores that I otherwise had to do Monday evening. Now Monday evening is a free night.

But yesterday afternoon I was in so much pain. Working above my head for a couple of hours on Saturday made my shoulders and neck so sore. I can’t remember the last time I have been so sore, in the evening I could barely move anymore. I took it easy and went to bed early. Today it’s much better, now it’s just a healthy soreness.

We had great Autumn weather this weekend, I even sat outside in the afternoon. I love Autumn days like this, hope we will get more the next couple of weeks.

And sorry for no pics this time, I really need to make more pics to brighten up my posts.

@Biz: “bijwerken” means “update”. I’m a sucker for lists and track my workouts at a few programs.

Yesterday morning I did the last training of week 3. And although still not feeling a 100%, this was my fastest one since I started the program. Since one of my goals, besides running without walking, is to get faster at a 5K, I was surprised but very happy with it.

Run-walk ratio: 5-2-7-2-7-2-5-2 (24 minutes running, 8 minutes walking)
Weather:dry, sunny, little bit of wind,10C(50 degrees)
Distance: 4.6 K / 2.8 miles
Time: 00:32:02
Last song on Ipod before finish: Swing Out Sister – Surrender.

Weekly workout review:

Happy with last week’s workouts. My goal is 5 workouts a week, 6 is even better but 5 is the minimum.

Running is still going very well and I’m ready to move to the next level.

Bella and Fran’s Summer challenge: walk at least 30 minutes every day:

Days till the end of Summer (Friday September 21): 67 days
Success: 36 days
Fail: 27 days

We missed just one walk last week because of heavy rain. Autumn starts this Saturday, 4 more days to get our walks in but already know we’re going to miss Friday and maybe Thursday because Bella is staying with my Mom then.

Also know I’m going to make a new challenge for us for Autumn because it’s fun to try to have more walking than non-walking days.


9 responses to “Monday September 17, 2012: Mishmash

  1. Having your hands up can be exhausting. I am impressed you lasted that long. No wonder you were sore. I have Saturday as a mostly fun day and do chores on Sunday.

  2. Isn’t it amazing how you can work out all the time and feel in good shape. Then you do something out of the ordinary and you feel like death warmed over the next day.

    I can’t believe it is really almost officially fall!

  3. I was really sore when I moved my office furniture around and can only imagine how you must have felt after all of your hard work! Still, it’s pretty empowering that you did all of that. 🙂

    Can’t wait to see your new yarn and sweater pattern. I have a sweater that I started a few months ago but set it aside to get those baby blankets made. I need to start back up with it before I forget everything I’m supposed to do with it!

  4. I’m always shocked when I do a bit extra and wake up sore. I didn’t used to so that must mean it’s from aging. What the heck?!

    I’m with you trying to get back to working out 6 days a week, even if it’s a 30 minute walk that is my workout. I feel my best when I do that.

  5. we got a trampoline a week ago
    and Im sooooooo sooooo so one big ball of soreness.

  6. Roz@weightingfor50

    UG…glad the soreness is “healthy sore”!!! Hope you have a great week Fran. And give that gorgeous Bella a little scratch behind the ears for me.

  7. You must have really been working hard to get so sore! Hope you feel better soon…glad you are happy with the result!

  8. Ironing on Sunday but in the evening … when the weather isn’t hot enough.
    Sorry that Summer is going to an end (on Friday September 21st as you mentioned) but It seems that the Autumn weather will be pleasant. Some Canadian blogger friends sometimes post nice photos of Autumn sceneries on their blogs
    Goog job on your 3rd week training 🙂

  9. Houseworks, ironing and walks with Bella = Triathlon!
    Summer has almost gone, here fall is the better season for the workouts.

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